How does Github discharge employees

Jewish employee dismissed who warned of Nazis at the Capitol: Github's HR boss is leaving

The storm on the US Capitol caused a tremor not only in the politics of the country. The events of January 6th also had considerable repercussions on the code hosting platform Github, which is owned by Microsoft. In the run-up to the storm, an employee warned in an internal Slack chat. "Take care of yourselves, homies, Nazis are on the way," he wrote, quickly earning criticism from a colleague who criticized him for his "divisive" rhetoric. A heated debate ensued.

Said employee, who is of Jewish faith, received a warning from the human resources department on the same day for the use of the term "Nazi" in the workplace. Three days later, his employment relationship was terminated due to unspecified "behavioral patterns". The case caused a wave of outrage internally and became public. Company boss Nat Friedman then wrote a message to all employees, condemning the Capitol Tower and announcing an investigation. This has now been completed and will result in a management departure.

HR boss throws in the towel angrily

The conclusion is that the dismissal of the employee was not justified. Github's head of human resources, Gia Colosi, takes full responsibility for the incident, reports managing director Erica Brescia in a blog post. She has resigned from her post.

However, this departure should not have been completely frictionless, as Twitter messages from her suggest. She had thought that managing human resources at Github would be her long-term job. But now she is fed up with being used as a scapegoat. You don't just fire people. Pointing out that HR departments at least make decisions that would have a serious impact on the lives of those affected and that one would therefore have to take responsibility if one was not proceeding carefully, she agrees, but later adds that women are above all in this area " clean up the mess of men ". In the meantime she has switched her Twitter account to "protected", her messages can only be read by selected followers.

Reinstatement offered

"We are really sorry," Brescia continues to write to the employee in the company blog. According to Techcrunch, the company is in talks with his lawyer and has offered him his position again. CEO Friedman also wrote to employees that they could discuss their concerns about neo-Nazis, anti-Semitism or other forms of harassment and discrimination at any time, as long as they were done in a respectful and professional manner.

With his certificate that "Nazis are on the way", the discharged man should be proved right. It quickly became apparent that numerous familiar faces of right-wing extremist groups were involved in the attack on the Capitol - including people who profess neo-Nazism. (gpi, January 18, 2021)