Which mechanical engineering companies use Creo

Hello dear colleagues
First, I want to let you know how great I think this forum is. It is really rare to find such a high level of professional competence in a forum.

Briefly about myself, my name is Pablo Alicke and I am a mechanical engineering student at RWTH Aachen University. In addition to my studies, I work in the construction department of a great mechanical engineering company (Irmato Industrial Solutions Aachen GmbH). Even though I “only” work as a student trainee, I have so much trust in me that I can take on small customer orders completely. Of course, my experienced colleagues are always at my side with good advice.

We use Creo Elements 17 with Solid Power 17.01.

Now to my problem. Some time ago I took over the management of the 3D library and should expand it with parts that are useful for us. As far as nothing special, as long as you don't want to do anything special.

But now I had the idea, for example, of adding different types of prefabricated profile frames. All information such as: article number, supplier, material and etc. should be stored. Then it should be possible to "pull" the frame so that its dimensions correspond to your own needs.
Since we don't have the Parametrics license, I just wanted to include the different variants in the catalog. e.g .: lightweight, medium and stable (based on the different profile thicknesses).
For this I use the CAD command: "ts_catalog_load_package NAME"

This gives me the variants A, B and C under frame XY. But then they are write-protected and cannot be edited any further. Of course you can copy the assembly and delete the original. But that's just a few clicks too many for me.
Does anyone have a solution to the problem or a LISP macro with which to work around the problem?
Best wishes

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