What is a typical salary for a tax attorney

This is what accountants and tax specialists will earn in 2021

What are the salaries for tax specialists and specialists in 2021? A current study provides information on who will earn the most in the tax professions in the coming year.


Taking tax aspects into account when making decisions and planning is very important for companies. However, the many different reforms and corona-related packages of measures ensure that the complexity in accounting and taxation increases. Companies therefore need reliable contacts. Despite the crisis, skilled workers from this industry have good career prospects. "The two sectors of tax consulting and auditing are enjoying a never-ending boom", comments Springer author Maximilian Levasier in the book chapter "Tax consulting and auditing - career prospects in high-end sectors" (page 29).

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Don’t give anything to the tax office - know and use tax advantages

In order to make money and inheritance tax work optimally, to use legal tax-minimizing arrangements and to be able to plan, basic tax knowledge is worth real money. From this perspective, knowledge of income tax as well as electricity tax and gift tax is essential for the investor.

In his "Salary Study 2021", the personnel service provider Robert Half examined what salaries the experts in accounting and taxation can expect in 2021. Both the area of ​​responsibility and work experience are decisive for the amount. But the economically tense situation is also making itself felt. Most positions show an almost constant salary level or a slight deterioration.

Accounting salaries in 2021

For example, the prospects for the following accounting positions in 2021 are:


with little work experience

with average work experience

with above-average qualifications

with an extraordinary amount of experience and expertise

Accounting clerk

31,250 euros

37,000 euros

43,250 euros

55,500 euros

Financial accountant

37,750 euros

45,500 euros

56,500 euros

68,500 euros

Financial analyst

52,000 euros

69,500 euros

88,750 euros

123,000 euros

International accountant

61,250 euros

66,250 euros

80,250 euros

103,000 euros

Tax advisor in the digital transformation

Tax advisors are of particular importance to companies. Whether it is the conversion of the accounting due to the lowering of the sales tax rates or the digitization of the finance department: Today, tax consultants are expected to provide solution-oriented advice. However, Mischa Müller and Nicolai Müller warn in their book chapter "Beautiful new tax advice" that due to digitization, a change is imminent in this industry (page 105):

The tax consultancy market will change significantly due to digitization, globalization and the scalability of services - with the result that the number of practices will be halved in the next few years. In order to survive in the market, it is necessary to employ interdisciplinary teams of employees who develop innovative services for the customers of tomorrow. The focus will be on the implementation, monitoring and outsourcing of highly automated processes. At the same time, it is important to be an attractive employer and to ensure the lifelong qualification of employees - the half-life of a service offer will be greatly reduced. "

Tax specialist salaries in 2021

If you want to be attractive as an employer, you have to offer appropriate salaries. The salary study for tax experts gives the following forecast for 2021:


with little work experience

with average work experience

with above-average qualifications

with an extraordinary amount of experience and expertise

Tax clerk

33,500 euros

45,750 euros

51,000 euros

61,500 euros

Tax assistant

38,500 euros

43,500 euros

55,750 euros

68,000 euros

tax consultant

69,000 euros

77,250 euros

91,250 euros

130,000 euros

Conclusion: digital expertise is essential in both accounting and taxation. Because the transformation will probably not only affect individual processes, but also bring about far-reaching changes for the entire industry. However, this is not necessarily offset by salary increases, as the study shows. Tax experts currently have to prove themselves primarily as visionaries and at least take advantage of interesting career opportunities.