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Preview of Flower Trials gaertnerboerse.de

Preview of Flower Trials gaertnerboerse.de Less

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Preview of Flower Trials gaertnerboerse.de

Gärtnerbörse June 201344 Company Netherlands, Aalsmeer Agriom Danziger / Imperial Plants Floricultura Florist Holland HilverdaKooij Horteve Breeding Koppe Moerheim New Plant Morel PanAmerican Seed / Kieft Royal Van Zanten Netherlands, Westland Anthura Armada Beekenkamp Plants Benary Brandkamp Grüneward Garden Combinations Fides Floranald Hemetics Genetics KP Holland Lannes & Fils Lily Looks Rijnplant Sakata Schoneveld Selecta Holland Sion Syngenta / FloriPro Services Takii Seed Thompson & Morgan Volmary Location of the trials Achterweg 58 a, De Kwakel Rijshornstraat 205, Rijsenhout Strengweg 17A, Heemskerk Dwarsweg 15, De Kwakel Mijnsweg 15 Rijshornstraat 205, Rijsenhout Rietwijkeroordweg 40, Aalsmeer Weteringweg 3 a, Leimuiderbrug Rijshornstraat 205, Rijsenhout Lavendelweg 10, Rijsenhout Rijshornstraat 205, Rijsenhout Anthuriumweg 14, Bleiswijk ) Oranj esluisweg 30, Maasdijk (P. van der Plas) Oranjesluisweg 30, Maasdijk (P. van der Plas) Bagijneland 1 (Tuin 4), 's-Gravenzande Oudecampsweg 35 c, De Lier bei Combinations,' s-Gravenzande Langeweg 79, Hendrik Ido Ambacht Groeneweg 161 a, ' s-Gravenzande at Combinations, 's-Gravenzande Hoge Noordweg 29B, Naaldwijk Oranjesluisweg 30, Maasdijk (P. van der Plas) Poeldijksepad 28a, Honselersdijk Pastoor Verburghlaan 3a, De Lier Zwethlaan 52, Honselersdijk , Honselersdijk Zijtwende 55, De Lier Noordlierweg 14, De Lier at Combinations, 's-Gravenzande at Combinations,' s-Gravenzande Oranjesluisweg 30, Maasdijk (P. van der Plas) Telephone 0031–297–344078 0031–10–5218454 0031– 251–203060 0031–297–328229 0031–297–382038 0031–297–214068 0031–341–552331 0031–172–506700 0033–494197300 0031–228–541844 0031–297–387000 0031–10–5291919 0031–174–174– 520713 0031-174-526100 0049-5541-7009-0 0049-2874-9136-0 0045-66189296 0031-174-412432 0031-1174-530100 0044-11362-6886 22 0031–78–6233200 0031–174–517711 0031–228–541312 0031–174–613106 0033–563395462 0031–174–512646 0031–174–445690 0045–63906490 0031–571–271717 0031–174–521411 0031–174 –671055 0031–174–534199 0031–297–345700 0044–1473–695274 0049–251–27070–100 E-Mail [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] info @ hilverdakooij .nl [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] info @ beekenkamp. nl [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] customer.services @ floranova.co.uk [email protected] [email protected] info @ hemgenetics .com [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] floriproservices. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] info @ volmar y.com Table 1: At the Flower Trials 2013 (11. until 14 June, www.flowertrials.nl) in the Netherlands (Aalsmeer area and Westland area) participating companies with their contact details (the telephone number of the headquarters is usually given under Telephone). Please register your visit in advance. PREVIEW FLOWER TRIALS

For those involved, at least in the field of bedding and balcony plants, the Flower Trials are now considered to be one of the most important, perhaps even the most important, platforms for presenting their product ranges and the progress made in breeding in the form of new varieties to producing gardeners and specialist horticultural retailers. In contrast to the classic trade fairs, these presentations are not located at a single location, but at the Flower Trials they are distributed decentrally to different locations and thus different nurseries. In some of these farms, several breeding houses present their varieties at the same time. The aim is to show visitors the existing range, but also to present or at least address new and future pot and bedding plant varieties. In addition to finished plants, seeds, young plants and raw materials can also be seen at some locations. It is also about marketing programs, ideas and concepts for sales promotion. Four-person board of directors A “European Flower Trials Foundation” is responsible for organizing the Flower Trials. Since September 2012, its four-person board has consisted of the chairman Jeroen F. Egtberts (Managing Director of Moerheim New Flower Trials 2013 with four participants more than in 2012. In the period from 11 to 14 June, 41 breeding houses will present their range of products at the Flower Trials 2013, four more than last year. The product range of these variety shows focuses on bedding and balcony plants (including potted perennials and potted herbs), but also on indoor potted plants. The Flower Trials are an important platform for growers to present their new products in top form Dümmen Elsner pac Geranien Endisch / Horticulture Bongartz Kientzler Selecta Klemm Westhoff Trials location Dammweg 18-20, Rheinberg near Westhoff, Südlohn-Oeding near Gartenbau Bongartz, Lüttenglehn 83, Korschenbroich Binger Straße 31, Gensingen near Georg Welzel, Kerken-Rahm Fresenhorst 24 , Südlohn-Oeding Telephone 0049–2843–9299–0 0049–351–255910 0049–7273–2800 (Endisch) 0049–2166–1239090 (Bongartz) 0049–6727–9301–0 0049–711–95325–0 0049–2862–58979–900 E-Mail [email protected] [email protected] info @ geranien -endisch.de [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Table 2: At the Flower Trials 2013 (11. until June 14th, www.flowertrials.nl) in Germany (Rhineland / Westphalia area) participating companies with their contact details (under Telephone the telephone number of the headquarters is usually given). Please register your visit in advance 45 June 2013 Gärtnerbörse ▶

