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Posted on: 08/15/2010 User rating:
14 points So I can do nothing with this, everything was better stuff when it comes to Maiden. For me the strongest album is e.g. Brave new world. Final Frontier ignites after several rounds. Outside the Isle of Avalon everything is on a very high level. And in this genre from what I've heard so far this year in a league of its own.Thomas
Posted on: 08/15/2010 User rating:
14 points Admittedly, I'm a real Maiden freak, but the CD rating is already very negative. The new Maiden album is modern and another masterpiece, music is always a matter of taste. There are actually no weak points on the CD even if I still have its predecessor We hope that Maiden will continue for many years to come because there is nothing better.Maria
Posted on: 08/15/2010 I've listened to the album a few times and I'm thrilled, I haven't heard a better Metal album in 2010 and enjoyed each of the 75 minutes, Dickinson's voice is awesome and all 10 songs are really worth listening to, Nobody really wants something warmed up hearing from Maiden, where it says Iron maiden, Maiden is also inside, straightforward forward-ingenious.
What is being criticized here is probably an envy factor that is often involved with MaidenChris [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/15/2010 User rating:
6 points Stagnation at a high level. I can almost entirely agree with the reviewer's argument, but I rarely hear the "very good" quality and would replace it with "quite okay". Maiden are no longer hungry, instead they have been a cog in the tough music biz for a long time, and they try to keep this cog well lubricated, but many things just seem too cramped to me. You try to stick to your line and get lost in over-headed thinking. At the same time you try to serve the old fans. Both seem half-hearted and inconsistent, sometimes almost like recycling leftovers - in addition, Dickinson is slowly really reaching his limits. The result is an album that is very lengthy in my ears, and I find it difficult to stick with it. Anyone who knows me will know that my taste is by no means nostalgic - but my hand will keep reaching for the early albums of the 80s just because of the quality.Andreas
Posted on: 08/16/2010 High level??? I don't know, in the last few years all of your expectations of Metalt must have been lowered, or are you deaf?Chris [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/16/2010 Well, they have mastered their instruments, you can hear their professional status. I certainly don't mean more than that. In the maiden context you can of course see the level very differently, because this and the last record are (in my opinion) pretty weak. Old word stealer ...;)

As I wrote elsewhere: The band is arguably one of the five most important bands for metal in terms of inspiration. Even with the most modern metal bands, one can often still hear the spirit of Maiden. But for nearly two decades, many other bands have overtaken Maiden. Maiden only "work", but no longer shape them. And unfortunately they are no longer dragging along.Andreas
Posted on: 08/16/2010 Giver of inspiration, yes, and not with the last few albums. I hate their complacency in interviews, and the journos chatter everything after them when they talk about prog and super creative. Dickinson also sings the same vocallines forever - just like Warrel Dane and Hansi Kürsch recently, by the way.oger [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/16/2010 I think the Blind Guardian and the Nevermore are both better. At least there is an effort to develop. In general, the question arises whether a singer can avoid that the vocallines resemble each other after a few albums ...?Chris [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/16/2010 @Andreas: You almost act as if I like the new Maiden * g * ... I don't see the inspiration differently, but in terms of influence, the boys have had their day for around two decades anyway. If you hear Maiden influences in a band, 99% of them are based on the Virgos' 80s.

@ Oger: Exactly. Fuck innovation if it's done well. The new Nevermore has worn out a bit for me and has leveled off at 9.5 / 15 to 10/15 - I tend to like the darker and top-heavy records of the guys. But regarding Maiden again: Anyone who sings for 30+ years has their own style, and repetitions are practically normal.Steffen
Posted on: 08/18/2010 Hello Andreas, hello ogres, hello Chris,

Do you actually make your own music or have you ever tried to write your own music? If so, I would love to hear them! When you talk about Maiden like that, the music should be amazingly good! I would like to buy one of these long players right away! Where do I get the hammer washers from ????

