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The duties of the mother of the bride - when the daughter gets married

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If your own daughter get married, then the mother's heart beats a little faster too! In traditional weddings, however, most of the special tasks are the responsibility of the bride's father. He leads his little girl to the altar and dances the father-daughter dance with her. So that your mom doesn't miss out, we have a few here Ideas and tasks listed to incorporate your mother into the wedding. So that your Mom feels at least as important as her dad.

1. Bring the mother of the bride to the wedding
2. Classical tasks of the mother of the bride
3. Invite the mother to the JGA?

Even if you as the bridal couple decide for yourself what the wedding should look like later, you can involve your mother well in the wedding planning process. As the bride, you decide how exactly it should look - even if your mom is bubbling over with anticipation and ideas.

Bringing the mother of the bride to the wedding

1. The traditions: A bride wears something blue, something borrowed, something given, something old and something new. This is exactly where you can bring your mother in, because she's sure to have something wonderfully old - like a chic brooch or a shiny hair clip - in the closet. You can also borrow something from your mother. Does your mom still have your veil, shoes or even your wedding dress in her closet? Maybe you find these wedding accessories or the dress so great that you would wear it yourself. Talk to your mother and put a smile on her face by wearing your things.

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2. Breaking tradition:Usually the father brings the bride to the altar. Why don't you break this tradition and ask your parents to take you to the altar together. Do you have a much better relationship with your mother than with your father? Then just ask your mother if you will accompany her to the altar.

3. Your maid of honor:Would you like to leave the walk to the altar to your father, but still want your mother to play an important role? Why don't you just ask your mom if she wants to be your maid of honor?

4. Your talent:Your mother has a wonderful singing voice, bakes the most delicious cakes or has a knack for beautiful decorations? Ask her to give your wedding a personal touch by using her mother to bring her talent to the table.

5. A wedding speech: Your mother has been with you all her life and probably knows you better than you do yourself. Ask her to give a nice speech at your wedding. She will definitely be happy about that!

6. Lets dance:The father-daughter dance is tradition and it can stay that way. But why don't you surprise all of your guests with a joint choreography with your mother or a new tradition, the mother-daughter dance? This experience will weld you both even closer together and the dance performance will be a wonderful memory for all guests and both of you.

Classic tasks of the mother of the bride

1. Help with planning:Your mother can be a useful advisor in matters of catering, location, reception, party, etc. Contact you if necessary.

2.Shopping: The mother is allowed to accompany and advise the bride when buying the dress, shoes and accessories. It is also tradition that the mother of the bride pays for your daughter's wedding dress. This need not be. The main thing is that you get the Enjoy time together and find something that suits you - and in the best case also your mother - like. If you buy the bride's mother's outfit at the same time, you can coordinate your looks and look harmonious on the wedding photos. Also talk to the groom's mother so that she too can dress appropriately.

3. The greeting of the guests: Your mother is responsible for greeting the guests at your wedding while you are on your way to the wedding. If you prefer to have her with you all the time, ask your maid of honor or someone close to you to do this. The custom is, however, that the mother of the bride always stands next to her daughter at the reception on the wedding day and guides the wedding guests past the wedding couple for dinner and helps them find a place.

4. The wedding customs: In order for the wedding to be complemented with one or the other beautiful wedding custom, the mother of the bride should find the most interesting ones and organize them for the day of the wedding. However, discuss your choices with each other.

5. Church wedding: During the church ceremony, the mother of the bride sits in the front row and is the first to leave the church behind the bride and groom. This is how you show the wedding party who the closest relatives of the bride and groom are. The bride's parents have a small priority.

6. Second opening dance: After the bride and groom have completed the opening dance, the bride mother should also dance with the father of the bride in the first official dance sequence and encourage the wedding guests to come onto the dance floor.

7. Strong shoulder: During and after the wedding preparations, as a bride, you sometimes need a strong shoulder when stress or so-called "cold feet" become noticeable. Your mother in particular is the first point of contact at such times. She is always at your side with words and deeds.

Invite the mother to the JGA?

The answer to that depends on your relationship with your mother. If you have a very good relationship with one another and are best friends, then talk to your friends about whether it would be okay for you if your mom were to be at the JGA. If so, invite them over! If not, then maybe they'll celebrate you Mother-daughter-JGA and have a nice day at the spa or go away for a weekend together.