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Skins - up close

Season 2, episodes 1-10

  • 10. Tony and Maxxie (Tony And Maxxie)

    Season 2, Episode 1 (48 min.)

    Tony sustained serious head injuries in the collision with a bus and has to keep bed rest to get back on his feet. Right now he could really use his friends, but Sid and Michelle are not seen at the bedside. So Maxxie takes care of Tony. However, he has his own problems: He really wants to leave college in order to realize his dream of becoming a dancer. Maxxie's father Walter, however, doesn't think much of his son's future plans ... (Text: Sky)

  • 11. Sketch

    Season 2, Episode 2 (46 min.)

    Maxxie has the uncomfortable feeling of being watched by someone who is very close to him. But who can go after him? A hot guy or maybe a madman? Finally, it turns out that Maxxie's secret admirer is a girl named Sketch, who has fallen madly in love with Maxxie and who doesn't let his homosexuality deter her. It doesn't take long before Sketch really gets on his nerves ... (Text: Sky)

  • 12. Sid (Sid)

    Season 2, Episode 3 (48 min.)

    Sid can't cope with the fact that his best friend Tony is just a shadow of himself and may never be the same again. But that's not the only thing that bothers him: Right now his girlfriend Cassie is moving to Scotland. When his thoroughly nasty grandfather comes to visit from Glasgow, Sid's mood is at absolute zero. The situation couldn't be worse, as a stroke of fate overtook Sid that finally threw him off course ... (Text: Sky)

  • 13. Michelle (Michelle)

    Season 2, Episode 4 (46 min.)

    Michelle's mother has married a new man. All of this would be only half as bad if Michelle didn't have to move into the cheesy house and get on with her annoying new stepsister Scarlett. Before she knows what is happening to her, Scarlett has invaded her life, sneaking in on her friends, and giving her unwanted advice. It is hardly surprising that Scarlett invites herself to Michelle's birthday camping trip, where she keeps talking to Sid, who is more unstable than ever after the death of his father. Michelle has to do something and save Sid. But how? (Text: Sky)

  • 14. Chris (Chris)

    Season 2, Episode 5 (47 min.)

    Chris’s academic career is a disaster: drugs, theft and other crimes fill his files. When the surveillance camera films him having sex with Buck Tooth in the hallway, he has enough: Chris flies - not only from school, but also from his accommodation! With that he is once again homeless, destitute and completely on his own. In desperation, he seeks advice from Jal. Meanwhile, Tony has recovered a bit and is more determined than ever to find his way back to his old self ... (Text: Sky)

  • 15. Awakening (Tony)

    Season 2, Episode 6 (47 min.)

    Tony is working hard to get back to his old life. However, this is not at all easy, because since the accident he has found himself in a confused dream world. Tony tries to act as normal as possible, but when he runs into Michelle and Sid in a club, it finishes him off. Nobody understands what is going on inside Tony. None but an unknown beauty Tony meets on the run from his ex and "best friend". He happened to meet her again the next day on a university open house. But who is she? (Text: Sky)

  • 16.Emotions (Effy)

    Season 2, episode 7 (45 min.)

    Since she was caught using drugs, Effy has been to a private school, where she ’her parents hope’ will not get any foolish thoughts. At home, too, it is anything but sunshine: Since her father is on a business trip and the mother is out of action due to her depression, Effy has to take care of her brother Tony and take care of the household. And Sid urgently needs Effy's talents: He would like to get back together with Cassie ’for which Effy has to use all her skills as a manipulator ... (Text: Sky)

  • 17.Exams (Jal)

    Season 2, Episode 8 (46 min.)

    Jal tries to keep her pregnancy a secret while she ponders what to do next. Unfortunately, it's exam time right now, and her friends keep Jal pretty busy too. Would a conversation with Chris, the child's father, help clarify the situation? But just as Jal has decided to take this step, there is a dramatic turn: Chris is brought to the hospital with a life-threatening brain hemorrhage ... (Text: Sky)

  • 18.Escape (Cassie)

    Season 2, Episode 9 (47 min.)

    Cassie could actually be doing really well: she is back with Sid, Chris is getting better, the exam phase is over - and to celebrate the day, Sid has arranged a "dinner party" for the whole gang. But when Chris suffers another stroke and dies a short time later, a world collapses for Cassie. Head over heels she makes her way to New York ... (Text: Sky)

  • 19. Farewell (Final Goodbyes)

    Season 2, Episode 10 (47 min.)

    It's a difficult day for Chris¿ friends: his father forbade them to come to the funeral. Tony and Sid decide to steal the coffin so they can say goodbye. But your plan goes completely wrong ... (Text: Sky)

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