Great greetings
SteffenNils [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/18/2010 @Steffen: What does this matter? Can you only criticize something when you can do it better yourself? So soon there shouldn't be any music, film or book reviews. Pretty silly ...Steffen
Posted on: 08/18/2010 Exactly! You should have a clue of what you are criticizing.
I think constructive criticism is okay too, but many a self-appointed music critic should pay attention to what he is saying.
Otherwise it will be really silly ...Nils [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/18/2010 Okay, you convinced me. Since you criticized this review, you should now do this constructively. It would be great if you could write your own review here in the comments section. That would be an asset to the site because you can do better (otherwise you shouldn't have criticized the review).Daniel [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/18/2010 User rating:
11 points I like the album pretty much, the positive moments predominate, even if you would have to deduct a few points from a "sober" point of view. Firstly because of the weak beginning (the first three tracks), and secondly because more could have been gotten out of the material (as with practically all albums since "The X-Factor"): a little more time, effort and thought into it Investing in arrangements, production, performance, overdubs, etc., adapting the vocal melodies here and there, more guitar harmonies, rhythm guitars sometimes a little tighter and not so scruffy, etc., etc.

Nevertheless, the strong songs leave more of an impression on me personally and the less outstanding ones don't weigh so heavily. "Coming Home", "The Alchemist" and "When The Wild Wind Blows" are real Maiden highlights, which above all finally have really sweeping melodies again and ignite immediately. But also numbers like "The Talisman" or "The Man Who Would Be King" are great songs that gradually unfold.

The album is thus much better than feared (especially after the single and video), in principle as strong as hoped (at least over long distances) and perhaps not as outstanding as "dreamed of" ;-)

Personally, I like "The Final Frontier" better than its (musically good) predecessor. On the new album, I find the vocal and guitar melodies more gripping and catchy, making the strong songs more thrilling.Chris [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/18/2010 Oh yes, the old lyre ...

Phrase 1: "Do better instead of spitting big tones"

Answer: See Nils, he got to the point.

Phrase 2: "You should have a clue"
Answer: Isn't more than 20 years of metal experience and knowing EVERY Maiden record enough for you?

Phrase 3: "... blah ... CONSTRUCTIVE ... blah ..."
Answer: How do you imagine that? Call maiden how they can make it awesome?

Phrase 4: "... LENS ... blubb"
Answer: Objectivity in music journalism makes articles about as interesting as the weather report. Folks, we are music FANS.

