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The plumber calls

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Paul is a happy plumber who has no job too big and no job too small. He's fixing an old lady's rusty old soap faucets that looked like they'd been dripping for months. He receives a call on his cell phone. It's a desperate woman who cries and sobs on the phone. The pipe has burst and water is flowing everywhere.

"Now try to stay calm. Can you turn off the water?" he said, explaining where to find the stopcock to isolate the water. "Yes," she replies, "I found it and now the water has stopped." "Fine," he said.

"I'll be with you in an hour. What's your address?" She gives him the address. "Thank you," said Paul.

"See you soon." He quickly finishes repairing the tap and calculates the old lady for a small fortune. Well, she has a big house, a lightning fast new car, and was rude to him. Paul returns to his van and writes the address on his navigation device. He realizes that he didn't even ask for the name of the crying woman.

She sounded like she was "rough as a dog" and probably really overweight. It's only a few miles, only twenty minutes, down the street. He comes to the big house. It's a bit back from the street in a very respectable area that is home to all the wealthy snobs. He pushes the intercom on the electric gate.

"Hello," said a female voice. "It's Paul the plumber," he says. "Ah yes.

Come in. I'll open the gates, just come in. "When he pulls up to the front door, she opens it. He is surprised to see a slim, very attractive woman. She has a well-equipped chest and only wears her bathrobe." Hello. " , he said.

"I'm Paul. I didn't ask you on the phone?" "Emma," she replies. "Come in." Paul quickly finds the burst pipe under the sink and gets to work straight away.

Emma speaks to him while he works. He sees her admire his biceps and six pack as he stretches to tighten his pipe. "Do you train then?" She asks. "Yes," he replies.

He can see that she discovered his big plump crotch. She comes closer to him. Paul can now see her beautiful legs from his position under the sink. He notices that she has no panties on.

He begins to feel that he is getting an erection caused by the sight of her well-cut cunt that makes it really easy for him. He can tell that she feels hot. He knows that she can see how turned on he is and that his apparent bulge is getting bigger by the second.

She kneels next to him and puts her hand on his crotch, feeling his huge cock and gently rubbing it through his jeans. He can see her whole cunt now. She spreads her knees and takes off her bathrobe to reveal her amazingly big tits. "Fuck it," says Paul as he starts to touch her cunt while putting his hand on her beautiful tit.

Emma starts moaning with pleasure. She quickly begins to open his jeans. Exposing his big cock, which she starts rubbing and caressing.

He quickly starts licking and sucking her cunt and snaps her clitoris with his tongue. She teases her clit and starts moaning in pleasure. He can tell by her crying that she can't believe how good it feels. He pushes his tongue deep into her cunt. She pushes his head hard into her cunt.

"Yes, yes. Eat my pussy," she cries. He shoves a finger up her ass. "Yes!" She screams.

"Harder, harder," she yells. He can tell she will be coming soon as she buckles with short, quick breaths. "Oh damn, yeah, I'm coming," she yells. She comes all over his face with a big splash of juice from her pussy.

He gets up and walks towards her face. He holds his cock in his hand and pushes his cock deep into her throat. He gently begins to fuck her mouth. She starts sucking and caressing his balls as she licks and sucks on his huge shaft. "Ah yes.

Suck it, "urges Paul as he grabs a fistful of her hair. He pulls her mouth further down his cock. She starts to gag and gag. He tells her to get on all fours and then he pushes his cock gently in her pussy.

She moans with pleasure as he starts pounding on that lovely, sweet tasting pussy. Moaning with each thrust, he begins to rub her ass gently with his thumb. "Oh yeah," she cries, rubbing her ass against his thumb. "Fuck my ass," she gasped. He pulls out of her pussy and puts his cock over her asshole.

He gently pushes his cock up her ass. She lets out a little cry of joy than she can feel it go deeper and deeper. He hits her ass.

"Yeah," she cries as she starts to fuck his cock. Paul starts caressing her back and gently grabs her wet pussy. He rubs her clit with his fingertips.

She puts her hand on top of his and presses his fingers into her cunt, which makes her moan and gasp in pleasure. "Shit, I'll be right there," she cries. She lets out a cry of joy, arches her back and grinds his tail. "I'm coming!" screams Paul as he pulls out of her ass.

She turns to his cock and opens her mouth to get his cum. He starts wanking his cock and moans as he shoots his load on her face and in her mouth. She puts his cock in her mouth quickly and doesn't want to miss a drop of his hot sperm.

She sucks his balls dry from sperm. "Ah yes, suck it," he yells with pleasure, thinking this is the best plumber reputation ever. After a short time he caresses himself, dresses and finishes the plumbing. "How much do I owe you Paul?" asks Emma.

He looks at her and just says: "Another call soon?" Emma giggles, "You can count on that." She holds him gently up the ass before kissing him goodbye. "See you soon..

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