Gardeners' Exchange June 201346 Anyone wishing to attend the Flower Trials should register with the selected participating companies. It is recommended to register online in advance. The easiest way to do this is via the joint website of the participants (www.flowertrials.nl). There you click on "Registration", fill out the relevant form and send it off. On the relevant website you will also find a range of hotels from the two Dutch Flower Trials regions, on the one hand in and around Aalsmeer, on the other hand in the region between Hoek van Holland and southern parts of The Hague (see www.flowertrials.nl/hotels ). Allow enough time If you do not want to limit yourself to only visiting a few participating companies, you should plan more than one day for visiting the Flower Trials - also in view of the distances that have to be bridged between the three main regions. On the four Flower Trials days (June 11th to 14th), the respective exhibitions can be viewed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Experience has shown that Wednesday and Thursday are the days with the greatest number of visitors at the respective locations. Edwin Hanselmann Plant) as well as the board members Sonja Dümmen (Dümmen), Robert Sanders (Florensis) and Ton de Bresser (Selecta Holland). Three “Regions” Remain The Flower Trials presentations are divided into three “Regions”: ◼ Aalsmeer area (Netherlands) ◼ Westland area (Netherlands) ◼ Rhineland-Westphalia (Germany) Five companies are new to the list of participants: Horteve Breeding (focus: hydrangeas), Anthura (anthuriums and phalaenopsis), Butterfly Garden from Denmark (including lavender), Lily Looks (lilies) and Schoneveld Breeding (cyclamen, primroses). The company Bartels Stek from Aalsmeer is no longer in the list of participants. We have received some information from most of the companies participating in the Flower Trials about whether and which new varieties they will be presenting at the Flower Trials this year. The following three articles - broken down according to the regions mentioned - give a first impression of what to expect. Of course, the range of innovations at the Flower Trials 2013 will ultimately be significantly larger, because not all breeding houses want to "reveal" everything in advance. The Westland as the centerpiece With 24 breeding houses involved, the Westland region in the southwest of the Netherlands is once again the centerpiece of the Flower Trials. It is also the largest under glass area. Several German companies are also showing their Flower Trials presentations at locations in the Westland area. The region around the “flower capital” Aalsmeer (near Amsterdam) is around 60 kilometers to the north. Here are the flower trials of eleven breeding houses, spread over locations in eight companies. According to the route planner, it is 177 kilometers from Achterweg in De Kwakel (location of the Agriom company) to Südlohn near the German-Dutch border, where the Westhoff company and one of the six “Rhineland-Westphalia” participants is located. The German Flower Trials locations are in Südlohn, Rheinberg, Korschenbroich, Kerken-Rahm and Gensingen. One of the breeding houses participating in the Flower Trials - Selecta Klemm - presents its Flower Trials at two locations, namely at Georg Welzel's company in Kerken-Rahm (Rhineland-Westphalia region) and in Honselersdijk (Westland region, there under the direction of the Dutch subsidiary Selecta Holland). Participants use this colorful logo to advertise Attractive new product presentations are also set up outdoors Photos: EdwinHanselmann ▶ PREVIEW FLOWER TRIALS

Bartels no longer appears among the participants, while Horteve Breeding BV, which specializes in hydrangea breeding, is celebrating its Flower Trials premiere on the premises of Royal van Zanten in Rijsenhout. The location in question on the Rijshornstraat in Rijsenhout - the neighboring town to the west of Aalsmeer - is thus gaining in importance among the Flower Trials locations. There are presentations by the Israeli breeding company Danziger (together with Imperial Plants), the French breeder Morel, as well as the flower trials by Royal van Zanten itself and now also by Horteve Breeding. Preliminary information on the Horteve Breeding Flower Trials highlights the two-tone hydrangea macrophylla variety ‘Magical Fourseasons Greenfire’ with its red-green petals and the otherwise pink Magical Revolution ’, which is suitable for the blue color (source: www.flowertrials. Nl). The Magical varieties from Kolster from Boskoop play an important role in the breeding activities of Horteve Breeding. The thing with the Smartiz "Many, many colorful Smarties" stimulate the imagination and playful creativity of children according to a well-known advertising slogan. Morel hopes that the Smartiz, as a particularly small cyclamen, will be popular with cyclamen buyers. Eleven Flower Trials locations are in the Aalsmeer region. Only one Flower Trials location is directly in Aalsmeer. In the Aalsmeer region, however, there are eleven presentations, the vast majority of them in Rijsenhout and De Kwakel. One company - Bartels Stek - can no longer be found in the list of participants, another - Horteve Breeding - was added. Edwin Hanselmann summarizes the announcements of the exhibitors from this region. One of the focal points at HilverdaKooij is the Inticancha Topfalstroemerias 47June 2013 Gardeners Exchange ▶ PREVIEW FLOWER TRIALS

