How did antidepressants destroy your life

Lou is well aware that she is lucky with her drug. "I know several people who have had bad side effects from the pills. Fortunately for me, the first drug also worked well. So I didn't spend months trying and error to find the one that was right for me."

Andrew, on the other hand, does not understand why doctors do not check the effectiveness of the medication more regularly and offer an alternative in case of doubt. He had to try two active ingredients before he found the right one for him in fluoxetine. "Nothing at all has changed with citalopram, even though I took the maximum dose for two years. The doctor said I would feel worse if I stopped, but it wasn't. I stabilized a little with escitalopram, but first fluoxetine was the turning point. I wish I didn't have to take the pills. But I know they won't hit me down. "

After taking fluoxitin "every now and then" for three years, Bob had to stop taking the drug. The effects on his everyday life were too serious. "At first I felt better. Then I realized that I had transformed into a person without feelings. My short-term memory deteriorated, I had conversations at work, the content of which I immediately forgot. I started my dreams actively during the night I attacked my wife twice because I thought she was a burglar. Once she woke up because I was romping around the room defending myself against dragons trying to come in through the window. I became a species Zombie and got into trouble at work after making a serious mistake. After that, I decided to stop taking the pills. They just weren't doing me any good. "

Andrea from Germany has had very bad experiences with venlafaxine, which she was prescribed after a breakdown. "My dose was increased up to 300 milligrams, but the side effects were very bad. The depression got a little better, but only for a while. I sweated excessively, got restless legs, shivered and forgot words (...). Within a year I gained 20 kilograms, that completely destroyed my self-confidence. I am now jogging to get rid of the weight, but it looks like the active ingredient has changed my metabolism. (...) I stopped the drug, but I think "It will take months for my body to recover. To tell the truth, I feel damaged."