How do i calm a baby

How can I calm my baby down? Others are already complaining about aircraft noise ...

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120db can be achieved by the most experienced screaming masters. This means that a pretty sweet jet jet flies through the ears of new parents several times a day. While city dwellers are already complaining about the landing of a vacation plane, parents have to put up with the jet plane. Do you really have to? No! Baby screaming not only makes the ears of your fellow human beings whine, it also demands a lot of energy from the baby itself. All the more reason for tips and tricks on how to calm your baby down.

Why is my child screaming at all?

Babies have little opportunity to express themselves and to draw attention to what is missing, especially in the first few months after birth. It is therefore important to pay attention to the type of screaming on the one hand and to the child's body language on the other.
With a little practice and above all intuition, you will quickly notice what your child is missing. The first points that you should check - as banal as this may sound at first - are whether your baby is hungry, tired or his diaper is full. It can also simply be that your baby misses being close to you and simply demands attention. They would love to tell you why they miss you, but for now they can only complain loudly.

Just fed, in a fresh diaper and showered with lots of love, your child is still screaming? Then research into the causes continues: a bloated stomach is a real nuisance in babies and often occurs when they swallow too much air while drinking. Gently massage the stomach and gently move your child's legs. You can find tips for baby massage here. Even the little burp after eating can often solve the problem.

As you know it from tight or scratchy clothes, it can also be that your baby does not feel comfortable in his clothes, that something is pinching or that he is too warm or too cold. As a rule of thumb, you can remember that children should usually wear one layer more than adults would.

Help! Information overload

Another question to ask yourself is whether you've been putting too much on your baby during the day. A child is very sensitive and is therefore quickly overwhelmed and irritated if, for example, it has seen many new faces and taken in numerous impressions that are new to them and that they first have to process. Then take it to a darkened room where it can relax.

If you notice that your child behaves differently than usual, for example rejects their food or is very sleepy, you should rule out causes due to the illness. Take a fever and see a doctor to be on the safe side.

When everything seems to be okay ...

If you cannot find a valid reason why your baby is so unhappy at the moment, it is always advisable to offer the child an environment that it knows from the womb. That means: hold your little one tightly in your arms and lean his head against your chest so that he can hear the heartbeat he is familiar with. This is guaranteed to calm you down. The additional warmth of your body will also do him good. Similarly, taking a bath is a great way to cheer up your child. In our shop you will find different bath additives for babies that have a calming effect. But be careful: babies who don't like to bathe anyway will thankfully decline this offer.

"Swaddling" has also proven to be a good method of appeasing the baby. The tight wrapping of the body ensures that it does not become even more hectic through its own movements and reminds it of the time and security in its mother's belly. Make sure that the opening in the blanket is at the child's back so that your baby uses its own body to keep it wrapped up.

Fresh air and music can help - sometimes a hair dryer will do the same

You can also go for a walk with your offspring. A little fresh air can sometimes work wonders and cool your hot child - and yourself too - a little. In general, experts agree that steady movements and noises can calm a child. Rock it back and forth, be it in a cradle, a tote bag, or just on your arm. The so-called pilot's grip can be used here. You put your little darling on your forearm so that his face is looking towards your elbow. In addition, keep your free hand on his back to support him. Even if you can't, start singing. Your child certainly doesn't care if there are a few crooked notes. But a few musical interludes are very effective at stopping his crying. Otherwise, there are also many CDs that help your baby fall asleep with harmonious tones. You can find a selection of great CDs for babies and children here. Believe it or not, using a washing machine or running a blow dryer also has similar soothing effects. The tried and tested pacifier or sucking on your finger can also help calm your baby down. Let it suck on a little to distract the little one from screaming.

And if nothing works ...

The realization that some children just scream for no reason can also be very comforting. Then the only thing left to do is to hold the baby in your arms and cuddle together. In the first few months in particular, you cannot give your child enough attention. It is important that you stay calm yourself and think about what your child might be missing - but also whether you are unbalanced yourself.
Your own stress can have a negative effect on your offspring and make them restless. Even if many mothers would not admit that: You can also take a break from time to time. Ask your partner, call your grandma or a friend and ask them to take care of your child for a few hours. A short break can change your mind so that you can devote yourself to your baby with new energy.

Now do something too!

Don't start arguing with your partner if you both have nerves. That doesn't help anyone. Stick together and think about which step you want to take next. In addition, you shouldn't blame each other for the fact that your baby seems unhappy right now. Every child is different and reacts to different situations individually. The tips mentioned here don't necessarily have to help your baby either.
Try different things and stay optimistic. Ultimately, love and care is usually the best solution to calm the child.

Checklist - How do I calm my baby down?

Hunger? Thirst? Diaper status?
First, check out your child's basic needs!
A bloated stomach annoys children and hurts a lot. A tummy massage can help! Nevertheless, pay attention to your baby's diet if he is prone to gas.
Soothe music and singing
Your baby will be your biggest fan no matter how crooked the notes are.
Sometimes babies fall the blanket on their heads too. Get outside and breathe fresh air!
The tightness and warmth gives your child a feeling of security, similar to that in the womb. Try it out.
Stick together with your partner and your family. Accept offers to enter your screamer. Nobody can stand jet jets in chord.
Your pediatrician will help you
If nothing works and your baby does not like to eat or drink because of the loud screaming, you should see your pediatrician.

We wish you and your baby all the best!

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