Muslims celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving around the world

Harvest and give thanks - since people have been farming and raising cattle, thanksgiving has been one of the most important festivals of the year. Thanksgiving rituals and celebrations are celebrated by all peoples and in all religions.

Greeks, Romans and Egyptians made sacrifices to their fertility gods in antiquity. Celts celebrated the grain festival in August and the wine festival on the equinox.

The Teutons also celebrated the beginning of autumn and the harvest time with a three-day festival. With various rituals they thanked their gods for a rich harvest. For the horse Sleipnir, which belonged to the main god Odin, a tuft of corn was left in the field and a thanksgiving wreath was woven from the last sheaves of corn.

Over the millennia, some of the rituals have even been preserved to this day. In France, for example, harvest festivals are still celebrated after the grape harvest. Thanksgiving wreaths decorate our churches and festive floats. People used to celebrate in Japan Niinamesai. It was a ritual in which the emperor sacrificed the freshly harvested rice to the gods. Today the Japanese celebrate in November instead Kinrô Kansha no Hi, the "day of thanks for work".

In some religions, thanksgiving is even celebrated twice a year. In May / June will be in JudaismShavuot celebrated. The Christian Pentecost festival developed from this festival. In autumn the Jews celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, which lasts seven days. For this purpose, a sukkah, a hut, is erected and decorated with harvest gifts. Hence the festival has its Hebrew name Sukkot.
In Islam resemble the month of fasting Ramadan and the subsequent Ramadan festival of a Thanksgiving celebration. Through daily fasting, five prayers a day and readings from the Koran, Muslims deal very strongly with the creation and grace of God at this time. Even outside of Ramadan, all daily prayers begin with the words “Alhamdu lillahi rabbi al-alamin”, which translates as: We thank Allah (God), the Lord of the worlds.
In Hinduism, believers celebrate the winter solstice and the beginning of the harvest season with the festival in mid-January Makar Sankranti. At this festival, people fly kites into the sky. In the southernmost state of India, in Tamil Nadu, the festival is called Pongal and lasts three days.
In September, the big, colorful harvest festival takes place in Kerala, in southwest India Onam celebrated. It lasts for ten days. With snake boat races and traditional dances, the faithful honor King Mahabali, who - according to legend - returned from exile on this day and visited his people on earth.
In China, Vietnam and Taiwan, lunar festivals are celebrated, with which the souls of the deceased are honored and thanksgiving is celebrated. According to the lunar calendar, these harvest festivals take place on “15. Day after the eighth month ”. At these festivals, all family members come together to watch the moon and eat moon cake.

Thanksgiving is in the United States of America Thanksgiving a national holiday on the fourth Thursday of November. Canada only celebrates Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October. All members of a family gather for Thanksgiving dinner, the main course of which is a stuffed turkey.

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