So I expect a competent opinion, Steffen. But you're not the one from Bammental, are you? *G*HUK
Posted on: 08/18/2010 Unfortunately, Final Frontier is an absolutely mediocre album. That happens when a band wants to hide a lack of ideas under the mantle of "progressive rock". There were still times when freshness was lived through my loudspeakers, conceptually clearly implemented, hissed, with pieces like "Sun & Steel", "Revelations", "Flash Of The Blade", "Invinite Dreams", "Phantom Of The Opera", " Be Quick Or Be Dead "," Deja Vu "etc. For me 3 out of 10 possible points.Michael
Posted on: 08/18/2010 Well, I don't know any band that surpasses their own creative climax with their 15th studio album, that's simply not possible.
In addition, an old fan can never have the same feelings as when he hears the old records.
Maiden has continued to develop (omitted from the 90s) and people have always mourned the old man. Listen to the Wrathchild or Running Free and you'll wonder why they never made that sound again. At SIT the first people started to say, but they don't have the sound of Powerslave anymore, this disc is maybe their climax and at 7th - even Maiden found that they wanted to go back to the old sound. But that resulted in a 10 year drought. And so they do what they have to. Don't stop, just move on.
Some sounds on TFF are new. You could have been even braver and experimented even more.
Is TFF Better Than AMOLAD? sounds a little looser, on the other hand the Ballada by AMOLAD is far better and the instrumental part of The Greater Good ... I find unsurpassed awesome.
I still think the best of the new albums is BNW. But I stopped comparing albums a long time ago because each one has a special character and is good in its own way.Thomas
Posted on: 08/19/2010 User rating:
14 points I have to agree with Michael, why should Maiden copy songs like Run to the hills etc, the band still enjoys the music like you saw on the A matter of live and death tour, where they played the entire album have (to the horror of some Maiden fans), which old band does that ?! None, Maiden are Maiden and will go their own way, the band is actually constantly criticized, man people these are musicians who have been adored for ages and yet have remained down-to-earth.
I think the new album is brave and who offers 75 minutes on a CD that Dickinson always sounds the same is logical and that the songs are attributed to him is great. Iron Maiden genius as long as they are still around because many bands of this caliber Doesn't exist anymore today, would it have been better if Maiden had done something like Priest? Well I don't know, I just enjoy the new album to the fullest and Maiden have been my band since 1982 and I'm still damn proud of them Band that never gets boring for me because something new comes around every now and then - Iron Maiden gonna get you whereever you are ....Chris [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/19/2010 In any case, I find it significant that, for example, the new Avenged Sevenfold record, which already has a lot of classic metal, sounds much more creative and much more enthusiastic, and I find it even more significant that AS now even has the better Maiden parts have it....Hendrik
Posted on: 08/19/2010 User rating:
15 points I think the new album, like all its predecessors, is really great! Point. hehe ;-)Thomas
Posted on: 08/20/2010 User rating:
14 points @Chris are we now reviewing Maiden or being compared with everything, I also listened to the new Avenged Sevenfold album and find it not bad, but rather a moderate copy of System of a down, a band that was founded in 1999 can be Don't compare with a band that was founded in 1975. As I said, there is a lot of system on the Avenged and what should be so creative is also a mystery to me. So please do not include other metal bands, is almost an insult to the king. ...Chris [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/20/2010 If the new A7X doesn’t make you hear any classic metal, I recommend that you go buy new ears. ;)

But this is about Maiden, and personally I only hear musicians doing their job because it's their job and (at least that's how it seems to me) an idealistic thought is absolutely no longer there.Thomas
Posted on: 08/20/2010 I did not say that Avenged Sevenfold is not classic Metal but that it sounds a lot like a system copy and is not exactly independent,
The Maiden musicians certainly all have enough and plenty of money, so at their age they no longer go on tour out of money worries or take out other CDs to get a creamy cream, Dave Muray lives in the Bahamas where it is definitely not boring, Dickinson is more enthusiastic Pilot.
So the new Maiden album is a CD that the band likes and that's why they put it on the market. Also, this is a typical Maiden album again a little different than its predecessor, there are nice solos on it and Bruce sings most of them Metal singer still in the ground, the Maiden no longer sound like 1982 is logical and beautiful, music is a matter of taste, there is music you like and music you just don't like, that's how it should be .Maqiden even thought up an intro with Satelite 15 times that will be great live and will be a nice start
AC / DC, for example, to be able to compare again, always sound the same without ever releasing a masterpiece like Back in BläckChris [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/20/2010 I think you don't really know SOAD, otherwise you would hardly draw parallels between them and A7X. And AC / DC ... * angle * not my construction site. But back to Maiden. In my opinion Bruce hasn't been singing into the ground for ETERNS - at least not with Maiden. His solo discs are already of a different caliber. And where you refer to the intro of the new record - I haven't heard a dreary, fake intro for a long time. Yes, live it will definitely make the fans hot, but on the home system I get a nervous skip finger. That's how I feel with Maiden, that's how it is for some of my music review colleagues too, and the review author also liked many other Maiden slices much better. Should everyone who celebrates something be allowed to write a review? Then we could reduce the point scale from a 1-15-wide to an 11-15-wide, in music reviews there are only praise to be read. Come on, how would such an agreement of opinion be? That would completely reduce the concept of a record criticism to absurdity.Metaxas
Posted on: 08/20/2010 User rating:
8 points Well, I've been listening to Maiden for 15 years and since X-Factor at the latest it was somehow clear that the old days are over.Of course the new album can never keep up with the 80s stuff by Maiden, but you can't even compare it.Guido
Posted on: 08/20/2010 User rating:
15 points The X-Factor is a masterpiece for me, the two worst Maiden works are their predecessors, FOD and NPFTD. The X Factor brought us a Maiden album that hasn't found a brother to this day. Dark and melancholy atmosphere with songs that get under your skin. And I've never heard a heavier song by Maiden than "Fortunes Of War", it's almost Doom. Dickinson's voice doesn’t fit any of the songs, only Blaze fits

