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When you hear American food, you probably think of crispy grilled meat, lavishly laden burgers and a large selection of sweet chocolate bars. You are not wrong about this, only that is only half the story.

Melting pot of world cuisines

The United States of America has a long history of immigration. Depending on the region, you will find a patchwork quilt from different kitchens. Be it the Tex-Mex cuisine on the Mexican border, the Cajun cuisine around Louisiana or the Americanized dishes of Asian immigrants, which produced dishes such as Chop Suey.

Do you fancy a "journey through the mouth" through the land of unlimited taste? Then discover American foods and specialties with us!

New York: trendsetter on the east coast

A kind of national sport for New Yorkers: standing in line. Sometimes you stand in line for hours in the city that never sleeps for the trendy dish of the season. In 2013 it was still cronuts, a mixture of croissant and donut, 4 years later it is raw cookie dough that mobilizes the masses.

"Dough" is the latest hit from Greenwich Village. Since then, not only those with a sweet tooth from New York have an appetite for raw dough, some waffle bakers at German street food festivals also sell the cookie dough in cups, optionally garnished with nuts, fruit and various sauces.

Cajun - the wild south

The state of Louisiana with its capital New Orleans is still shaped today by its eventful past. Once a French colony, later part of Spain and Great Britain, finally bought by Thomas Jefferson for 15 million dollars and incorporated into the USA. This is also reflected in the kitchen.

Here you can eat Cajun, a rustic, spicy cuisine with plenty of meat, fish and seafood. Tabasco, which was invented in Louisiana, should not be missing in the dishes, here people love the food spicy, hot and filling.

Tex-Mex cuisine

The basic ingredients of Tex-Mex cuisine are chili peppers and corn flour. Many dishes such as enchiladas, burritos, fajitas or tacos are prepared from the latter and filled, sprinkled or baked with a wide variety of ingredients. As is so often the case in American cuisine, there are no limits to inventiveness.

This is also the case with the world-famous Chili con Carne. The basic ingredients for a chilli are meat and chilli peppers, the remaining ingredients depend solely on individual preferences.

American specialty: Breakfast

In Germany, the breakfast conditions are clear: bread or rolls, butter and cold cuts. It looks different with a real American Breakfast. The American breakfast is one thing above all: generous. Bacon, sausages, eggs, pancakes, potatoes, corn flakes, juices and plenty of coffee characterize breakfast across the pond.

They love hot dishes for breakfast much more than here in Europe. For the majority of Americans, pancakes, French toast or bacon & egg are part of the start of the day. You also notice that when you travel. In hotels, the American breakfast always includes warm dishes, in contrast to the continental breakfast, which consists of a cold buffet.