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Anyone with a Squarespace account who can sign in to and edit your site is an editor. If you're not the only person managing your website, domain, or other subscriptions, invite people as reviewers and control what they can see by giving them permissions.

Note: If a new engineer can't accept the invitation, see Accepting an engineer invitation for troubleshooting tips and other tips.

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before you start

  • Only owners and administrators can invite editors.
  • With a personal subscription and the cover page plan (no longer available) you can add an editor to your website (two in total, including the website owner). There is no limit to the number of reviewers you can add on other plans and trial sites.
  • If several editors are editing content at the same time, it can happen that their changes overwrite each other. We recommend consulting with your editors to avoid such problems.
  • You can only add editors with administrator rights to placeholder pages.
  • If your company wants to buy websites in bulk or manage websites with multiple editors, you can work with us to develop a bespoke solution. To find out more, visit our Enterprise page.

Invite an editor

When you invite an engineer to your Squarespace website, domain, or scheduling account, you determine what level of permissions they have. For more information on available permissions, see Squarespace Permissions Explained.

How to invite an engineer:

  1. Open the Permissions menu and click Invite editor.
  2. Give in the window Invite editor the name and email address of the processor.
  3. Toggle the switches to grant the editor permissions to contribute. You can activate multiple authorizations.
  4. Click on Inviteto send your invitation.
  5. Your engineer will receive an email invitation asking them to sign in to their existing Squarespace account or create a new one.

Invited reviewers are listed under Invitations sent listed.

Manually send an invitation link

If the agent who has been invited has not received your email invitation, please ask them to check or check the spam folder [email protected] to search. Should he still not be able to find the email, you can go to the relevant processor profile under Sent invitations click and the Invitation link copy there.

    1. Tap on Settings
    2. Scroll down and tap Permissions.
    3. Tap onInvite editor.
    4. Enter the name and email address of the processor.
    5. Activate the switch next to each permission that you want to grant the editor, depending on how this person should contribute. You can activate multiple authorizations.
    6. Tap on Sendto send the invitation.
    7. Your engineer will receive an email invitation asking them to sign in to their existing Squarespace account or create a new one.

Invited reviewers are listed under Invitations sent listed.

Make changes before accepting invitations

If you need to edit an editor's permission before they accept the invitation, click the person's name below Invites Sent. Here you can change the authorization level.

If you entered the wrong email address or don't want to invite the editor, click and then on Remove invitationto revoke access to your website from the relevant person. Follow the steps above to resend an invite if necessary.

If you need to edit an editor's permission before they accept the invitation, click the person's name below Invitations sent. Here you can change the authorization level of the invited person.

If you've entered the wrong email address or don't want to invite the editor, swipe down and tap Remove invitationto revoke access to your website from the relevant person. Follow the steps above to resend an invite if necessary.

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