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Multiboxing in MMORPGS like WoW - is that fair or like a cheat?

Multiboxing in MMORPGs is a big issue. But is that cool what these players are doing? Or does it massively disrupt the fun of the others?

Many a MMORPG veteran will have noticed these players. They often play the same class and walk around in large groups collecting resources or completing quests. All characters make exactly the same movements. But what looks like a bot in World of Warcraft to the layman from the outside is often a so-called multiboxer.

But are multiboxers more "Hui" or "Ugh"? How do you feel about these players and what do you think of them?

What are multiboxers? Multiboxers are players who operate several accounts of a game (mostly MMORPGs) at the same time and also play them in parallel. Depending on the game, several PCs are used. Using special software and macros, the inputs are made in such a way that the characters move in parallel and act at the same time. Often one character acts as the “main”, which the other characters then follow.

What are the benefits of multiboxing? Playing multiple characters at the same time brings a lot of advantages depending on the game. In this way, the multiboxer can cope with difficult tasks in PvE on their own and is not dependent on other players. In PvP he is a strong force that is often superior to individual players. A multiboxer can also have an advantage against groups because he can cause almost perfect “focus damage” - that's why multiboxing was also banned in PvP.

A final aspect is the effectiveness with which a multiboxer can farm resources. In games like World of Warcraft, in which several characters can get hold of loot from the same source, a multiboxer with 10 characters collects about ten times the amount of herbs, which means that multiboxers can determine the price of some resources, but at the same time offer many resources. “Normal” players hardly have access to the resources.

What are the downsides? The disadvantages often include the increased costs. Because if you need several PCs and also have to purchase several game accounts, you also pay a high price for them. In addition, multiboxers have a bad reputation in many games when they build up too much market dominance, for example when farming resources. From then on, playing multiple characters is pretty exhausting and requires a lot of attention.

Multiboxing - is that crap or is it okay?

But let's come to you now! What do you think of multiboxers? Are they cool and are they a part of a game? Or should multiboxing be generally prohibited?

If you want to elaborate on your answer a little further or if you want to share your own experiences with multiboxers, then leave a comment.

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