Härtnerbörse June 2013 four colors are initially available: pink, purple, red and yellow. They are varieties with a short reaction time (six weeks) and a hanging habit. Celosias are one of the main plants in the Royal van Zanten range. ‘Castagna’ with dark red long inflorescences, medium-strong growth and a reaction time of five and a half weeks is one of the newer introductions. The Israeli breeding company Danziger also presents some of the latest news from the bedding and balcony plant range, including the semi-hanging petunias' Cascadias from Fréjus. As in previous years, Morel is one of the companies showing its flower trials in the Aalsmeer region with the presentation on the premises of Royal van Zanten. The new Smartiz series with a mixture of eleven colors and ‘Smartiz Victoria’ (fringed flower edges) as a single color was introduced in autumn 2012. At Morel, it complements the five previous series Metis, Tianis, Premium, Latinia and Halios. As “extremely compact minis”, the SmartizCyclamen can be cultivated quickly and easily, according to the company, and allow high numbers of items per unit area. The Smartiz, cultivated in pots of 9 or 10.5, can be ready for sale just 27 weeks after sowing. Morel also emphasizes the heat and color resistance as well as the luminosity of the colors for the Smartiz. From the very small to the largest: the southern French company is expanding its large-flowered series Halios to include three more color varieties. There is a salmon pink, a neon red and a dark magenta variant. They too will come into focus in Rijsenhout. Princess and Sweetheart Royal van Zanten will again focus on the garden alstroemeries of the Princess Lilies series at the Flower Trials, for example the bright, dark red ‘Princess Lilies Kate’. The new Chrysanthemum multiflora series Skyfall Gerbera 'Sundayz Bicolour' (Florist) Kalanchoë 'Perfecta Red' (Agriom / AB) Leaf Begonia 'Yukon Frost' (Koppe) Hydrangea 'Early Bianco' (Agriom / HBA) Mini-Cyclamen 'Smartiz Victoria' with a pronounced magenta-colored crown Photos: EdwinHanselmann (3), company photos (3) ▶ PREVIEW FLOWER TRIALS

Developments in the particularly large-flowered elatior begonia collection Sunny Side Up as well as in leaf begonias (Beleaf collection) will come into focus again. After the start last year, orchid specialist Floricultura is also taking part in the Flower Trials again. The location in Heemskerk (Strengweg 17A) is about 35 kilometers away from Rijsenhout (Royal van Zanten) and almost 40 kilometers from De Kwakel. ■ Indian Summer ’on the language. The initially yellow flowers of this variety change color to an unusual orange-pink with increasing age. The Impatiens New Guinea in the Harmony series by Danziger have long played an important role. As a more recent development, ‘Harmony Sweetheart Orange’ was named, a variety with orange flowers and white edges. Cool waves, white glitter In the immediate vicinity of the Royal van Zanten location is the Lavender Path. There PanAmerican Seed and Kieft Seed will once again present their breeds and innovations together. The preliminary information names the Cool Wave hanging violets, the Gaura variety ‘Sparkle White’ and the new large-flowered petunia series Ez Rider. We refer to the article on the European Spring Pack Trials preview in Gärtnerbörse 4/2013. The latest Suntory innovations at Moerheim New Plant - including the bougainvillea from the Sun Villea series - were also referred to in Gärtnerbörse 4/2013. The Moerheim location in Leimuiderbrug is only about two kilometers away from the Rijsenhout location of the Royal van Zanten company. A trio in De Kwakel There are three Flower Trials locations in De Kwakel and thus virtually on the other side of Aalsmeer. This applies to: ◼ HilverdaKooij with a focus on pot alstroemeria, pot carnations, limonium and pot antirrhinum ◼ Florist Holland with a focus on pot gerbera, including the garden gerbera series Garvinea and the series Sundayz, which was also introduced last year and which was also designed for outdoor use, ◼ Agriom with a range of Hydrangea (Hydrangea Breeders Association), Kalanchoë from AB Breeding and the potted roses from the Favorite and Duchess Agriom series also mention the RocketPowerVeronica series, which is propagated by cuttings. The plants bloom in the first year of cultivation without a cold phase. Aalsmeer and Heemskerk For several years the company Koppe, which specializes in begonias, has been one of the regular participants in the flower trials, with presentations in the company's Aalsmeer company - the parent company is in Ermelo. The June 49th, 2013 gardeners' fair HIN GUCKER. Discover TEKU∏ Flex +: The new and unique printing process for excellent self-marketing. Flexible conditions. Intense color brilliance. Professional design of printed plant pots. Photo printing on all pot colors.Refinement by painting. Exclusive use of harmless colors. Sample and catalog request: +49 4442 982-321. Because: TEKU∏ makes the difference. TEKU∏ Flex + guarantees you a brilliant appearance - thanks to first-class printing. Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG · Kunststoffwerk-Werkzeugbau · Bakumer Straße 73 · 49393 Lohne Germany · Phone +49 4442 982-321 · Fax +49 4442 982-342 · [email protected] www.poeppelmann.com Advertisement PREVIEW FLOWER TRIALS

