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Clever provision - stand in line in a diaper

By Rebecca Valentin

The big day had come - at last it was there, the moment I had been looking forward to so ardently and in the end almost believed that it would never happen again. But now I was actually sitting here in front of the largest bookstore in town and waiting with countless other fans for the doors to open punctually at midnight. It was the launch of the brand new book from my beloved fantasy series, which I was looking forward to so impatiently that I could hardly wait.
Immediately after the shop closed, I posted myself in front of the shop. With a folding chair, a thermos full of tea and a packet of biscuits in my luggage, thanks to my early appearance, I managed to get third in the queue.

It was still light and, given that we were in the month of May, reasonably warm. As I assessed the capricious temperatures of spring, this would very likely change as the time progressed.
With my hot drink I was safely armed against the cold of the night - but not only with the tea I had cleverly taken precautions, important and at the same time very pleasant precautions had been taken by me downstairs. Before leaving the apartment, I had put on one of my thickest and most absorbent diapers - I felt that fluffy covering of the buttocks with every movement, which I loved very much and gave me a unique feeling of protection. Because the fact that I would need a toilet from half the amount I had drunk was as certain as the amen in church. In this way, however, I saved myself the hassle of finding a toilet, didn't have to take the risk of giving up my excellent waiting place, and on top of that, I was able to enjoy the most heavenly emotions of all in my jeans.

More and more followers of the volumes around the gruesome anger kite came and joined the queue of those already present. Sleeping bags, more folding chairs and lots of drinks were unpacked. Look, I secretly thought, whether the others will be as relaxed afterwards with their full bladders as I will with my diaper? I was able to approach this topic in a relaxed manner, I found, ended this thought for the time being and poured myself a cup of the delicious orange tea with satisfaction.

The admirers of the fantasy genre, to which I belonged, started talking to one another, so that at some point I too was absorbed in a stimulating conversation. On the side I drank my fruity tea and nibbled on some of the chocolate biscuits that I had brought with me.
In the middle of a conversation, which was mainly about speculation and wishes about the content of the new release, for which we were all eagerly awaiting, I suddenly felt my bladder thrust violently. Of course, it was the tea that answered and wanted out immediately ... Ui, now the time has come, the exciting part of waiting begins, I mused with a pounding heart ...

We wish you a wonderfully wet and wonderfully fluffy pleasure with this highly erotic diaper story.

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Lola's wet dream - unwanted bed-wetting while sleeping

By Rebecca Valentin

The house in which Lola wandered around in her dream was huge. It had more than five floors, which were furnished in an old-fashioned way and which the young woman found extremely depressing. She didn't know her way around the old villa and felt accordingly lost in the vastness of the strange building. However, that emotion was not the worst in her deep sleep - her terribly high bladder pressure, which gave her absolutely no rest and made her search for a much-needed toilet in an intensified hurry, tormented her far more.

As is often the case in a dream vision, most of the scenes in Lola's nocturnal pictures made no sense either: the stairs led up and down without a system and in the never-ending corridors there were exaggeratedly many doors to the right and left, all of which Lola in her desperation opened. A toilet was hidden behind almost everyone, but it was either occupied or defective in a way that made it completely unusable.

The 22-year-old rummaged around restlessly in her bed. She rolled from side to side and ran close to tears, continuing to roam the intimidating house of her nightmare. She had to really hard, she almost peed in her pants - in the middle of dreaming she felt the urge of the bladder so powerful that she noticed the first warm drops already in her panties.
Oh my god, I have to find a toilet for myself quickly before it's too late, she realized unconsciously and at the same time perceived how much this annoying state was affecting her.

In her distress, she continued to look into every room, saw strangers crouching on the toilet bowl in her dream illusion and felt her own dilemma increase by the second. It won't be long now, and it'll run all by itself, she feared full of horror, and ran up and down the confused steps again and again. Here she pressed both hands tightly between her thighs so as not to lose control of her impatient urine while walking. It seemed hopeless, but in her dream she didn't want to give up at any price in the world.

She almost dared not hope for it anymore, but when, in her hectic pace, she opened another of the many doors of the long, dimly lit corridor, Lola saw an undamaged, completely intact toilet in the room beyond. A storm of cheers broke out inside her because, to her great enthusiasm, the toilet was still free!
At the same moment of this sleep experience, her abdomen reacted in reality to the pleasant discovery ...

We hope you enjoy reading this wet, hot bed and chat story.

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The extra kick - your skin-tight leggings

By Rebecca Valentin

Freshly showered, I stood in front of the wardrobe in our bedroom and reached into it without thinking. I knew exactly what to wear on that mild summer evening, and that wasn't much by any means. I would only put on the short, blue T-shirt and black leggings - an outfit that my husband absolutely loves about me. It is the way the trousers are cut that appeals to him so infinitely; In the style of skin-tight gymnastic trousers, they don't hide anything and show every square centimeter of my long, slender legs in their full glory. He can hardly defend himself against the erection that he gets again and again when I look at me in his tights.

We had an appointment with friends in the beer garden to enjoy the warm rays of the sun, chat a little and have a drink together. I would tell Corvin in due course that I would give up all underwear on that occasion, I decided with a grin and from that moment I was looking forward to his reaction in lustful anticipation.

