What is a two star hotel

What are hotel stars and how are they awarded?

What do the hotel stars mean?

Hotel stars hire Rating System with the hotels according to established Classified criteria become. Every five years The criteria are checked and, if necessary, adjusted, since in our fast-moving times, of course, new (above all technical) standards are constantly being implemented. The rating takes place in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure

  • Interior of the rooms

  • Reception and lounges

  • service

There is basically no internationally standardized hotel certificationwhy the Hotel stars or rating symbols and their standards from country to country partly differ greatly can. A luxury hotel in Greece of the highest category, for example, does not have the same standards as a comparable hotel with the same number of stars in Germany.

Of course there are countries in which hotel classification is mandatory, but in some Scandinavian countries there are no regulations at all. Again there are countries in which several rating systems are used. Every hotel within Germany can be rated voluntarily.

Do the stars then have any expressive power at all? Yes, because in the meantime a system has established itself worldwide that assigns a maximum of 5 stars, sometimes with subclasses. With this classification will be 4 and 5 star hotels rated as luxury hotels. Hotel businesses that receive more points than is required in the respective quality category, especially in the area of ​​service and service, receive the Addition "Superior"This means that hotels of any star class can receive the additional rating of" Superior ".

In Europe it is Hotel classification by law in these countries required:

  • Belgium

  • Denmark

  • Greece

  • Italy

  • Malta

  • Netherlands

  • Portugal

  • Spain

  • Hungary

In all other European countries an evaluation is carried out on voluntary basis.

Who awards the hotel stars?

The for HOTREC (the European umbrella organization for hotels, restaurants & cafés) Hotel Stars Union the stars. In Germany, the hotel stars have been from the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) forgive. Since 2010, however, the uniform hotel classification system Hotelstars Union for Germany has also applied to DEHOGA Hotels. The signs were converted to a uniform European standard at the end of 2012.

What criteria are there for hotel classification?

There is a Variety of criteriathat a hotel must meet in order to receive a certain number of stars. Here we briefly and clearly present the most relevant ones that are necessary within Europe in order to be classified as a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 star hotel. The criteria from the lower categories are a prerequisite for the higher one, so that they are not mentioned again separately. You can find a comprehensive list of all criteria under the link (see below) for Catalog of criteria of the Hotelstars Union.

1 star hotel:

  • All rooms with shower / toilet or bath / toilet

  • Daily room cleaning

  • Reception service

  • Beverage offer

  • Breakfast option

  • Color TV in all rooms

  • Table chair

  • Soap / washing lotion in the bathroom

  • Telephone use for guests is possible

  • Minimum number of points: 90 (for Superior the hotel needs 170 points)

2 star hotel:

  • breakfast buffet

  • Reading light

  • Laundry compartments

  • Hygiene products offer

  • WLAN / Internet access (room or public area)

  • Card payment

  • Bubble bath / shower gel

  • Minimum number of points: 170 (for Superior the hotel needs 260 points)

3 stars hotel:

  • Additional reception (open 14 hours, reachable 24 hours)

  • Bilingual staff

  • Drinks in the room

  • Luggage rack and dressing mirror

  • Sewing kit and shoe cleaning kit

  • Additional blankets and pillows

  • Telephone in the room

  • Professional complaint management

  • Seating in the reception area

  • Minimum number of points: 260 (for Superior the hotel needs 400 points)

4 star hotel:

  • Reception open 16 hours a day

  • Lobby and hotel bar

  • Breakfast buffet or room service

  • mini-bar

  • Armchair / couch with side table

  • Heating facility in the bathroom

  • Bathrobe / slippers on request

  • Cosmetic items (nail arrows, etc.) in the bathroom

  • Minimum number of points: 400 (for Superior the hotel needs 600 points)

5 stars hotel:

  • Reception open 24 hours a day

  • Multilingual staff

  • Safe (in the room)

  • Personalized greeting (flowers or present)

  • Bellboys

  • Car master service

  • Ironing and shoe cleaning service

  • Mystery guesting (unannounced visits by test persons)

  • Minimum number of points: 600 (for Superior the hotel needs 700 points)

Why we advertise our package travel deals with suns instead of stars

The new one is on July 1, 2018 Package travel policy based on the "EU Package Travel Directive"came into force. This has led us to decide not to use hotel stars for our Package travel offers to advertise. Instead of the stars (*), we have been using the sun (°) as a classification symbol for hotels in Germany and Austria. The background is that, according to the law, one can only speak of stars if the exact classification according to the category of the travel destination is known. In some cases we cannot guarantee this and have therefore chosen the sun symbol as an alternative.

It is important for you that only the Presentation and name changed to have. Of course, you can still orientate yourself on the number of suns around which Hotel quality better assess our offers.