Gardeners' Exchange June 201350 The vast majority of participants in the Flower Trials in Westland do so in the immediate vicinity of the FloraHolland branch in Naaldwijk and thus in the region south of The Hague. Honselersdijk, De Lier, Maasdijk, ’s-Gravenzande and Naaldwijk are therefore the main Flower Trials locations. The individual locations are only a few kilometers apart. But there are two exceptions. Florensis' location in Hendrik-IdoAmbacht is southeast of Rotterdam. From there it is over 40 kilometers to Naaldwijk. The distance from Bleiswijk to Naaldwijk is just over 30 kilometers. The location of Anthura in Bleiswijk (Anthuriumweg 14) - one of the "new" two FlowerTrials2013 - is therefore also decentralized. Summer Inspirations One of the highlights will be ‘Voltage White’, announced Florensis. This new variety complements the well-known "Voltage Yellow". It is osteospermum that "really blooms all summer" and is therefore a specialty among Cape daisies. Among the petunias, Florensis will highlight the new ‘Viva Purple Vein’, a variety with purple-pink flowers and a purple throat. The best garden properties, earliness and the harmoniously round structure are among the criteria here. For both pelargoniums, Florensis relies on the Toscana varieties taken over from Silze and further developed. In the preliminary information on the Flower Trials, Florensis also highlighted the Calibrachoa of the Cabaret series, the VediVici verbenas and the Brachyscome Magenta Delight, as well as the Summer Inspirations program. What is meant here is a mixture of potted perennials and seed-propagated annual bedding plants that bloom in summer. This summer inspiration program has been renewed and additional marketing materials have been added. Visit to a "pyramid" From the "floating greenhouse" to the "pyramid": If Selecta Holland - the Dutch subsidiary of Selecta Klemm - had used the special type of greenhouse in the large pond of the Naaldwijk FloraHolland branch for its flower trials in recent years, this is the case It is now the striking building of the Pyramid wholesale center for the first time. Schoneveld Breeding will also take part in the Flower Trials with a presentation in this pyramid. "Sweet sunshine" moves into the pyramid together with the flair of southern French lavender fields. Sweet Sunshine is the name of the semi-hanging, double-flowered petunia series from Selecta Klemm. With ‘Sweet Sunshine Provence’, Selecta will highlight the new, lavender-blue flowering variety that was one of the 2014 Fleuroselect gold medal winners. Fleuroselect jurors were impressed by the special color as well as the vigor and robustness of the plants of this variety. In advance information on the Flower Trials, Selecta Klemm and Selecta Holland also presented the pot and carnations. "DianticaBurgundy" in dark red with a pink border is the new color in the Diantica series. Except the Flower Trials in Westland with money bees and cabaret Well over half of the 41 Flower Trials presentations are in the Westland region, the “core area” of the Flower Trials. Some German breeders also present their range there. Schoneveld Breeding also wants to present the new Primula vulgaris series Paradiso PREVIEW FLOWER TRIALS

four new, single-flowered varieties are being integrated into the series: 'Diantica Wild Berry' in lavender color, 'Diantica Raspberry Cream' in dark red with a pink border, 'Diantica Pink + Eye' in pink with a dark center and 'Diantica Velvet' in dark red with a darker one Drawing. News was also announced for the Oscar carnation series. The interspecific Marcada series is a new addition to Selecta's pelargonium range. It comprises three varieties: ‘Marcada Dark Red’, ‘Marcada Magenta’ and ‘Marcada Pink’. The range of gentians from the Stuttgart breeding company is being expanded with ‘Luis Easy Blue’. Cyclamen and primroses Schoneveld Breeding from Twello - geared towards cyclamen and primroses - joins the presentation in the 51 June 2013 gardener exchange Selecta Klemm on the Lower Rhine: Horticultural company Georg Welzel · Liebfrauenweg 4 · 47647 Kerken / Germany Selecta Holland in Westland: Pyramid FloraHolland · Middel Broekweg 33 · 2675 KC Honselersdijk / Netherlands THE BLOOMING WORLD OF Selecta Holland with a new FlowerTrials® location "Pyramid" display in the circle of Flower Trials participants. Schoneveld's cyclamen range now comprises 13 series, divided into five plant and flower sizes: micro, mini, midi, medium and large. Primula Touch Me are primin-free Obconica primroses. Touch Me is available in ten colors and will also be featured in both Flower Trials. Paradiso, a Primula vulgaris series, is new at Schoneveld. Together with a selected group of European young plant producers, Schoneveld positioned Paradiso on the market in 2013. Among other things, it was emphasized that the Paradiso can be grown with low production costs. A midi and a mini version with six and eight different colors are available. At the Van der Plas farm From the "pyramid" in the FloraHolland dealer park, it is just under four kilometers to the greenhouses of Peter van der Plas' horticultural company in Maasdijk. As in previous years, this is the domicile of the Flower Trials of the companies Benary, Volmary and Brandkamp from Germany and Lannes & Fils from France. The main focus at Lannes & Fils is the Mandevilla. This year there will also be a Flower Trials participation from Butterfly Garden from Odense in Denmark at the Van der Plas farm. Lavender, Campanula, Hebe, Cyclamen and Helleborus are among the range of products offered by this company. The three German Flower Trials participants at the Van der Plas farm pointed out the following special features: ▶ PREVIEW FLOWER TRIALS

