How was your crush at school

1. crush out of school

Talking to the crush at school is often more difficult than you might think! Because you will probably rarely find him there alone. And when it comes to a happy coincidence in which you meet without friends, you prefer to run away out of sheer embarrassment ... So how should you talk to him when school is the only place where you see each other ?

It's easiest, of course, when your crush goes to your class.Just ask him for some math formulathat you supposedly didn't quite understand. Then he feels important and honored that you are asking him;) What if he goes to another class? Then only one thing helps: Find out where he always stays during the breaks or where he can be found alone and if you don't have it with words: just provoke a situation. Do you drop your book in front of him or bump into him by accident? Not only works in the film!

2. Talk to boys in the swimming pool and at the lake

The exuberant atmosphere in the outdoor pool or at the lake is wonderfully suitable for relaxing your crushin the water, standing in line at the kiosk or playing beach volleyball to chat. Especially when you have to wait half an eternity for the fries at the kiosk, it is easy to start a conversation. It is easiest to take your girlfriend with you - it is always easier to get into conversation in a group and the likelihood of an embarrassing silence is rather low. It's the same with beach volleyball: just go to the field and ask if you can play. Who knows what else will come of this ...

3. Talk to guys while doing sports

Okay, there are definitely better opportunities than talking to swarm swarms while exercising - but apart from the sweaty look, this is the perfect opportunity! For example, if you do the same sport as your friend, there are some opportunities to start a conversation! Keep yourself "inconspicuous" over and over againnear him up and make an appreciative comment about his performance within hearing and sight or ask him directly how he has his ball / jump / etc. does so well.

4. Talk to guys in the club

Given the noise level, it's easier to get along with your crush in the disco or clubEye contact or "physical activity" on the dance floor to bait. If that doesn't work, only standard sayings like "Phew, pretty loud / hot / full here!"(Can be expanded with the hint that you just go outside the door to catch your breath ...). But please not too flat! 08/15 pick-up sayings like"Hey, all alone here?" can quickly go in your pants!

5. Flirt via WhatsApp & Co.

Have you fallen in love with a boy with whom you have only written about music, hobbies or school until now? Then trust yourself andjust confess to him that you look forward to seeing him every time and would like to learn more about him. This is a good start!

6. Talk to a swarm in the bus and train

You've been on the same bus as your crush for weeks. But have you never talked? Are you too afraid that the whole thing will end in an embarrassing silence? From now on it's over!Go on the offensive. Sit next to him and just ask him things like: "You often take the bus, do you live near here / do you also go to xx school?" After that, a conversation will certainly ensue - and if not, then he's not the right one after all. But what do you have to lose?

7. Talk to the crush about the concert

If the two of you are into the same music or band, you have a good starting point for flirting. Sayings like "Awesome concert, right?" or "How do you like their new album?" should quickly lead to a conversation. If you're not into music at all and only go to a concert because of HIM, don't overdo it: hypocritical enthusiasm can easily be exposed!

8. Talk to guys in the café or ice cream parlor

It's not that difficult to get into conversation with your crush in a café. Plus point: you always have at least one friend with you who can support you if he totally blocks.

Sit at the table next to him with your friends and pretend you can't decide what to take. Look around conspicuously for the other guests' sundaes / cakes / drinks and ask your crush what it is they have ordered. If necessary, you can thank him again later with your loveliest smile and say that it was a good choice ...

9. Talk to a crush in the supermarket

The cute guy in front of the chips shelf or the nice cashier / clerk fits exactly into your loot scheme? Then engage him in a conversation! At the boy with the chips you also look for chips and ask him: "Sorry, but I really have no idea which one to take. Do you know if they are good?" It is even easier for employees: You can (have to!) Ask them anything: "Can you please show me where I can find toothpaste / chilli powder / cat food?" If he is taciturn, add one more: "Hmm, with the large selection, I don't even know what to take - which one would you take?"

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10. Talk to the neighborhood guys

Use the advantage in your "territory": If you have a crush on a boy whom you have known for years (and who has suddenly turned into a dream guy), you surely know a few things about him that you can use. The next time he runs into you, ask him how his sick grandmother is doing, whether he can repair your bike or whether he has seen your dog / cat / rabbit that is supposed to have run away. Even more effective: pretend you've forgotten your apartment key and ask him if you can wait with him until someone comes home to you.