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Well if you want, if you think you'd have fun we could drinking something walk or eat, Coffee or water.
Si tu veux, si jamais ça te semble être une idée amusante, on pourrait all manger, prendre un verre, un café ou de l'eau.
Do you want drinking something... or something eat, or ...
In between we picked up What to drink or to eat and kept playing.
We wondered if we could do it tomorrow what to drink or lunch today eat.
Do you want anything drink or eat?
You will be nothing without my permission drink or eat.
Go for tea drink or eat.
Allez chercher quelque chose à manger, allez dormir, partez.
Would you like something beforehand drink or eat?
Do not smoke while handling the veterinary medicinal product, drink or eat.
Do not smoke while using the veterinary medicinal product, drink or eat.
After taking ORACEA every day, wait 2 to 3 hours before using dairy products drink or eat.
No pas boire ni manger de produits laitiers dans les 2 à 3 hours suivant your dose quotidienne d'ORACEA.
Do you feel like doing something with me drink or eat to go
Enfin, si vous voulez bien prendre un verre.
Not while the dog is being treated eat, drink or smoke.
Not while handling Trocoxil eat, drink or smoke.
Who wants tea all the time? drink or Scones eatto cheer the Queen or whatever.
Devoir apprendre comment dire toutes ces choses à la manière anglaise ...
This means that one argument alone is no longer sufficient to sell a destination as to whether it is golf, eat and Drink or Genealogy means.
Cela revient àdire qu'on ne peut pas vendre une destination avec un seul argument, que ce soitle golf, la gastronomie ou le retour sur laterre des ancêtres.
Not at work eat, drink or smoke.
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