I think the new one is really awesome, I've probably heard it through 50 times. The disc is in permanent rotation at home and in the car.Thomas
Posted on: 08/20/2010 User rating:
14 points @Chris SOAD are one of my favorite bands next to Maiden, Disturbed, Primal fear, Megadeth and Edguy and I've known this band since they existed, I even think their solo records like Scars on ... even better than Avenged Seven ....
That you at least don't put Bruce solo records down makes you a lot more likeable, but that's also a completely different musical construction site. What is so terrible about Bruce, his voice on the new album, the man is a living legend and his voice is brilliant for me He can sing whatever he wants I will always like it. I also find the satellite intro on CD suitable, something completely different from Maiden, it doesn't have to be 666 over and over again, right? I've already painted the new album umpteen times listened to and think it's class, appropriate, contemporary, ecxht Maiden worthy and one of the best albums 2010, maybe not the very best but there won't be many. By the way, I don't mind if someone writes that Maiden crap everyone should express their opinion freely are not meant to be bad, only the comparison with Avenged was funny, it would be like that for me if you were to compare Megadeth and Slayer with each other, even if both make trash, there are worlds.
@Guido I agree with you about FOD and NPFTD although there are some classics like Fear of the dark, From here to Eternity, Afraid to shot strangers, Holy Smoke, Bring your doughter, otherwise a lot of idle, X-Factor was musical good only with Blaze voice at Maiden I could never do anything although Blaze I like solo very muchHenning
Posted on: 08/21/2010 In a few years the record will be considered a classic. Of course, Bruce sings most of them to the ground. So I can't think of a single singer that gives me goose bumps. And I listen to a hell of a lot of metal records every month. You just listen to the choruses from The Talisman, starblind or coming
home and loudly not with 5 watt speakers on the PC. And to compare that with Avenged Sevenfold or any other bands that do something else is total nonsense.Guido
Posted on: 08/21/2010 User rating:
15 points I would be happy if I could just write a review here. As beautiful as I think it is and even stronger than its strong predecessor AMOLAD, it is also as complex as its predecessor. I love the start with the somewhat crazy intro "Satellite 15 ...", precisely because it is not what Maiden expected, a brisk opener. The title song doesn't knock me off my feet either, but it's not bad either, it sticks in my ear. El Dorado isn't my favorite on the album either. But now the album is really picking up speed with "Mother Of Mercy" and one first class song comes after another. The power ballad "Coming Home" ignites immediately. Just like the brisk "The Alchemist", here the two power songs from the Blaze era "Futureal" and "Man On The Edge" have got a brother from Bruce, and the song is at least as good. And now come the whole long iron, which is so entertaining that you don't even feel the length. With a song like "When The Wild Wind Blows" you can quickly get a little pee in your eyes that comes over emotionally.Carsten64
Posted on: 08/21/2010 User rating:
15 points These eternal whiners like Chirs and Andreas are really annoying. The album reflects everything you want to hear from Maiden. Maiden are maiden and yet they manage to get something new out of everything they have done so far and do so without becoming unexpensive. That's precisely why you like such bands. AC / DC are celebrated for it, Metallica were punished for something "new" (St. Anger). Schuster stick to your last and don't try to reinvent yourself all the time. For me - as for some others - TFF is the best album of 2010! Never boring and typically Maiden. Exactly what you want as a fan. This whining takes place at the highest (maiden) level. Compared to almost everyone else, we are already way over the TOP.Thomas
Posted on: 08/21/2010 User rating:
14 points @Guido @Carsten 64 you speak to me from the soul, Maiden are the gods of heavy metal and there will never be a band on their Vivouoger [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/21/2010 @ Carsten64: "The shoemaker stays with his last" was exactly my point of criticism of the new album. If Maiden had always done it this way, Number of the Beast, Somewhere in Time or Seventh Son would never have existed. But TFF is really well done and you can have fun with it.Max [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/21/2010 User rating:
7 points Boring :-(Thomas
Posted on: 08/22/2010 User rating:
14 points Here is my criticism of the individual songs:
1. Satelite 15 ... the final frontier: An interesting intro with slow Bruce vocals then in typical Maiden manner a great song also in this length
2. El Dorado: Not the best piece on the CD but worth listening to every time
3. Mother of mercy: A great song, it starts slowly, Bruce's voice really gets under your skin at the beginning, it will be another Maiden classic, the lyrics are also great.
4. Coming home: Also a somewhat quieter beginning which doesn't harm the great song at all, then a brilliant song especially the refrain-divine-
5. The alchemist: It gets straight to the point, a bit reminiscent of Be quick or be dead class, no-frills songs
6. Isle of Avalon: Could also be on the Powerslave CD, brilliant, will probably be great to hear live too
7. Starblind: It starts slowly for a short time but then becomes a real Maiden song, Bruce 2010 the man is immortal, the chorus not that great, but the song as a whole is very good with many changes
8.The talisman: Could be a continuation of
Legacy from the great "A matter of live and death" album, its great song and great chorus, very varied
9. The man who would be king: Another hammer song that starts slowly and then increases - another very interesting text
10. When the wild wind blows: My favorite song on the CD, 11 minutes awesome from the first to the last note! a true classic, a live number that will probably find its place.
Iron Maiden 2010 are far from tired and will hopefully continue to do such great thingsChris [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/22/2010 Hm, I could of course write a review of the next record of my favorite band and write at least one "great" and one "genial" in every second sentence. My view would be too fan-watered if I published something like that ... I think. ;)

