Are 105-year-old afraid of death

Aurelia describes her illness as an "invisible cancer". For eight years she has been fighting for permission to use euthanasia.

Only a few cases of suicide are reported in the media, for good reason: to avoid further suicides. Aurelia doesn't want to incite anyone to commit suicide with her story. She wants those who want to end their life due to incurable pain to be able to do so independently with medical supervision. Not alone, after an overdose. Not by jumping in front of a train or from a tall building. But at home, in your own bed, surrounded by friends. With dignity.

The Dutch Levenseindekliniek (End of Life Clinic) sends out mobile teams to carry out outpatient euthanasia. However, it is not easy for the mentally ill to get this approved. Aurelia also applied for permission to die there. The first time in 2012, but was turned down because she had not tried all of the treatment options. At the beginning of 2017 she was one of 503 applicants. She talked to doctors and psychologists, filled out forms and shared her medical history. And she made this process public.

What is the difference between a terminally ill patient who can no longer endure the pain of his physical illness and a terminally ill patient who can no longer endure the pain of his mental illness? This is Aurelia's mission, she blogs, posts, tweets. She wants to tell her story, raise awareness and hope to create greater understanding of euthanasia for mental illnesses.