Gardeners' Exchange June 201352 ◼ Benary celebrates its 170th birthday. For the eighth time, the company from Hann. End in the Van der Plas plant. There are two new launches in the Nonstop tuberous begonia series: ‘Nonstop Rosa Petticoat’ (improved line) and ‘Nonstop Mocca Cherry’ (dark foliage). A special feature here is the strong contrast between flowers and foliage. ◼ Volmary will again show several new products, with reference to Biden's ‘Hawaiian Flare’ and the Belina hanging begonia series. There are four types of color from Belina (apricot, cream, lemon, orange). The medium-sized flowers of the uniform plants are very weatherproof. The plants would also be characterized by high resistance to mildew and sun tolerance. Belina can therefore also be used in full sun locations. ◼ Brandkamp will, among other things, present a “Mini-Mums” concept. There are selected varieties of multiflora chrysanthemums for 8 to 13 pots. Begonias, dahlias and more Beekenkamp Plants is also located in Maasdijk. The company on Korte Kruisweg sees itself as a “specialist in the field of breeding begonias, dahlias, chrysanthemums and cyclamen”. A wide range of flowering potted plants, bedding and container plants will be presented during the Flower Trials. The focus would be on the begonias of the Waterfall series, Begonia ‘Glory Lemon’, Begonia ‘VermillionRed’, Dahlia ‘LaBella Grande’ and perennials. Begonia ‘Waterfall Encanto Red’ has large, simple flowers. The strain brings a new color to the Waterfall series. Begonia ‘Vermillion Red’ was mentioned as a colorful houseplant, while its excellent durability was emphasized at the same time. Short cultivation times, long flowers, very beautiful habit - this is what distinguishes the varieties of Labella potted dahlias. The same applies to the Labella Grande series. The plants are strong and homogeneous and show classic dahlia blossoms, it is said. Espresso and vanilla cream As in the Van der Plas nursery, several Flower Trials exhibitors will also be showing their products at the Combinations plant in ’s-Gravenzande. In addition to the host, there are the two English breeding houses Floranova and Thompson & Morgan, as well as Hem Genetics and Takii Seed Europe from the Netherlands. From the Beekenkamp location in Maasdijk (Korte Kruisweg 163) to Combinations in ’s-Gravenzande (Bagijneland 1), just under nine kilometers in a north-easterly direction have to be bridged. Incidentally, some navigation devices cannot find the aforementioned address of combinations. In this case, enter: Nieuwelaan, ’s-Gravenzande. The novelties at Floranova include dwarf petunias from the Espresso series, a particularly compact growing, but at the same time vital and easy to cultivate petunia type. There is also a corresponding, larger-flowered variant under the name Espresso Grande. Floranova also mentioned a new viola series called Bel Viso and two new Tagetes patula series (Cresta and Alumia, including darunter Alumia Vanilla Cream ’with a flower color that is unusual for marigolds). In response to our request, Thompson & Morgan named several seed-propagated innovations, specifically Cosmos ‘White Pop Socks’, Papaver Plum Pudding ’and Petunia‘ Tickled Pink ’with strongly fragrant flowers and strong growth. The program with vegetative propagation includes two new colors for the digitalis series Illumination ("Illumination Apricot", "Illumination Raspberry"), which has won awards in England. For new varieties at Hem Genetics and Takii Europe, please refer to Gärtnerbörse 4/2013 (preview of the pack trials). About the host - Combinations BV - the Flower Trials website (www.flowertrials.nl) lists the primroses of the Paradiso series, the Mammoth F1 cyclamen series (both from Schoneveld) and the potted sunflowers of the Sunsation series. Who knows the money bees? The Dutch branch of the Grünewald breeder, Jonge Planten Grünewald, is also located in ’s-Gravenzande. Part of the wide range of varieties of the company with its parent company in Selm in the Münsterland region will be presented again this year on Groeneweg. In advance information came the Argyranthemum of the Honeybees series, the Bidens of the 2teeth series (novelty 2013/14: '2teeth Big Oly Star'), the carnation series Moneybees (= money bees, novelty 2013/14 = 'Moneybees Gardenpink') as well as the partial Petunias with special flower colors from the medium-sized flower series Large single flowers: Begonia 'Waterfall Encanto Red' by Beekenkamp Plants ▶

