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They have become rare, but they still exist: crossed checks are issued by insurance companies, for example, when it comes to settling damage or paying out premiums. You usually get the check in the mail - and then you might ask how to redeem it. You'll find the answer here.

What is a personal check?

There are different types of checks. As a private person, you usually have to deal with a crossed check. Unlike a cashier's check, the Naspa is allowed to use the amount on the crossed check do not pay out in cash. Instead, it will credit your checking account with the amount noted on the check. This has a decisive advantage: it is easy to see which route the money took should the check accidentally fall into the wrong hands.

A personal check usually pays following informations on:

  • Note that the check is "only for settlement"
  • Name of the bank or savings bank of the check issuer
  • the amount of money to be settled, once in digits and once in words
  • Place and date where and when the crossed check was made out
  • Signature of the exhibitor
Did you know that …
... the use of checks is declining? In 2016 there were 18.5 million check transactions in Germany. In 2010 it was 48.3 million. "
(Source: Deutsche Bundesbank, 2017)

Cashing a crossed check: this is how it works

You hand in crossed checks at a Naspa branch. It is not possible to cash the check using online banking. You will need one in addition to the actual check Check deposit formwhich you can get at the Naspa branch. Fill it out at your leisure so that it goes faster later at the counter. You can even file multiple personal checks at once using one form. Enter the number of the check, the bank details of the check issuer and the amount. If you are not quite sure how to fill out the document correctly, the Naspa staff will be happy to help and advise you.

Then hand in the check and the form at the counter. The amount will be credited to your checking account. It takes time some daysuntil you actually have the money, i.e. can withdraw it from the machine, for example. During this time, the Naspa checks whether the check issuer's account has sufficient funds.

Until when can you cash a check?

According to Article 29 of the Check Act (ScheckG) there is certain submission deadlineswithin which you can cash a crossed check:

  • If the check was made out in Germany: within 8 days of the date of issue
  • If the check was made out in another European country: within 20 days from the date of issue
  • If the check was made out in a non-European country: within 70 days from the date of issue

Even after these deadlines have expired, you can often still hand in the crossed check; it does not necessarily expire; however, savings banks and banks are then no longer obliged to do soto redeem it.