How to write an article

Introductory sentences (topic sentences)

What is important

In English it is customary to end each paragraph with a so-called topic sentence with a sentence that anticipates the topic of the paragraph:

1. Be clear and precise

It's important that you make it very clear to the reader what the next paragraph is about.

2. Make the reader curious

If you have the topic sentence If you write in such a way that the reader feels like reading on, you've made it.

3. Keep it short

The topic sentence should be short. Because the reader will get the detailed information from you in the following section of the text. So don't reveal too much in advance.

4. Share your opinion

Even if it is a factual, informative article, it is common in English that you let us know how you feel about the topic. So your opinion should be in the topic sentence incorporate.

5. Only mention what appears in the paragraph

Often great sentences and phrases come to mind, but they may miss the content of the paragraph. So be very specific and check them out topic sentences again after writing the paragraph.

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That's it

If you stick to these tips, you will be well prepared.

With these tips you are well prepared for writing an article for the school newspaper. Because now you know that you are first

  • a theme,
  • then a target audience and finally
  • think about the structure.

So, let's go.

The following order is important when writing an article:
1. Write a draft (draft)
2. Revise the draft (edit)
3. Publish an article (publish)