But it doesn't matter - I'm also a Maiden fan, but for me it's unfortunately limited to the first Bruce phase before Blaze. I absolutely love these discs, no ifs or buts.Thomas
Posted on: 08/22/2010 @Chris Then you are a real Ex Maiden fan who doesn’t get along with the fact that Maiden now rather do Prog Metal. I don’t find it watered down at all when you review good songs with awesome even if it behaves like that with every 2nd person.I think it is It's great that Maiden have dared a little musically in their old days since Dickinson's return and moved away from the typical Heavy Metal of the 1982-1988 phase, I also think the times from 1980 to 1990 were brilliant, they brought me to Heavy Metal, but Maioden have moved with the times and are just modern and that works very well, so I can listen to different Maiden CDs for days, put together best offs myself without everything always sounding the same. Iron Maiden have been my kings since 1982 with a little break in Blaze times they always stayed that way and that will be so until the bitter endChris [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/22/2010 Hm, just because Maiden are increasingly writing very long songs again, I wouldn't necessarily be talking about Prog. Especially since other bands are much better at it.Sebastian
Posted on: 08/23/2010 The album's title and artwork suggest that the songs are primarily about science fiction and space. The very strange opening intro initially raises big questions (what's the point?). When reading the lyrics everything quickly becomes clear: At first sight, it is about an astronaut who is drifting uncontrollably with his ship and loses all contact with the base (Major Tom from Peter Schilling sends his regards). The gloomy intro brings out his fear and uncertainty very well. Ultimately, he accepts his inescapable fate and accepts to cross the final frontier. So this limit is not the universe, but death. And now the positive and surprising turnaround: music and text are now extremely optimistic and self-confident in one fell swoop. A look back shows that the protagonist would live his life exactly again, that he has no regrets, that he has experienced and achieved more in one life than others would not manage in 10 lives. All he would want is a word of farewell to his family. Is this an autobiographical reflection of Maiden's own work? The band would ignore any criticism from the beginning of the album ("Dear fans, whether you like it or not, we would do it again next time"). Brilliant! And this "farewell song" is just the beginning of the disc - wow, that's pure goose bumps. It is definitely worthwhile to experience the songs as a whole - otherwise you would simply not understand a lot. Simple comparisons with the old discs in terms of sound (sounds like so and so, but not like so and so) or content (of course, Ikarus is also mentioned here again ...) are interesting and are intuitively drawn automatically, but help to achieve this Understanding not really further. Let yourself be surprised by the rest of the songs! It is worth it!Ogre [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/23/2010 For me, the musk is the focus of interest. In order to understand and classify them, the texts - at least in this case - are of secondary importance.Just a human
Posted on: 08/24/2010 I think the record is really cool. I don't need a text understanding either - I still find Sebastian's explanation very interesting.
I don't compare and arguing with people who have different tastes doesn't lead to anything.Nils [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/24/2010 @Only a human:
Right. There's no point arguing. As long as no one more or less directly claims that everyone who doesn't have their own taste is insane, some interesting dialogues can emerge.Thomas
Posted on: 08/24/2010 @Cris if Maiden now no Prog or at least make Prog direction then they may make a Modern Talking copy or folk music ?!
The last album already went totally in the direction of Prog Prog means a song that summarizes many tempo changes in one song, I personally didn't invent that, for me there are actually not the 1000 different styles of Metal, but rather 5 that have invented the scribes ... :-)
And that there are better bands in this style is a rumor with no trace of truth., After several listening sessions, the new Avenged is more of a cheap Soad imitation without own ideas
Maiden is thge bestJust a human
Posted on: 08/24/2010 @ Nils: Right, you can have cool conversations and get to know new bands. Unfortunately, the level is often awful as soon as one of the discussants thinks he has total taste and perspective. And that always happens sooner or later when several people are discussing. All the faster in the anonymity of the I-net.
@ Thomas: I see it that way too. I don't care where you put it as long as you like it. And I like everything about MAIDEN. And for me there are only 5 styles of Metal. Everything else is confusing hair-splitting and silly babbling.Nils [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/24/2010 @ Thomas: So that Prog means "a lot of tempo changes" is simply not true. There is extremely progressive music without a lot of tempo changes. A change in tempo can be one of the many criteria that define Prog, but this also raises the question: Do you mean progressive as a style or progressive in the literal sense of the word?

