Plumbers make good money

Salaries in comparison: This is how much craftsmen earn in 2019

Salaries have different levels

It should be noted that the minimum and maximum salaries are Averages acts that initially indicate a tendency and have a different level: Depending on work experience and region wages can vary. Also different degrees such as master craftsman or postgraduate studies as well as further training and additional qualifications have an impact on wage payments. Those who have completed a higher degree generally earn more.

Generally one shows up North-South divide in Germany. Salaries in southern Germany can be higher. It should be noted, however, that the cost of living in the southern regions usually increases proportionally.

Another not insignificant factor when comparing earnings is that Company or company size of the employer. According to Salary, the wage increases with the size of a company or company. Deviations cannot be ruled out here. Because even in smaller craft businesses, professional quality and performance can be expressed in an above-average salary.

It is not known whether in the information on the salary portal already pecuniary benefits are included. Company vehicles, life insurance, laptops, tablets & Co. can also have a positive effect on the salary as tax advantages. The amount of the annual income can also depend on Special payments of the employer - such as vacation or Christmas bonuses.