What made you want to become a Wicca

Become a wiccan

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    Choose your deities and build relationships with them. Wicca is polytheistic, which means that its followers believe in multiple goddesses and gods. These goddesses and gods are not separated from nature, nor do they have superhuman powers. They are more likely to be embodied by nature. These deities are derived from a variety of sources including Roman, Norse, Hindu, and Celtic roots.[9] There are over 200 gods and goddesses that Wiccas could follow. But you don't just randomly choose one as your deity. One of these deities becomes your god or goddess. You certainly have a say in which god or goddess you follow. But he or she will also introduce themselves to you. Therefore, be open to learning about many deities. Be sure to research the deities thoroughly so you know which ones may have properties that are not to your taste.[10]

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    Track your journey in a diary. As you learn and experience more about Wicca, you start to find associations and preferences within yourself. Writing these observations down will help you make connections and gain self-knowledge. This journal will develop into your Book of Shadows, a journal that you will keep when you become a Wiccan. [11]

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    Learn what magic is and how to use it.Magic in the Wicca religion is the practice of providing and channeling energy for a purpose [12]Magic for Wiccas is spelled "magick" instead of "magic" in English to distinguish it from stage illusions. Most Wiccas believe that magic is a personal manifestation of energy that comes from within.[13]It is not witchcraft. She is more spiritual and can make your dreams come true through the use of spells. You have to learn how to keep magic safe and secure. To do this, you need to consider the possible consequences of certain requests or spells and understand the effects of using magic to accomplish certain things.[14]
    • Do meditation and visualization exercises to improve focus on practicing magic. Create a quiet space for yourself in which you can meditate without interruptions.[15]
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    Learn and practice the threefold law. In Wicca, the threefold law is the principle that whatever you do comes back to you threefold. No matter if you do something good or bad, your actions will be reflected back to you. According to the triune law and understanding, vengeful actions will have a negative effect on you.[16] Use the threefold principle to be aware of and appreciate your blessings.[17]

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    Join other wiccas. You can find them online in discussion groups and other forums. You could find them in your church too. You can probably find wiccas more easily in a bigger city. But that doesn't mean that smaller communities don't have their fair share of Wiccas too. Depending on the perceived tolerance in your community, Wiccas may not speak much publicly about their beliefs. Talk to Wiccas about what they believe, how they practice, how they started, and so on. These conversations will help you better understand all of your beliefs and help you develop a supportive community.

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    Celebrate a dedication ceremony.This ceremony makes your personal relationship with Wicca formal and communicates your devotion to your deities. There are a number of simple and complex ceremonies that you can use. Many suggestions can be found online.[18]Such a ceremony goes as follows:
    • Collect symbols that represent a balance in nature. These objects represent fire, water, air and earth. It is okay to use objects that are readily available, such as a candle for fire, a glass of water for water, and so on. Place the water in a circle around you in the west, the earth in the north, the air in the east, and the fire in the south.
    • Walk or swing your arm clockwise three times. Close the circle by saying: "I make this circle round three times, this sacred ground is consecrated." This creates a space between you and the material world in which you can make your surrender.
    • Make a statement about why you want to follow Wicca. Confirm that you will obey the speech ("As long as you do not harm anyone, you can do what you want"). Open the circle again by running counterclockwise three times or swinging your arm.[19]
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    After a year and day of study, join a convention.Most convents and other formal gatherings require that you study Wicca for a year and a day. Only then will you be considered knowledgeable and serious enough to join the group. Find a convent in your ward, if one exists, and introduce yourself to the group. Some conventions are closed societies and do not accept new members. Others are more open and welcome new members.[20]
    • It is not necessary to join a convent to practice Wicca. Like any other religion, Wicca can be an individual occupation or practiced in a group. You may not have an adequate community in your area. Or maybe you tried being part of a group and it didn't work. Practicing Wicca as a solo can be lonely, but it can also be liberating. You can be as true to yourself as you allow yourself to be. A circle is a casual gathering of people who may only meet occasionally, but they support one another. A convention is a more formal gathering of people and they are often closed to outsiders. They demand trust and respect, but can often fall prey to personalities or egos clashing.[21]
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    Take an oath of secrecy. One of the earliest acts wiccas should take is to take an oath of secrecy. This covers three areas: protection of identity, protection of rituals and protection of the mysteries of craftsmanship. Wiccas should not assume that other Wiccas have publicly announced that they follow the religion. Many keep it a secret because of potential discrimination and harassment or other personal reasons. Wiccas should keep rituals secret and protected in order to maintain trust and ensure that people in a group and space of their trust can be vulnerable. Protecting the mysteries of the craft respects the complex and fragile aspects of Wicca as a religious practice. Respecting the mysteries and inexplicable occurrences helps preserve Wicca as a practice and reserve its magical properties for those who actively practice.[22]