What do private investigators actually do

Case studies:

Private investigators more flexible - better clearance rates
The advantages of private investigators are explained by Prof. Dr. Andreas Peilert (The law of the credit agency and detective trade, Berlin 1996, p. 168ff.) On the client's right to give instructions to the detective. In accordance with the principle of legality, the police must continue to investigate even if the injured party no longer wishes to do so. Private investigators do justice to a different focus when the police look for the perpetrator, but not necessarily for the stolen property. Private investigators are characterized by greater flexibility and they often have the option to focus on one assignment. The clearance rate among private individuals is twice as high at 80% compared to 42.3.

Overpriced observation report
A Minden citizen had hired a detective agency to monitor his wife, who was separated from him. The hoped-for goal was to prove the woman's secret income, which could reduce his maintenance obligation. For 7,336 marks, the detective agency delivered a 17-line "observation report" with the key message: "According to our investigations, the target person has neither paid nor paid a job." The district court ruled: "Without a detailed activity report, the service would not be provided. The detective agency had to repay the money in full.

(Decision of the LG Bielefeld (Az. 22 S 36/94) of July 14, 1994. Communicated by Andreas Heim, Berlin. Quoted in Glitza, Observation, Stuttgart 2002, page 106 f.)