On the subject of Prog, I strongly recommend this rather comprehensive article:


If you think Maiden is supposed to be the best prog band, I'm assuming you don't know the history of prog (starting with bands like King Crimson, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and (early) Genesis and ending with newer representatives such as Spiral Architect, Pain Of Salvation and Opeth - just as a tiny selection).Guido
Posted on: 08/24/2010 User rating:
15 points For me, the TFF also has something progressive like its predecessor AMOLAD. But for me, Maiden are still no Prog-Metallers. For me these are bands like Fates Warning or Warlord. Maiden is Maiden, they do their own thing and that has changed over the years. Time has not left the boys without a trace either. They make an album that they stand behind and try not to copy themselves. Just like Accept doing. Their album is praised, but you can't hear anything on it that Accept didn't bring 25 years ago, just with a different singer. I can do without something like that, the old classics are really enough for me to get back to the 80s. I really prefer Maiden, because you can hear that we don't have 1985 anymore. Why another TNOB, PM, PS, SIT or SSOASS, we already have that and nobody can take that away from us. I would rather deal with something new than with an old infusion.Chris [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/24/2010 Why does almost everyone think that people who don't like the new maiden automatically cry about the eighties? This is total nonsense. I don't rate TFF negatively because it doesn't sound like the 80s, but because it doesn't give me much the way it is - I wouldn't personally care what it was like so that I would find it better.

Incidentally, I usually have a lot of tempo changes when I have a strong cold ...

In my opinion, it's true that Maiden have something prog here and there. But that's just one of many elements - and some of the earlier things from the Maiden discography were also proggig.