I didn't have to wait long for my words to have an effect, because no sooner had we got into our car than I took his hand and placed it purposefully on my lap.
"Feel I have nothing under it," I revealed to my husband with an undertone that he knew all too well from me.
"You know how crazy you're driving me, don't you?" He looked at me; his eyes sparkled meaningfully and the fingers on my crotch moved deeper. With pleasure he felt the soft, clearly recognizable bulges of the mound and my labia. Further down he devoted himself to the area of ​​the vaginal entrance, left the tip of the middle finger there and rubbed the sensitive area in gentle, circular movements. We groaned at the same time and Corvin added in a trembling voice:
"My God, Julia, first the hot, skin-tight leggings and then even without panties ..."

I nodded in confirmation and felt my cheeks get warmer with sensual excitement ...

We wish you a tingling pleasure in this erotically wet story.

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How embarrassing - violent poop on the way home

By Rebecca Valentin

Finally Friday! After the past few days, which Jonas had mainly spent studying for upcoming exams, he was looking forward to the upcoming weekend. He would have time for his girlfriend, for dinner and sensual hours with her. Full of anticipation and lost in these pleasant thoughts, he crossed the university parking lot and had almost reached his car when he heard a voice that sounded hurried behind him. "Hey, wait!" It was Matteo who called him - a fellow student from his semester who was widely known as a boor and an arrogant gag. Jonas didn't have much to do with him, he only knew him briefly from the lectures he attended together.

"Yes?" Jonas turned to the approaching man; he ran towards him with hasty steps. The reason for Matteo's haste lay on the one hand in wanting to stop his fellow students at all costs and on the other hand because his bowels were extremely tight and he therefore didn't have a second to lose. Time would have been too short to go to the toilet after the end of lectures - he would have risked that Jonas, the only way for him to get home quickly and comfortably, far away from public transport, would have already left. "You're going towards the west coast, aren't you?" "Yes, to Husum," Jonas replied truthfully, and began to suspect what Matteo's question was about. "Perfect. Then you can take me with you, I'll have the same route. "For the other, the possibility of a ride in the old car of his fellow student was already a done deal, it seemed.

Okay, why not, thought Jonas, still in a good mood, and agreed with a nod. No matter what was to come, he did not want to ruin his good mood with regard to the study-free days, he made a decisive decision. And certainly not from the autocratic knockers, he added in spirit, with which I will inevitably spend the next hour and a half in the same vehicle.

"Go on, get in," Jonas asked the dark-haired fellow student, who was notorious as a heartthrob, to take a seat in the passenger seat. Then he put his sunglasses on his nose, started the aged engine noisily and drove off the university grounds.

In Hamburg's inner city there was heavy traffic, which also continued in the outskirts beyond the city limits. Again and again they had to stop in front of red traffic lights and were more often stuck in the avalanches of metal in the streets than they would like. Those unwelcome delays caused frustration and resentment among the young men for a variety of reasons. In Jonas ’case, it was the postponed start of the longed-for weekend, whereas in Matteo's case it was his physical indisposition that turned out to be increasingly precarious ...

We passionately wish you great fun reading this wonderfully agonizing poop desperation story.

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Diaper Wonderland - An unforgettable diaper weekend

By Rebecca Valentin

Very satisfied, Melanie let her gaze wander around the room. The efforts of the last few hours had really paid off - in the otherwise very grown-up bedroom, a wonderful diaper wonderland had emerged. The double bed had turned into a cozy gathering place for plush toys and large duplo building blocks and toys of all kinds lay jumbled up on the cozy carpeting. Colorfully patterned diapers and helium-filled, light blue balloons with airplane motifs, which were supposed to welcome the little boys, waited for their guests alongside sweet treats and fruity juices in colorful drinking cups.
What looked like preparation for a happy children's party was the start of an unforgettable little weekend that Melanie had arranged only for her beloved protégé.

Their mutual appointment to spend Saturday and Sunday together was not the first meeting between Florian and her. There had already been several meetings before, at which they had got to know each other better and on whose occasions their casual online acquaintance had naturally grown into a tender friendship.
They had fooled around in various cafes and ice cream parlors in town, flirted at ease, and talked to one another in such an intimate way that they were happy to share their most intimate thoughts and dreams with each other. They trust each other unconditionally and with each of their meetings the love for one another had noticeably increased. And although they had spent a lot of time together by now, it would be the first time that Florian stayed with her.

Melanie already knew from his posts in the Little and ABDL forums, where she noticed him, that her boyfriend often feels small and feels and acts like a four-year-old boy in such moments. Florian had been writing there for years, but she had only registered a few weeks earlier, as she increasingly felt the desire to be there for others who were weaker and in need of help. Caring for and pampering was important to her, it filled her soothingly and enriched her life in an increasingly meaningful way.

Whenever Florian immersed himself in his Little Space, he only addressed Melanie with the belittling version of her name. So in those moments she became Mami Melli for him - just as the big Florian became especially then little Flori for her.
So it was not surprising that she was greeted with the nickname of her first name, of all times, when her long-awaited visitor was standing in front of the front door with a packed travel bag and immediately after opening it fell into her arms in childish excitement.
“Hello, Melli! Look, here I am! ”He cheered, laughing cheerfully. The anticipation of the sleep visit was clearly noticeable in the 28-year-old, who presented himself to her in orange jeans dungarees, bright red Chucks sneakers and a conspicuously curled shirt. Melanie hugged her little one closely, ruffled his hair and received him no less exuberantly:
“How nice, my Flori, come in quickly. Shall I show you what great things I've prepared for you? "

We hope you enjoy browsing through this sweet story.

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