Number of places for each day and these would be allocated according to the "first come ..." principle. Some news from the Syngenta Seeds range of varieties could already be seen at the Pack Trials in April (see preview in Gärtnerbörse 4/2013). At Armada in the immediate vicinity of the Syngenta Seeds location, potted chrysanthemums, hypericum and potted cloves (novelty 2013 = ‘Diantura Twinkle’) are on offer. Pinot Blanc for the vase Also in De Lier are the locations of three other Flower Trials participants: Fides, Rijnplant and Sion. Fides develops varieties of cut chrysanthemums, potted and bedding plants. In addition to the chrysanthemums, the double-flowered Calandiva Kalanchoë stand out. Sweet Pleasure and the large-flowered Sunpleasure Porch. In Grünewald's 2013/14 catalog, the following varieties of the Sunpleasure Porch series are marked as "new": 'Sunpleasure Porch Hot Red', 'Sunpleasure Porch Hot Pink Yellow Eye', 'Sunpleasure Porch Yellow Black Star', 'Sunpleasure Porch Cream Blue Star ',' Sunpleasure Porch Flat Black '(almost black flowers),' Sunpleasure Porch Orange Coral 'and' Sunpleasure Porch Yellow Blue Star '. From violas to pelargoniums It's about seven kilometers from Groeneweg 161a in ’s-Gravenzande, the location of Jonge Planten Grünewald, to Nordlierweg inDeLier. The flower trials from Syngenta / FloriPro Services and Armada are located on the sometimes very narrow path in De Lier. At the Flower Trials from FloriPro Services, the focus is always on pelargoniums, but also on many other bedding and balcony plants as well as violas, potted perennials, grasses and herbs. Annual plants differentiate between seedlings and cuttings. The seed pelargonium ‘Pinto Premium White to Rose’, which was awarded one of the Fleuroselect gold medals in 2014, with its innovative color combination is sure to find many interested parties at this show. Tours through production The Flower Trials website (www.flower trials.nl) also mentions sightseeing tours for FloriPro: “After the success of last year” - it says there - “we will again offer tours through our plant production.” There are only a very limited one for this. www.klasmann-deilmann.com A century of shared history and sustainable growth Advertisement ▶ PREVIEW FLOWER TRIALS

Gardeners' Exchange June 201354 ‘Pinot Blanc’ is one of the innovations in cut chrysanthemums, a variety with white ray flowers and a fresh green heart. The new double-blooming potted chrysanthemum ‘Chrystal Pink Charm’ was also highlighted in the advance information. Her flower dress is a dark pink. A special feature is the short response time of 6.5 weeks. Fides also wants to focus on a concept for vigorously growing potted plants for cultivation in relatively large pots, including Osteospermum Margarita Supreme and Impatiens New Guinea Tamarinda. Motto: "Maximize your plan (t) s". Mick Jagger plays with The Rijnplant Flower Trials (Pastoor Verburghlaan 3a, De Lier) are two and a half kilometers from Fides' location (Oudecampsweg 35). At Rijnplant, the focus is on anthuriums, with the company mentioning the new large-flowered red pot anthurium Red Success ’and the cut anthurium Mick Jagger’, named after the front man of the Rolling Stones. The flowers - correctly: bracts - by ‘Mick Jagger’ are pastel colors, combined with dark pink edges and lines. The piston is also dark pink. Another highlight of the Rijnplant Flower Trials was a bougainvillea collection. It is said that the individual flowers stay longer on the plants than is usual with bougainvilleas. They can be used for the cultivation of pot and container plants. The Sion company in De Lier is one of the leading producers of potted phalaenopsis (young plants and flowering finished plants) in the Netherlands. As in the previous year, the company, headed by Eric Moor, is taking part in the Flower Trials. What began 100 years ago The next stage goal is the Sakata Flower Trials in the Demo Kwekerij in Honselersdijk. The pot and beetzinnie ‘Profusion Double Hot Cherry’ as one of the Fleuroselect gold medal varieties 2014 is in the spotlight there. It has cherry-colored, tightly double small flowers. According to Fleuroselect, ‘Profusion Double Hot Cherry’ particularly impressed the test gardens with its innovative value and overall appearance. These plants bloom continuously from May to October. The Profusion zinnias are also said to be very tolerant of Alternaria and powdery mildew. 1913 to 2013: The 100th anniversary of the Sakata breeding work will certainly also be a topic at the Flower Trials. Takeo Sakata founded the company in 1913 and shipped lily bulbs from Japan to Europe and North America for the first time in 1914. (Striking data on the history of Sakata can be found on the Internet at www.sakata100th.jp/ english.) Daehnfeldt's ornamental plants department in Denmark was acquired ten years ago. “Wilde Kalanchoë” The almost five kilometer long drive from Sakata's Flower Trials location to the domicile of KP Holland leads along the “Veilingroute” to the HogeNoordweg. KP Holland took part in the Flower Trials for the first time last year and presented a special highlight with the new Kalanchoë type Taranta Pretty Wild. Spathiphyllum and turmeric are also in the focus of the company, which specializes in indoor potted plants. Four companies are taking part in the Flower Trials in the Westland region for the first time in 2013: ◼ Anthura in Bleiswijk, focused on Anthuriums and Phalaenopsis ◼ Lily Looks from Den Hoorn with the Flower Trials presentation in Honselersdijk, focusing on lilies ◼ Butterfly Garden from Odense / Denmark with the presentation in the company of Peter van der Plas (Maasdijk) ◼ Schoneveld Breeding with cyclamen and primroses (see above) Edwin Hanselmann New Tagetes series Alumia (Floranova) Hanging begonia 'Belina Creme' (Volmary) Begonia 'Nonstop Rosa Petticoat' (Benary ) Petunia 'Viva Purple Vein' (Florensis) factory photos ▶ PREVIEW FLOWER TRIALS