Folks, nobody wants to spoil you with the Maiden enjoyment, not even "constant complainers like Andreas and Chris" - but this almost blind partying can sometimes be quite annoying because it looks like "Huiii big band, big name, Big record - band soooo successful, the record HAS to be good! " and not like a sober approach to music. As writers, we cannot afford to partying blindly and we have to approach publications much more analytically than normal fans do.Dude
Posted on: 08/24/2010 The new album has two problems: First, like "A matter of live and death", it is simply overloaded; less would be more insofar as this less would combine the positive aspects. Second, to me, who I have considered Dickinson to be the best rock singer par excellence for ages, this Dickinson seems to me in many places simply as annoying. Sometimes I literally long for him to stop singing so that the sometimes ingenious guitar parts can finally come into play again. Simply too many lyrics! And in many ways they are too sorry for them .... Up to the DoD album there were only two less good albums: "No Prayer" and (in my opinion) "Fear of the Dark". All the others are somewhere between fabulous and brilliant . Unfortunately, I haven't been able to warm up to the two albums after DoD ..... But maybe my opinion will change after listening to it several times - so far I just haven't had the patience for this, for the reasons mentioned above ....Just a human
Posted on: 08/24/2010 @ Chris: You say at the beginning that it is nonsense to assume that people who like the TFF were crying after the 80s. Well. But what do you do if you assume that they like everything they would partying blindly? Two degrees?Just a human
Posted on: 08/24/2010 .... who do NOT like the TFF .... of courseChris [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/24/2010 It just comes across as difficult as it actually is.Thomas
Posted on: 08/24/2010 @Chris with the topic Big volume, big CD, big names is simply wrong, because with the new Kiss I almost had to cry, Ozzy has been puffed up as if the gentleman was 20 again, master plan the one
ingenious debut CDs were flooded with or without JornHelloween is also light years away from ingenious things, so the new Cd from Maiden is not good because of the big name but because it is simply a great CD, in international trade magazines the Maiden was also very good gone, is just the typical German naggingNils [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/24/2010 @ Thomas: I don't know a "typically German nagging". On the contrary, if I am already making generalizations, I tend to see a particular lack of criticism in cultural matters: How else can the cinema, radio or cinema program (Cinemaxx, UCI etc.) be explained? If nobody wanted all of this, it wouldn't exist (in the long term) either.Just a human
Posted on: 08/24/2010 @ Chris:
Sure, you can see it that way. Matter of opinion. The other case can also be seen that way.
In the other case one can also argue that it is difficult to come across as that. So why nonsense? It's all a question of perspective and if you say that MAIDEN are celebrated blindly because it says MAIDEN, what should I say?
I am one of those who like EVERYTHING from MAIDEN. Not because it says MAIDEN or because I don't approach music soberly and analytically or anything like that. I'm not 15 and I don't see bands as super megastars. They only cook with water and I poop in china just like the musicians.
Even with me, not every record ignites immediately. But since I know that I'll only say something about an album after I've listened to it a couple of times.Thomas
Posted on: 08/25/2010 @Chris I know Prog Music very well the listed bands King Crimson, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Genesis I've all heard, but that's Prog Rock and No Prog Metal, Wikepedia is also known to me, I just wanted that Do not lengthen unnecessarily with the prog. Typical prog metal bands are Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Queensryche.
It doesn't have to be a generalization, that's the way the new Maiden is shit and boring in your eyes, the majority of fans will like it and not because it says Iron Maiden but because it is a brilliant CD :-)
@Nils On the subject of lack of criticism in cultural things, why is the number of sales of most Zeirtungen sharply declining precisely because opinions are formed here that the broad masses should also call good, you saw it on the subject of Böhse Onkelz, demonized by the media and deadly hushed up, slandered and portrayed as evil Nazies, and yet the Onkelz have managed to become one of the most successful bands here in Germany and also to set up the largest open air in Germany,
But we don't want to digress, it's about the band Iron Maiden, so hopefully you won't go to their concerts and take the tickets away from the fans :-) I would definitely never pay an entrance fee for a bad band
Up to the Ironsoger [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/25/2010 To mention it again: I don't think the album is bad, just - for a formerly innovative band like Iron Maiden - a bit too routine. You should be able to endure this point of view as a fan.Thomas
Posted on: 08/25/2010 @oger I accept this point of criticism with a smile, but after so many years you couldn't expect anything completely new from Iron Maiden. Of course, Iron Maiden are not a Prog Metal band either, only the last two albums are very much designed in the direction of Prog Metal Of course it's always Iron Maiden and that's a good thing, but it seems that the new album is overwhelming for some long-established fans, well it's 2010 and the band is 35 years old, but it will never be boring for it are they just too good!Chris [musikreviews.de]
Posted on: 08/26/2010 Anyway ... if we celebrated everything without criticism, it would have been for our credibility as a magazine. If we were not to criticize too, that would completely reduce the meaning of a review / criticism to absurdity. The editor simply HAS to take off the fan glasses, even if it is sometimes very difficult.

