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Buddhism is the teaching of Siddharta Gautama. He was born a Hindu. He later observed that all people in the world suffer. Some because they are sick, poor or lonely, others because they have to deal with a bad fate. But also healthy, rich and spoiled by fate people are plagued by dissatisfaction or even envy, greed or hatred.

Siddharta sank deep in his thoughts. In this meditation, according to Buddhist belief, he found a way to free himself from all suffering. He led a modest life, only brought joy and goodness to his fellow men and looked at all people and things without judging them in any way. That led him to the true knowledge of all things. With that he was the Buddha. Buddha means "the enlightened one".

Siddharta Gautama told people about his experiences so that they too could free themselves from all suffering and live in peace. This is how Buddhism began around 2500 years ago. Today the teaching of the Buddha is very widespread - especially in Asia.

Other people can also succeed in becoming a wise and enlightened person and thus a Buddha. Many Buddhists believe that this has happened many times before. Many other believers believe that no one has been a Buddha as long as Siddharta Gautama.

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