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Leadership through humanity - a small "Bible of Leadership" from Germany's most famous monk.

raquo; Grün knows how to subversively put his finger in the wounds of the modern way of managing. "
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Anselm Grün, born in 1945, studied theology, philosophy and business administration and was responsible for the economic affairs of the Benedictine abbey of Münsterschwarzach as well as for around 300 employees of the monastery for more than three decades as cellarer. He is one of the most successful spiritual authors worldwide and is valued as a pastor and spiritual guide as well as a seminar leader and trainer. His books have a total circulation of more than 14 million and have been translated into 30 languages.


Leadership through humanity - a little "Bible of Leadership" from Germany's most famous monk.

What is the art of leadership? And what makes a good manager? The Benedictine monk Anselm Grün presents a leadership model that our world needs more than ever: Leadership through humanity. According to the rule of Benedict of Nursia, the father of the Benedictine monks, he describes the person responsible as a person who has reconciled himself with himself and who is able to awaken liveliness and joy in his co-workers. Because all efforts to increase efficiency or sales remain fruitless if the company does not turn into a place of inspiration and encouragement. Human maturity, humility, devotion, appreciation, the right proportion - these and much more are the best prerequisites for laying the groundwork for a successful and stable future. A book full of calm and visionary power that serves as a reliable companion even in the stormiest of times.

Leadership through humanity - a little "Bible of Leadership" from Germany's most famous monk.