How do talent agency fees work

Influencer campaigns on YouTube

YouTube influencers, with their audiences in the millions and passionate fans who are hungry for content, are already an established marketing channel for brands that want to advertise.

Influencers are increasingly becoming attractive partners for close cooperation with brands around the world.

Open questions that every brand asks itself are:

What is advertising doing for my brand?

Which advertising format should I choose for my brand?

Does advertising also make sense if my target group is not millennials?

These questions are difficult to answer. Although many have already jumped on the influencer marketing bandwagon, only a few can give a concrete answer to these questions.

How does youtube work

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has quickly grown to become the number 1 online video content provider, attracting over a billion users. The website continued to grow in popularity as people were able to share their videos with others around the world. However, YouTube is not all about cute animal videos of you and me. YouTube has helped start some careers.

A well-known example is Justin Bieber, who was discovered by a talent scout on YouTube. Another well-known success story is that of Bibi's Beauty Palace. Her YouTube channel now has 5.9 million subscribers and her videos are viewed by up to 3 million people.

The popularity of the website is partly due to its ease of use. Videos in a wide variety of formats can be uploaded and, in the next step, embedded on other websites.

Influencer Marketing or Celebrity Marketing on YouTube?

The differences in working with celebrities or influencers on YouTube are fundamental and offer brands different approaches and opportunities.

Influencers are at the forefront when it comes to brand engagement. If you as a brand want your target group to really understand the product and the authenticity of the creator plays a role, influencer marketing can be up to 4x more effective than working with celebrities.

Fans and followers feel connected to YouTubers, be it an influencer or a celebrity. The best of them have built strong connections with their followers and trust the statements and product ideas.

Rules for successful marketing on YouTube

Probably the most important thing in influencer marketing is that the brand and the influencer have to go together. Does the influencer speak to the target group you need to reach? Do the values ​​between brand and influencer match? Is the influencer able to convey the product authentically? You should definitely ask yourself these questions before booking an influencer for a campaign.

When it comes to KPIs, focus on engagement and not just view numbers. It can be impressive when an influencer has millions of followers on YouTube. As a brand, these only bring something to you if they are active and interact with the videos. This can also mean that an influencer with a lower reach can bring you a lot more if the community of this one is much more active.

Authenticity is the be-all and end-all of any campaign. Influencers build their community for years and would not jeopardize the connection between them and their followers. As a brand, that should also be clear to you. Communicate openly with the influencer and let the influencer communicate just as openly. After all, both you and the influencer want to finish off a successful campaign.

Many of the YouTubers also have Instagram or Snapchat channels. Think one step further and use the other high-reach channels for a cross-channel campaign. That can reinforce the message and do your brand good.

How you can advertise with influencers

The possibilities to advertise with influencers on YouTube are great. There are many different options such as:

  • Hauls
  • Branding campaigns
  • Sweepstakes
  • Product launches

What you ultimately decide should depend on the product and the goals you have set for the campaign. Assuming you would like to introduce a new product, you can introduce the product in a YouTube video with an influencer. There is enough time to explain the product and, if necessary, demonstrate how it can be used. In addition, the influencer can report on his first experiences with the product. When launching a product, however, it is always advisable to do this via other channels in order to exploit the full target group potential.

The “Hauls” are also very popular with YouTubers. Different products are presented here in a video. Either the YouTuber bought these himself or there are a variety of cooperation products. You should just be aware that you do not own the entire advertising time and that the influencer only gives a short review and rating of your product in this format to their followers.

Sweepstakes always work and are also a way of attracting attention for your product. A competition can always be combined with the evaluation or presentation of a product. In this way, the influencer can first present the product to the community and then raffle it off. As a prerequisite, you can use the YouTuber to ask the participants to follow your account or to share the competition with friends. This is how you create additional reach and new fans for your channels.

If you are not directly concerned with the conversions but primarily with the reach and branding, you can of course work with a YouTuber without promo codes or Hausls. When it comes to branding, credibility and authenticity are particularly important. You should pay attention to this when discussing the campaign with the influencer.

How to find the right influencer

There are many different ways to find the right YouTuber for your brand and upcoming campaign. Many of the YouTubers are under contract with well-known management and agencies. That means you always have the possibility to reach the YouTubers directly via this. But be careful: You can expect up to 30% more costs, as the commission is still incurred in this way.

Another possibility is, for example, “FameBit” a platform on which you can connect with influencers with your campaign. The prices start here from 100 €. Upload your campaign and meet interested influencers and agree on the right path together. The whole thing works in detail as follows:

Create campaign:

Choose which platforms you want to promote your brand on, what types of branded content, e.g. B. Product reviews, tutorials, tweets, photos, and set a budget.

Receive suggestions:

The content creators will apply to work with you by submitting proposals describing the types of endorsements they would like to make for your brand, on which platforms and their fees.

Select content creator:

Each suggestion includes content samples, audience demographics, and geography to make sure you have the information you need.

Receive the contents:

Once you've approved the content, the content creator will publish it and share it with their loyal followers to drive views, engagement, and ROI.

The last option is, of course, to actively search for influencers on the internet yourself. Be it that you look for YouTubers via google or search for topics directly on YouTube and then look at the individual channels accordingly.

The right pricing for the YouTuber

The social media platform chosen for the campaign is one of the key factors influencing costs. As you'll read below, the cost of influencer marketing varies by channel. It's like every social media platform has its own "market" rate.

Instagram is usually the first choice for social media influencer marketing, followed by YouTube and Snapchat. In general, influencer marketing is less common on Facebook and Twitter., a lesser-known yet massive social media platform, is becoming increasingly popular for influencer marketing. Companies like Coca-Cola have teamed up with influencers on for their campaigns.

Working with a talent agency is more expensive than working directly with an influencer.

This is because the talent agency usually charges a commission to connect you with the right influencers. Additionally, influencers who are part of a talent agency tend to have more influencer marketing experience and would charge a higher fee.

It's common for YouTube influencers to charge more than Instagram influencers because creating a YouTube video can take a lot more effort than creating an Instagram post. Also, YouTube videos are often longer than Instagram videos.

Thanks to the analysis provided on YouTube, you can also see the influencer's average video views.

Not every subscriber would watch every video from the influencer, so each video view would generally cost more than any subscriber.

On average, influencers on YouTube charge 20 euros per 1,000 subscribers. YouTubers who have more than a million followers tend to move away from this price.

In summary:

Working directly with a YouTube influencer offers many advantages. When it comes to videos, YouTubers are the absolute trendsetters. Social media users trust them to identify the latest trends. Most YouTube influencers, however, are very picky about working with brands to ensure a certain level of authenticity towards their followers. YouTubers interact very intensively with their followers and cultivate relationships like friendships. In addition, influencers are changing perspectives in more industries than they think. It's not just the beauty channels. The target groups you need to address can be found on YouTube and the influencers pick up on the brand content of the various industries.

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