Can a family be happy

When is a family happy?

Jelena and her husband Boris have been a couple for 20 years. They have three children together. Paul (21), Franziska (15) and Benjamin (5), the straggler. Actually everything is going very well in the family, say the parents. But now that Paul is planning to move to America to study in September, the family's happiness is spoiled. Even if Jelena knows that she cannot influence her son's decision, she tries to make staying here appealing to him.

Arthur and Josef have two foster children together. Both children are quite young. The small family is actually happy and feels really good together. But now that Finn (6) is starting school in the fall, a lot will change for her.

Sandra (10) and her mom Felicitas live with the extended maternal family. That worked pretty well until Ewald, the mother's new friend, moved in with it. But the house blessing has been hanging crooked for a few months. Because of this change, nothing seems to fit anymore and there are arguments every day.

The idea of ​​happiness

Everyone defines happiness differently. Many stories are written about happiness, thousands of songs are sung and films are made. There are tons of books and guides on how to make people happier. The pursuit of happiness often seems to be a lifelong drive for many people's actions and thoughts.

However, there are a few factors that determine whether people feel happy or not: for example, their upbringing, living conditions or their own personal ideas and values.

Many people find their personal happiness in having a family and being able to spend time with it. But what does it mean to have a happy family and how do people define "being happy"? There are many different ideas and countless approaches to this.

Happiness and family

There are different forms of happiness. Because happiness is not always the big thing in life, sometimes it's just a snapshot. So it can make you happy to go to the toilet alone as a mom or to be able to drink the coffee in peace. The parents' joy over the first word or some other often minute progress in the child's development. When you watch the children play, when the adult children move out and begin to live their own lives, or when the infant sleeps through the night for the first time. Or just being aware of your own happiness, being healthy, being able to feel safe or having enough to eat.

Family - sometimes a great stress factor

In addition to happiness and the supposed fulfillment of happiness, family can also cause incredible stress. Children mean an additional responsibility that is not always easy to bear. In conversations with parents, one often hears that since they have had one or more children, they have underestimated less time for themselves and the burden.

Often the lack of time is a major stress factor and one of the greatest challenges of today's society. Many people feel torn between their own high standards and everyday life.

As much as some people regret that they cannot or could not have children, there is also the other group of those who are lucky to never have become parents and not have to bear this responsibility.

Everyone is responsible for happiness in life. It is a question of how each and every individual assesses his or her own life and actions, what priorities he or she sets. Every day people can decide to be cheerful and happy, to make the best of the day and the situation, or to let the circumstances influence them and lead their lives unhappy.

What does happiness mean to you?

Is it lucky to have a family? In what situations do you feel happy in your family? Post your experiences and ideas in the forum! (Andrea Leidlmayr, Christine Strableg, May 31, 2019)