Three of the six Flower Trials participants from the "Rhineland-Westphalia Region" show their product ranges in their own company: Kientzler, Dümmen and Westhoff. Elsner pac is also present at the Westhoff company.The show of geraniums Endisch is at Gartenbau Bongartz in Korschenbroich, that of Selecta Klemm at Gartenbau Georg Welzel in Kerken-Rahm. The distance from Gensingen (Kientzler) as the southernmost location of this "Rhineland-Westphalia region" to Südlohn (Westhoff plant) as the northernmost point is about 310 kilometers. On the other hand, KerkenRahm (location of the Flower Trials by Selecta Klemm) and Rheinberg-Eversael (Dümmen) are only 25 kilometers away from each other. It is almost 60 kilometers from Rheinberg to Korschenbroich (Bongartz farm, flower trials of Geraniums Endisch). Westhoff If we drive from north to south here, the Westhoff plant in Südlohn-Oeding is our first destination. ‘Estrella Blueberry Up’ is the name of a new variety of verbena that the Südlohn-based company pointed out. With it, Westhoff is expanding the Estrella series, which is known for its earliness and large-bloodedness. According to the company, a striking flower color is one of the characteristics as well as the very well branched upright growth. Three new breeds add to the Crazytunia petunia collection, which was launched last year. Again, there are varieties with very unusual flower colors. At Calibrachoa, an “early bird” should make a name for itself. The series in question is called Early Bird. About this Flower Trials sextet at the locations in Germany It remains with the sextet: As last year, six breeding houses present their flower trials in the so-called "Rhineland-Westphalia" region and thus within Germany. This article lists the varieties and novelties that the six breeders pointed out to us in the run-up to the Flower Trials. 55June 2013 Gärtnerbörse Dümmen - now part of the "DNA Green Group" - wants to present the "Red Fox" range of varieties at its headquarters in Rheinberg ▶ PREVIEW FLOWER TRIALS

Härtnerbörse June 201356 lights “from its Red Fox range: ◼ Calibrachoa‘ Aloha Hula ’(two-tone flowers with a dark ring). ◼ "Wicked Verbena" with a special play of colors, the two-tone flower looks like it has been painted and is available in three colors. ◼ ‘Sweetunia Johnny Flame’ as a medium-strong growing petunia with unusually yesterday's flower color, the weather resistance was also emphasized. ◼ Confetti Garden with new plant combinations, for example “Confetti Garden Mountains Majesty”. In addition, it is shown how to optimally stage the plants. Selecta Klemm About 25 kilometers southwest of the Dümmen site is Kerken-Rahm. Georg Welzel's main business is in Liebfrauenweg there. After the start of 2012, Selecta Klemm will show the range for the second time on the occasion of the Flower Trials in Kerken as well as in Holland. "After a successful premiere at the Flower Trials 2012 in Germany, Selecta Klemm will again be presenting an exhibition in 2013 in Georg Welzel's horticultural business," the Stuttgart-based company announced. In the foreground at the Flower Trials from Selecta Klemm, Staunennt Westhoff should focus on four key words: early flowering, compact structure, very even growth characteristics within the series, no use of inhibitors. Early Bird is "ideal for production in small pots or even in packs of six". Mixtures that fit together in terms of culture will also be in the spotlight in Südlohn-Oeding. It's about new “passion combos”. After several years of trials under production conditions, six combinations were selected which, according to the company, stand out from the previous mixes on the market in terms of culture and appearance. Elsner pac As in previous years, the Flower Trials presentation by Elsner pac from Dresden at the Westhoff company has the motto “Tradition meets innovation”. Elsner is no longer just focused on pelargoniums. Impatiens New Guinea and Angelonia in particular also play an important role in the breeding work in Dresden today. Pelargonium × crispum ‘Angeleyes Blueberry’ and ‘Candy Flowers White’ were named as novelties among the lemon-scented pelargoniums. The series in question will be expanded accordingly. A color extension has also been announced for the Pelargonium grandiflorum series Aristo. In the Angelonia series Angelos, the Saxon company highlights ‘Angelos Bicolor’. Further individual varieties in the series are ‘Angelos Blue’, Angelos Lavender Pink ’, Angelos White’, Angelos Trailing Blue ’, Angelos Trailing Pink’ and ‘Angelos Trailing White’. Three of the varieties thus have a trailing habit. In general, according to the company, the series is characterized by large flowers on densely populated inflorescences and strong stems, as well as an early start of flowering and willing branching. The three Angelos Trailing varieties can be produced as traffic lights for sale from mid-June and can also be combined well with other balcony plants. In his communication on the Flower Trials, Elsner also mentions a new Laurentia called ‘Shooting Star Blue’ as a variety with sky-blue flower color. It impresses with its earliness and strong flowering performance with a long flowering time. The star-shaped flowers cover the bushy plants. Dümmen About 60 kilometers south of Südlohn is Rheinberg-Eversael and thus the location of Dümmen (Dammweg 18-20). The breeder referred to the following "HighVerba„ Estrella Blueberry Up "(Westhoff) Mix" Trixi Shades of Blue "(Selecta) Mix" TrioMio Fireworks "(Kientzler) ▶ PREVIEW FLOWER TRIALS

