Why have cinemas set up reserved seats?

Notes on going to the cinema and buying online

What you need to know about your next trip to the cinema


Dear cinema fans,


we look forward to seeing you in the cinema! So that you can enjoy the evening carefree, the same applies to us new rules of the game for events. We separate the streams of visitors when entering and leaving the halls in such a way that the guests of different ideas do not meet each other if possible. The cinema halls are thoroughly ventilated. Of course, are available for you in the foyer Disinfectant dispenser ready. Frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, handrails etc. are also cleaned by us between the presentations. Stand in the toilets Soap, Disposable paper towels and Hand sanitizer ready for you.


Please help make going to the cinema a pleasure without regrets by doing the following Take precautionary measures to heart:


  1. Please buy yours Tickets preferably online, our staff can then get your ticket contactless at the entrance validate by scan! A booking is currently allowed no more than 2 households include. Reservations are not possible until further notice.
  2. Please complete the one provided here Tracking formContact persons perHousehold / family separately and bring it with you to the entrance so that the health department can contact you quickly if the worst comes to the worst. This data will be destroyed by us after 4 weeks. For download of the form click here: Download
  3. Please pay for tickets at the counter and at the cash desk if possible cashless!
  4. Please wear throughout the building, now also in the cinema (Order of the city of Freiburg dated October 16) one Everyday mask! The mask can be removed for eating and drinking.Anyone who refuses to wear a mask without a doctor's certificate will be banned from the house.
  5. You're welcomeMake sure you refrain from going to the cinema if you have been in contact with a corona infected person or have symptoms of a respiratory infection less than 14 days ago or high temperature observe in oneself. Our employees are not allowed to let in people with obvious symptoms.
  6. Please always do what is required, especially when queuing Distance of 1.5 meters! In the cinema, our booking system will assign you seats at a distance of 1.5 meters - Please stick to the assigned places!
  7. Please use the opportunity to attend performances during the week! Dodging performances that are not very well attended is particularly useful if you belong to a risk group.
  8. Please hold that Cough and sneeze labels and, if necessary, when entering the cinema, do the Hand washing or disinfectant dispenser Use.


Thank you very much and enjoy! Your cinema team

The following information only applies to online purchases - reservations are not possible until further notice in order to minimize contacts!
Dear cinema friends,

There are four different ways to secure tickets for our performances in advance: purchase at the box office the days before, reservation by telephone, reservation online and purchase online. Here we would like to briefly explain how this works and what you have to pay attention to!

Telephone ticket reservation

These are the telephone numbers under which you can reach our cinemas:

Tel. 0761/38 66 521

Tel. 0761/360 31

Tel. 0761/28 37 07

Before you call, please make sure which cinema is showing the film you want - our box offices can only make reservations for the respective cinema accept. Outside of our opening times, you can send us your reservation requests on tape speak. Please state your name, the film title, the day and time of showing and the number of tickets you want.

Reservations that have not been picked up in the Friedrichsbau and Kandelhof expire 15 minutes before the start of the performance and are sold elsewhere; this also applies to the breakfast cinema. Please come a little earlier on Friday and Saturday evenings as well as for the Sunday matinee - if everyone comes at the last moment, you are suddenly in a long queue and the tickets are gone! Since we only have space for one ticket office in the Friedrichsbau and Kandelhof, we unfortunately cannot issue reserved tickets at a second ticket office no fast lane for reservations set up. If you have little time, we recommend buying online - then you can go straight to the entrance!

In Harmonie, reservations that have not been picked up expire 30 minutes before the start of the performance and are sold elsewhere. Please come a little earlier on Friday and Saturday evenings. If you don't have much time, we recommend that you buy online - then you can go straight to the entrance!

Online reservationand online purchase

You can make online reservations and purchases on your computer, smartphone and tablet on our website, and soon again with our new Friedrichsbau smartphone apps for Android and iOS. For reservations and purchases on the website, click on the desired show time.


1. The window that opens "Ticket selection" offers you in Harmony and Kandelhof first the possibility of Seat selection either in the front parquet area (blue) or in the rear box area (green). in the Friedrichsbau is there no numbered places, so the procedure starts with the second step.

2. Selection of the price category for the ordered seats, i.e. You choose between "normal", "Reduced", "Cinecard" and "Children / youth up to 17 years" out.

3. In the next step ("Next") please log in or drive as a guestaway.

4. Only now can you choose whether you want to buy the tickets you have ordered or just reserve them!

It is not always possible to reserve tickets for a performance. Reservations can in principle only up to 60 minutes before the start of the performance then you have another 30 minutes to buy online. It can also happen that the Reservation contingent already excludedรถpft is - especially on Friday and Saturday nights when it comes to the film that everyone wants to see. It is therefore advisable not to make reservations at the last minute! Third, there is outstanding Individual events, namely the live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera, the Bolshoi Ballet, the Berlin Philharmonic and individual premieres with prominent guests, only the possibility of purchase.

If the reservation option is not or no longer available to you, please choose a different presentation date or bravely proceed to the online purchase! Reservations must be picked up in Harmonie no later than 30 minutes before the start of the performance and in the Friedrichsbau and Kandelhof no later than 15 minutes in advance, otherwise they will expire and be sold elsewhere. Please come a little earlier on Friday and Saturday evenings - the rush is great!

Advantages of buying onlineand the correct handling of the tickets

Buying online saves you queuing at the checkout, you simply print out the ticket or take it with you on your mobile phone and can use it to go straight to the entrance. Please do not fold the printed ticket across the barcode, our scanners are a bit sensitive. Photographed barcodes and copied barcode numbers do not count as tickets - please bringalways the full ticket With, be it printed out on paper or displayed on the smartphone.

Online ticket and voucher sales by:
mars kinotickets.online GmbH & Co. KG
Oberneulander Landstr. 117b
28355 Bremen

Help with booking, lost tickets and other questions:
[email protected]
Please always include the cinema name including location.
Tel-Hotline: 0421 40 89 29 19



Thank you very much and have fun in the cinema!