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Wash laundry properly

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With the right detergent, laundry is gently cleaned.

Washing clothes is almost a science. Before the drum turns, consumers have to make many decisions: which detergent should it be - washing powder, liquid detergent or washing capsules? In which packaging should you buy it: compact or large? At what temperature does it work best? And which washing program is the right one?

The right detergent for every wash

  • Heavy duty detergent cleans all white and easy-care textiles. As a powder, it bleaches them. So they stay nice and white. That is why it should never be used for colored laundry.
  • Colored clothing should come with one instead Color detergent getting washed. It cares for the colors and fibers. It also prevents the paint from peeling off and settling on other fabrics.
  • Work in a similar way to color detergents Mild detergentthat make the water foam more.
  • Whoever washes wool is lost Wool detergent not around. Because wool is very similar to human hair, its composition is comparable to shampoo. The enzymes in conventional detergents would destroy the wool fibers.

Powder, liquid detergent or capsules?

Laundry detergents are available as powder, liquid or capsules. Washing capsules, also known as caps or pads, are small gel cushions filled with liquid detergent.

Liquid detergents, and therefore washing capsules, contain more active washing substances (surfactants) than washing powder. Liquid detergents in large bottles contain preservatives to prevent microorganisms from multiplying. This is harmful to water and the environment. Experts therefore recommend washing powder.

Laundry detergents: differences in bleach

Some manufacturers offer detergents in small and large packaging. However, it is not always the same detergent - although the packaging looks similar. That shows a sample of the market. The contents of these detergents were compared:

  • Persil universal heavy duty detergent, 20 wash loads, 27 cents per wash load
  • Persil universal heavy duty detergent, 65 wash loads, 27 cents per wash load
  • Ariel Actilift compact heavy duty detergent, 18 loads, 30 cents per load
  • Ariel Actilift heavy duty detergent, 65 loads, 28 cents per load
  • Formil Ultra Plus from Lidl, 30 wash loads, 13 cents per wash load
  • Formil Aktiv from Lidl, 65 wash loads, 11 cents per wash load

At Persil Universal there is no indication on the packaging that the ingredients differ. The presentation and the dosage recommendation are identical. In the small pack, however, the proportion of oxygen-based bleach comes first, and in the large pack it comes second. The reason According to Persil: There was an "interim change in the internal declaration guidelines", but both contained the same formula.

With the small pack Ariel Actilift compact Oxygen-based bleach is the top ingredient on the big box Ariel Actilift only in second place. The fragrance coumarin can only be found in the small pack, the water-softening zeolites, on the other hand, only in the large pack.

Even with detergents from Lidl There is a larger proportion of bleach in the small pack. This is made clear by the "Ultra Plus" and "Heavy Duty Concentrate" labels.

Tips for the perfect wash

  • Never at 90 degrees: Temperatures above 60 degrees prevent the washing enzymes in today's detergents from developing their effect - they are destroyed and ineffective at the high temperatures.
  • Temperature as low as possible: Up to 90 percent of the energy consumed is used to heat the water. Even 60 degrees is only necessary if there is an infectious disease or particularly sensitive residents in the household. 30 degrees are enough to kill most of the germs.
  • Washing longer saves energy: It is better to choose a longer wash cycle at a lower temperature - the laundry will be just as clean and you will save a lot of energy. Washing for three hours at 30 degrees has a similar washing performance as an hour at 60 degrees, but saves half the energy! The water does not have to be heated up so much and the detergent has enough time to take effect.
  • Attention bacteria: Washing at lower temperatures has one disadvantage: Germs can form in the machine that cause bad smells. To prevent this, run a 60 degree wash once a month and - important - use a heavy-duty detergent powder. This contains bleach and is particularly effective in killing germs. In addition, clean the powder compartment regularly and leave the door open as often as possible.
  • Don't be afraid of skidding: Cotton hardly suffers in the spin cycle, as the textiles do not rub against each other but are pressed firmly against the drum of the washing machine during the spin cycle. And the energy consumption is lower when spinning than when wet laundry has to spend a long time in the dryer. The disadvantage, however: spinning can crease laundry.

Fabric softener can damage the environment

Fabric softeners not only make the laundry soft, but also create a flowery scent. When washing, the fabric softener does not get onto the laundry until the last rinse. The agent lays on the fibers and is no longer rinsed off. This means that towels, for example, do not dry as well afterwards. Fabric softeners are also problematic in terms of the environment because they can pollute water. Tip: It is best to dry laundry in the fresh air. It automatically becomes soft when you wear it.

Softener in the heavy-duty detergent is usually sufficient

Additional softeners usually don't need to be put in the washing machine either. If you follow the dosage instructions on the packaging exactly, the softeners contained in the detergent will suffice. It can only be useful if the water is very hard. You can find out the water hardness at the local water supplier.

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