What is the future of Trump

Speech on the "Future of the Republican Party" : Ex-President Donald Trump is pushing back into the spotlight

Official comeback on the political stage: The elected US President Donald Trump is planning his first public appearance after leaving the White House. He is on the list of speakers for next Saturday at the annual CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) - an event organized by conservative activists from February 25-28. This is reported by the US news broadcaster CNN and the New York Times (NYT), among others.

Trump will talk about "the future of the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement", migration and the "catastrophic policies" of his successor Joe Biden, an insider said, according to reports.

As the NYT writes, the CPAC has traditionally been a stage for Republican candidates for president as well as rising figures in the party. Trump has signaled to several allies and advisers in the past few days that he is concentrating on running again for president in 2024.

It is unclear whether this will actually happen, according to the NYT. But his announcement could paralyze the party for the next two years, make it difficult for other candidates to position themselves - and more importantly - prevent them from building networks for the donations that are so important in the election campaign, the paper writes.

Regardless of whether he is running in 2024 or not, Trump could use the stage for a show of force. A long-time confidante of the ex-president expects that, as the news site "Axios" reports. According to the motto: "Although I no longer have Twitter or an Oval Office, I still have the say."

According to the report, Trump is meeting with advisors at a luxury Palm Beach, Florida property this week to discuss the next tactical steps he can take to influence his position. His speech at the CPAC was designed to demonstrate his power in the party.

Ex-Vice President Pence apparently declined the invitation

The event will take place in Orlando, Florida this year. Trump has lived in the state since the end of his presidency. At the conference he meets many allies: The speakers announced include former Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, former US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, and former White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, according to the dpa agency.

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As reported by CNN, citing two sources, former Vice President Mike Pence is said to have declined an invitation to speak at the conference. The CPAC organizers still hoped to be able to change Pence, the broadcaster said. On the other hand, there is information that Pence does not want to appear in public for the next six months. The “Politico” magazine initially reported on the cancellation of Pence.

Trump plunged the United States into deep political crisis

Trump clearly lost the November 3 presidential election to Democrat Biden. For weeks, however, he braced himself against being voted out of office with unfounded accusations of fraud, thus plunging the USA into a deep political crisis.

Supporters of Trump had violently stormed the Congress seat in Washington on January 6th. Parliament met there to certify Biden's election victory. Five people were killed in the riots, including a police officer. Trump had stirred up his supporters at a rally shortly before that the election victory had been stolen from him. MPs, senators as well as Pence and the prominent Republican Senator Mitt Romney were brought to safety in some cases just minutes before the angry mob stormed boardrooms.

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The Democrats in the US Congress accused Trump of “inciting a riot” and initiated impeachment proceedings against him - among other things, to ban him from future offices. Last weekend, Trump was acquitted by the Senate in the process. Meanwhile, the Chairwoman of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has announced the establishment of an independent commission of inquiry.

Trump, who was permanently banned from his former favorite means of communication, Twitter, had recently held back with media appearances. On Wednesday, he had spoken to his favorite Fox News by phone - actually to pay tribute to the late conservative radio presenter Rush Limbaugh. Then he used the show again to spread his unsubstantiated election fraud allegations.

Trump attacks former ally McConnell

Since Trump was voted out of office, the Republican Party has divided a political dispute that Trump is actively fueling. Most recently, the 74-year-old attacked the top Republican in the US Senate, his former ally Mitch McConnell. McConnell has made it clear that he wants to try to minimize Trump's influence after storming the Capitol. Trump, in turn, made it clear that he would promote candidates who continue his policy.

Trump, whose political career began at the 2011 CPAC event, the NYT notes, downplayed the coronavirus pandemic threat in his speech at last year's conference and claimed his administration was in control, writes Leaf.

The USA now has by far the highest number of cases. In total, there are now more than 28 million confirmed infections in the country with its around 328 million inhabitants. Data from the Johns Hopkins University (JHU). The number of Covid 19 deaths is therefore approaching the 500,000 mark - on Sunday morning it was 497,648.

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