Are all Trump supporters against Muslims

Open letter to Donald Trump

Mr President Trump,

In view of your decree, we - a married couple and Syrian Christians who have been refugees in France since 2015 - feel compelled to write this letter to you.


Not a single country under your spell was in any way involved in any terrorist attack in the United States.


We understand that your country is facing an increasing threat of terrorism. But the decree you issued will only add to that threat! Not a single citizen from any of the seven countries you are targeting has been involved in an act of terrorism against your country, either in or after the attack on the World Trade Center. So your measure does not reduce the threat to your country in any way.


On the contrary: you strengthen the credibility of IS when it claims that you are waging a war against Islam. And when he calls for the Christians in Iraq and Syria to be killed because they are not Arabs and unbelievers. Your decision will generate massive influx of ISIS, including from your own country. And it will further exacerbate the threat to Christians and other minorities from radical Islamic terror groups. We do not want to live in a world in which the Christians of the Middle East, who have lived there since Jesus himself walked among them, are exterminated or, as in the 1860s, deported across the sea!


Not a single country under your spell was in any way involved in any terrorist attack in the United States. On the other hand, it seems astonishing to us that you do not regard Saudi Arabia as a threat. Saudi Arabian Wahhabism is the heart of radical Islamic thought and the mainstay of organizations like al-Qaeda and IS. Saudi Arabia, where women are completely without rights and there is no freedom or human rights, is the country from which all fatwas and calls for jihad against us and you have originated. The country in which Osama bin Laden was born and raised and from which - besides Afghanistan, which incidentally does not appear in your list - most of the 9/11 terrorists come.

We are ambassadors of peace and we will face violence and racism with love.



In all honesty: Of course we can hardly blame you for simply slamming the doors of your country on the refugees. You are acting in the same way as the Arab leaders, including the King of Saudi Arabia, who also closed their borders and left our compatriots to their sad fate in the Mediterranean. But: is this really the league you want to play in?


Just look at Europe for a moment! To the European countries that stood up for humanity and accepted thousands of refugees. Look at the refugees who have managed to learn new languages: German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Finnish or Polish. On what they have achieved in a very short time, in music, film, sport or science, for the benefit of the societies that have taken them on. Simply because they live there, can feel welcome and safe and are grateful to the people and countries that stood by them in their need.


Yes, we are full of life, full of talent and energy. And we will put them at the service of our host countries. We are ambassadors for peace and we will face violence and racism with love, with love for every American who has protested against racism, for every person in the world who has not forgotten that we are just human , People who are looking for a little peace in an insane world.


We wish you never have to experience the pain you have caused many families for yourself. That you will never have to live in fear of being driven out of your home country. That you will never miss your child yourself and have to live away from all those you love just because someone thinks that because of your origins and your religion you are not valuable enough to be treated like other people.


Thank you, Mr President, President of the United States of America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!


Sandra Alloush and Tariq Haddad, internationally acclaimed journalist and freelance filmmaker