@ Thomas: What exactly do you mean by overwhelming? Because it's too complex? Those were parts of the earlier Maiden discography. Because they are trying something new? They always did. Because they change from record to record? Was also the case in the 80s. As I said, for my part, I don't determine the quality based on the style or the development of the band, but rather on whether it is going through my bones personally or whether it leaves me cold. With some records of old hands, the former still happens to me today, regardless of whether those bands have changed or not. With Maiden it's just the latter.Thomas
Posted on: 08/27/2010 @Chris I'd like to know the old bands you're talking about, maybe Modern Talking or Ernst Mosch :-)
That you don't like the new Maiden is okay, but luckily you're in the minority, and Maiden is often referred to as machinery by your peers anyway, although the band certainly doesn't need to think about money anymore. Iron Maiden do them today Music that you enjoy yourself, you don't have to prove anything to anyone anyway. Just like you scribblers and so-called music experts like to judge that people only like Maiden because it says Maiden, that's the greatest nonsense you can write. It's bad when yourself Maiden changes from sheet to sheet? is probably rather a weak point of criticism.
And the so-called credibility in the magazines is a questionable thing, the question arises as to whether you are sitting there in a circle and discussing every solo, every intro, every length of a song and every vocal part in the community, if so you do it soberly or under drugs? If you say you personally do not like the new maiden, but accept that you start to criticize an intro just because it is something different, and for some a little long is already unusual. By the way, you still have yourself not expressed negatively that the Maiden cover is no longer like it used to be. You could also give Maiden tips for a possible next CD. It also has nothing to do with fan glasses. Iron Maiden is just awesome whether it says Maiden on it or not The kings of Classic Heavy MNetal they will be and no one will change that-Up to the Ironscs
Posted on: 08/28/2010 User rating:
12 points So I think you can't say that NPFTD is supposed to be a weaker disk. It has classics like Run Silent, Run Deep or Public Enema, which actually really go wild. I find it really difficult to speak of better and weaker records. It's the same with the new one.James
Posted on: 08/28/2010 User rating:
14 points Bruce Dickinson is the best singer of all time ..... GIbts niiiieee better than Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury etc. And the album has some blasts.Mario
Posted on: 08/29/2010 I don't want to comment on the current album (yet) because I've only heard it once and Maiden albums often only develop their strength after listening to them several times, but I have to admit that my first impression is not the very best either.
But to call "Seventh son" the high point of Maiden's creative phase is very daring. It was certainly a good album, but I personally like the very old albums (Number of the Beast-Powerslave), as well as (almost) all much better after Bruce Dickinson's return to the band. But of course, as in the review, this is only a subjective opinion!Markus
Posted on: 08/30/2010 User rating:
13 points It's Maiden, but not after all .... The hymns are missing, at least after hearing them for the first time .... You have to let this part work, for me the best Metal album of the last 2 years .... definitely. Earthy Marshall sounds, Steve's as always ingenious bass and Bruce's performance doesn't need to be discussed anyway. The drums may sound a bit dusty to modern ears, but this may be due to the fact that they are not only triggered and electronically picked up, as is unfortunately common nowadays. Overall brilliant, even if it takes some getting used to.