PREVIEW FLOWER TRIALS 57 June 2013 Gardeners' exchange for the bedding and balcony planting season. One variety has dark pink, the other lavender-colored flowers. Colorful combinations Kientzler encourages the desire to combine with the TrioMio range. In the bedding and balcony plants collection 2013, the TrioMio palette comprised twelve variations, six of them with three color varieties each from the Verbena series Vepita and three variations with different colors from the SunsatiaNemesien. Combinations of Sutera and Verbena as well as Bidens and Verbenakamenvor. More combinations are expected to be on display at the Flower Trials. In general, TrioMio is based on the fact that three cuttings from different color varieties come into one pot. "Only tested trios that are uniform and harmonious in terms of growth and flowering date deserve our TrioMio rating," says a message from Gensingen. Edwin Hanselmann den- and pot carnations from the Oscar, Diantica and Pink Kisses series are available, as well as a new petunia variety called ‘Sweet Sunshine Provence’, the new interspecific geranium Marcada, as well as news about ornamental grasses and the three-way combinations known as Trixi at Selecta Klemm. For more information on the Flower Trials announcements from Stuttgart, see the previous article about the presentations in Westland. Geraniums Endisch From Kerken the journey goes south to Korschenbroich to the Bongartz farm and with it to the Flower Trials presentation of geraniums Endisch. The Hagenbach-based company has recently combined its compact, green-leaved zonal pelargoniums in a series under the name Smart, while the medium-strong-growing zonal varieties are called Eco. The term Eco stands for economical production and simple cultivation, according to a company announcement. The compact, dark-leaved Zonale varieties are now under the name Dark at Endisch. In the green-leaved Eco series, Endisch replaces the previous ‘Toro’ variety with ‘Eco Fire’. It is a very early flowering variety with bright, fiery red flowers and an even, well-branched plant structure. The Belmonte series comprises a range of dark-leaved zonal pelargoniums with medium-strong growth. This series is being expanded with ‘Belmonte Night’. According to the company, dark red flower umbels over dark green leaves create “an imposing, almost mystical long-distance effect”. The start of the interspecific variety ‘Xtreme Red’ in the previous year is now followed by two more hybrids in the colors scarlet red and dark red. The early flowering ‘Xtreme Scarlet’ impresses with its dark green zoned leaves, restrained growth in the greenhouse and vigor in summer. "Xtreme Night" blooms dark red. According to Endisch, the XtremeSelections also impress with their great adaptability. They could be planted in pots, window boxes, or flower beds. Kientzler Jung Pflanzen The Kientzler Jung Pflanzen company in Gensingen is the only Flower Trials location in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The distance from Korschenbroich to Gensingen is a good 200 kilometers, of which around 150 kilometers are on Autobahn 61. The fiery red Salvia ‘Go-Go Scarlet’ presented last year has a purple-colored sister variety: ‘Go-Go Purple’. It is one of the innovations that will play a role at the Flower Trials presentation in Gensingen. According to the company, ‘Go-Go Purple’ grows into a representative specimen plant in just as short a time and is ideally suited for summer potting. With the Summerstars series, Kientzler will present two exceptional Phlox innovations from Japanese breeding. It is said that the well-branched summer phloxes bloom from June until the first frosts with many flower stars and are therefore predestined as a follow-up culture according to the DNA GREEN GROUP As reported in Gärtnerbörse 3/2013, Dümmen and the Agribio Group had initiated a merger. In the meantime, further steps have been taken on this path. A press release dated April 29, 2013 stated that the proposed merger is now complete. The new company will operate under the name DNA Green Group. As already announced in the press release of February 21 of this year, the company will have two independent business units: ◼ Agribio Group for cut flowers and potted plants ◼ Dümmen for bedding and balcony plants as well as poinsettias Therefore, the name Dümmen will continue to be used communicates. eh Angelonia ‘Angelos Bicolor’ (Elsner pac) factory photos