How can empaths find true love

7 reasons female empaths find it difficult to find true love

If you've been lucky enough to fall in love with a female empath, then you just know that life with them won't be like other women.

They are the ones who always go the extra mile and will never give up on you that easily.

But the catch is that sometimes it's hard to love them because they're more extraordinary than you think.

Only people with a heart of gold can actually give what every empath needs.

Only someone special like her can make her happy. And that's why female empaths rarely find true love.

So, here are some of the most common reasons female empaths never get what they really deserve.

1. They believe everyone is as emotional as them

When a female empath meets a man she thinks he is just as emotional as her, but for the most part she will be disappointed.

Not every man is going to be emotional. Many of them are just fuckboys who will fool you and take advantage of you.

And that's something that every empath hates with all their hearts. All they want is true love from a man who will put them first and realize their worth.

But if you don't find a man like that, you can easily give up love.

2. You want to commit as soon as possible

When a female empath falls in love with a man, she will want him to bond with her as soon as possible.

She doesn't like short-term relationships, and she is ready to go the extra mile for the man she loves.

And if she doesn't get what she wants, she can be seriously injured.

She can lose faith in love and give up dating and meeting new men.

She believes that everyone wants to be loved, but for the most part, men just want to have fun.

3. If you love, give it your all

And if you give your heart to someone, chances are they can break it.

But that's the only way female empaths can love. For them there is no gray area in love, and they always want all or nothing.

A woman like this has so much love in her, but only a special person knows how to recognize it.

And it takes a long time for that to happen. Sometimes too long and she decides it's not worth the wait at all.

4. You have strong feelings, sometimes too strong

If you have a relationship with a female empath, you have to know that they can feel everything very intensely.

Sometimes they will draw a conclusion from your words and misinterpret them without asking for an explanation.

She thinks that everything you do has something to do with her, and sometimes she accuses you of the things you didn't do.

She'll do it just because she got it wrong.

And in situations like this, she will end a relationship that has the potential to become true love.

5. You want an honest and loving partner

But in the world of modern dating, she can't find what she wants so easily.

She believes that any man can be loving and caring in a relationship, but half of them just aren't.

There are guys who just want to have fun while the shy ones, who are actually the best to fall in love with, are sometimes invisible.

And since she has been disappointed, broken and crushed in love so many times, she will eventually give up love.

She doesn't know that love is not something to be pushed, but something to be patiently awaited.


6. Sometimes they are not on the same wavelength as others

But that's just because of their attitude towards life. They want real values ​​and nothing that is short-lived.

They believe in true love and they think that all people want the same thing, but once disappointed, they easily give up on love.

It is very difficult for them to find the right one because nobody wants to commit immediately.

Some things take time, but that's not how they tick.

When they feel that someone is the right person, they will give themselves completely and not think about the consequences. And they pay a high price for that.

7. They need understanding and support from their partners

And if they don't get that, they won't be so sure about wanting to stay in the relationship.

Such things are essential to them, and if a guy they really like takes advantage of them, they will just cross him off their list.

It is true that they get attached quickly, but they know exactly when someone is the wrong choice for them.

You can protect yourself, and if you see someone disrespect you, you will kick him out of your life.

It will hurt them, but they will still do it.