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If an employee is leaving your enterprise, you terminate him or her in the Terminate window. You can also change the person type and assignment status for the terminating employee.
If an employee leaves the company, terminate them in the "Terminate" window. You can for that departing employees also change the person type and the job assignment status.

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Hardest part of the job, terminating at employee.
Terminating at Employee or Contingent Worker with Multiple Assignments
A SAP user will likely be logged into the base logical system / client when making changes to the database (for example, hiring an employee, updating position data, terminating at employee, etc.) A logical system / client must also be defined for the receiving client.
SAP users are usually logged on to the logical base system / client when they make changes to the database (e.g. setting a new Employee, Updating position data, Dismiss one Employee etc.). A logical system / logical client must also be defined for the receiving client.
Maintain employee information to perform changes such as effective dates or status, deleting employee expenses from budgets, and terminating employees.
Terminated: The employee will leave the company. See About Terminating Employees.
Finished: The Employee leaves the company. For more information, see About the Cancel of employees.
We can offer you advice and guidance when terminating an employment contract, particularly if there is a conflict or the threat of a conflict between employer and employee.
Also with the termination of employment contracts, we can advise and support you, especially if there is an (impending) conflict between the employer and Workers is present.
2011-07-13 13:15:14 - Find the best peo advice in terminating or hiring employees When an employee fails to meet the status quo of their job, firing someone can be difficult.
2011-07-13 13:15:14 - Find the best men advice at termination or hiring staff if a EmployeeTo keep up with the status quo of their jobs, shooting someone can be difficult.
An employer must give the employee a written notice of termination of employment before terminating his contract of employment or laying him off for a period of more than 6 months.
An employer has to Workers a written notification of the termination of the employment relationship termination his employment contract or relocating him for a period of more than 6 months.
DISADVANTAGE: When an employee does not give back his keys after terminating his employment or a key gets lost, security is no longer guaranteed.
DISADVANTAGE: Enters Employee to completion his employment relationship does not return the key or if a key is lost, security is no longer guaranteed.
Paid compensation for annual leave is only allowed in cases when the employee has not used their annual paid leave before terminating the working contract.
Remuneration for annual leave is only permitted if the Workers their annual paid leave before completion of the employment contract is not used.
This includes a ban on terminating the contract of employment on the grounds of pregnancy once the employer is aware of the employee's condition and until one month after the end of maternity leave.
For example Women were granted special rightsas soon as your employer becomes aware of your pregnancy. This includes the prohibition on the employer to terminate the employment contract due to pregnancy as soon as he becomes aware of the condition of the Worker took.
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