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Bali Destinations: The 10 Best Regions

We would like to give you an initial overview of the best travel destinations and most beautiful regions in Indonesia. Bali is a real magnet for tourists and that is certainly due to the paradisiacal conditions. There are so many beautiful sights, miles of dream beaches and real highlights. In most travel guides, Bali is divided into North Bali, South Bali, West Bali and East Bali. The individual regions differ in many ways and that is why you should take a very careful look before you make a decision. However, Bali always offers the perfect conditions for a break. Whether you long for adventure - the perfect break is waiting for you in Bali.

The south of Bali

The center of Bali is the south, because there are not only most hotels there, but also an international airport and the capital is also in the southern regions. However, these are only a few of the reasons why incredible numbers of tourists make the pilgrimage to this holiday region every year and have a good time. Another is certainly to be found in the fact that the dreamy sandy beaches can be found in this region. Famous holiday resorts such as Kuta or Legian are heavenly and ideally suited. If you want to find a hotel in this holiday region, that shouldn't be a challenge, but the prices are slightly higher due to the demand.


The city of Kuta on the west coast of Bali is a very popular travel destination. Especially for young tourists to surf one of the hot spots in Bali. Now, read everything you need to know about Kuta. ... More about Kuta »


Sanur is also very popular for tourists visiting Bali. Sanur is preferred as a holiday destination, especially for older holidaymakers and those looking for peace and quiet who would like to relax. ... More about Sanur »


Seminyak can be found on the southwest coast of the island of Bali. Here you can experience Bali in its exotic beauty including its mysticism that can hardly be beaten in the whole of Bali. ... More about Seminyak »


Ubud is arguably one of the most centrally located vacation destinations in the heart of Bali. About 30 km south-east of the capital. Tropical rainforests decorate the surrounding area with top attractions. ... More about Ubud »

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is one of the most popular travel destinations in Bali. Strictly speaking, this is not a city, but a large village. For pool vacationers, this is one of the best places to go for a nice location and break. … More about Nusa Dua »


Legian is also on the west coast of Bali and is north of Kuta. In addition to Seminyak, Legian is one of the beach areas and is a welcome point of contact for tourists for a time to relax. ... More about Legian »

The east of Bali

Active volcanic craters at imposing heights can be seen in an almost infinite density in the east of Bali, because the east is still dominated by them. Numerous villages have been destroyed since the last eruption in 1963 and this has had many consequences. Nevertheless, the east is very idyllic and above all there is a lot of nature to see. This region has its charm and tourists are welcomed very friendly by the Balinese because the area is not yet so overcrowded.

The north of Bali

North Bali cannot be compared with the lively south, because it is much quieter and more relaxed here. Mysterious mountains, lakes, volcanic landscapes and mystical stretches of beach make the north a holiday destination for all those who long for a dream vacation, as it is propagated in many Hollywood films. Active vacationers also get their money's worth, as there are some hiking trails that lead through the area and picturesque villages can also be explored. The region is with


Lovina is one of the most beautiful regions in all of Bali. For Bali connoisseurs, this region is something very special. Swimming with the dolphins is just one of the many attractions that are offered here. … More about Lovina »


The capital of Bali is Denpasar. Here is the political and economic focus. As a holiday destination in our opinion rather unsuitable but still worth a visit. ... More about Denpasar »

The west of Bali

The "wild" west of Bali is by no means dangerous, but it is not so much developed for tourism and therefore it is a bit quieter. There is a large national park that takes up an enormous area and that is why this holiday region is ideal if you would like a little more nature. The national park has a special fascination for most holidaymakers and it is definitely worth seeing. Of course, there are other highlights waiting, but basically it's a little less turbulent than in the south.


Strictly speaking, Lombok does not belong to Bali. The best way to reach the island of Lombok is by ship or plane and is especially popular with nature lovers. ... More about Lombok »

Gili Islands

The Gili Islands are the neighboring islands of Lombok and are located between 3 and 5 kilometers from the mainland by sea and are particularly popular with backpackers and globetrotters. ... More about Gili Islands »

Feel free to get an idea for yourself and find out which region is most suitable for you. If you are unsure, we will be happy to help you with the decision and put together an individual tour for you on request. Feel free to contact us and let us know what you have in mind so that we can help you experience Bali the way that best suits you.

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