How much did Baahubali cost

India's blockbuster "Baahubali" breaks records

"Baahubali" tells of the power struggle in a fabulous kingdom. The film is Bollywood's most expensive production to date - but still a bargain compared to Hollywood blockbusters.

India's most expensive film to date, "Baahubali", has broken several box office records. Surprisingly, it's not a Bollywood flick from Mumbai that now tops the lists, but a production from the Telugu film industry in southern India. On the second day after the publication, the one billion rupee mark (14 million euros) had been cracked, reported the Hindustan Times newspaper. On the third day, another 510 million rupees had been brought in.

According to the newspaper, the film cost almost 36 million euros, making it the most expensive production on the subcontinent to date. This is cheap compared to Hollywood productions: One of the most expensive films that Hollywood has ever produced, "Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides" is said to have cost the equivalent of 372 million euros, according to Forbes magazine.

"Baahubali" also grossed around one million dollars in the USA - making it India's most successful film export to the United States, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

45-minute battle scene

"Baahubali" is about two brothers who fight for supremacy in a fabulous kingdom. The conflict extends over two generations, a sequel to "Bahubali: The Beginning", as the English title is, is already planned. The special effects and fight scenes are complex. The film also shows an epic 45 minute battle.

Director S.S. Rajamouli took Peter Jackson's films as a model, writes film critic Raajev Masand. Extended battle scenes can also be seen in Jackson's film trilogies "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit".

The reviews of the blockbuster were almost entirely positive, the newspaper "The Hindu" alone was a bit disappointed: "Bahabuli" should have "been groundbreaking, not just a normal film." Besides, the script could have been better.

The British "Guardian" was also impressed: The film brilliantly ticks off the blockbuster wish list and gives the genre a new twist, they say.

"Baahubali" was filmed simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil, and dubbed in Malayalam and Hindi. "Baahubali" Bollywood superstar Prabhas can be seen in the title role.

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