When should you report a professor?

Consultation with Prof: five faux pas

In everyday university life, students often need feedback from their professor. With these tips you will find an open ear during the consultation.

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You don't only deal with your professor in lectures. Students should strike the right note when talking to their professor.

Good communication with the professor can make studying a lot easier. After all, students always need something from him - a signature, a respite, advice or feedback. Five mistakes you should better avoid:

1. Go to the professor with every concern

There are many concerns that you do not have to contact the professor directly or go to his office hours. They can also be clarified by e-mail, via the assistant or in the work group. "Students should agree in advance on which channel they can use to present their concerns," recommends Stefan Grob from the German Student Union.

2. To text the professor unnecessarily

Anyone who goes to the consultation should present their concerns briefly, factually and in a friendly manner. Because students shouldn't forget: You are one of many. “Make it clear beforehand what the goal of this conversation is and concentrate on it,” says Grob.

3. Put pressure on the professor

If students have to meet deadlines due to the examination regulations, they should register early. “Think about the other's working hours. It doesn't work out if you pass time pressure on to your professor, ”says Grob. So if you need postponement for your seminar paper, for example, you should give the professor enough time for an answer. "Better to ask several days before the deadline instead of writing an email in panic in the middle of the night," advises Grob.

4. Formulate the request too casually

Anyone who emails their professor should definitely not use a chat style. Emoticons, irony, hasty familiarity or demands are also taboo. Better: "Use the full title and surname, as well as a formal, friendly style," recommends Grob. The formal but friendly style naturally also applies to personal conversations.

5. Despite you, forget the factual tone

In smaller seminars, the professor sometimes offers his students “you”. "Students can accept the offer, but should then keep their friendly and businesslike tone," advises Grob. "The university is not a cozy corner." Anyone who treats the professor like an employer is sure to find the right tone.

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