Is Albania poor or rich

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Official name:
Republic of Albania
National holiday:
November 28th (Independence Day)

Albania is located on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe. Neighboring countries are Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Greece. The country is very mountainous. The summers are hot and dry, the winter months on the coast are mild and rainy. In the mountains it is often very cold in winter. Some areas then remain isolated from the outside world for a long time.

A democracy since 1990

Until 1990 Albania was a communist country that completely cut itself off from developments in Europe. Today Albania is a parliamentary republic and elections take place regularly. Albania has been a member of NATO since 2009 and has been a candidate for accession to the European Union since 2014. In 2016, the country decided to reform the judiciary, as requested by the European Union. This is intended to strengthen the independence of the judiciary and to facilitate the fight against corruption. In 2020 the EU decided to start talks with Albania about the country's accession to the EU.

Peaceful coexistence

Almost 2.9 million people live in Albania. The majority of the population is Muslim; about 30 percent are Christians. The different religions live together peacefully and tolerate one another. Slightly more than half of the Albanians live in large cities in the flat country facing the Mediterranean coast. The capital Tirana is by far the largest and most important city in the country. The birth rate in Albania has decreased in the last few years, so that on average the population is getting older.

Poor population

Important branches of the economy in the country are agriculture, tourism and the textile and shoe industry. However, many farmers find it difficult to support themselves. The poor infrastructure (there are no roads, the electricity supply is inadequate), high unemployment, corruption and poverty cause major problems. Around one in eight Albanians is considered poor. Many children have to work or go begging because their parents do not earn enough money or are unemployed. There is hardly any time left for school or to play together for the children. Many people are fleeing Albania to escape the poor economic situation and great poverty. You hope for a decent life in another country. As a result, the number of people in the country continues to decline.