Is fruit smoothie an unhealthy breakfast

Are smoothies really that unhealthy?

This very provocative headline really caught my eye while reading it the other day. The article was about the question of whether smoothies are really healthy. Smoothies were "accused" of containing even more sugar than cola and that they could also bring along extremely high levels of calories. Enough information to provide food and confirmation for everyone who smiles at smoothies or who prefer to go for cola. But it is not that simple.

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Not all smoothies are created equal

The finished smoothies are often criticized in the supermarket because they could contain fruit and vegetables as well as other additives - which increase the fructose content. In addition, many ready-made smoothies have to be heated to preserve them, which could lead to a loss of vitamins.

A smoothie is not unhealthy, it can even be very healthy. Because there are various ways to prepare a smoothie! The basic idea of ​​a smoothie is to include as many good nutrients as possible in one meal. Above all, greens such as spinach, kale, various vegetables, seeds, but also fruit for the round taste. It's better to spoon a smoothie, slowly and carefully. Of course, a pure fruit smoothie tastes very tasty. Yes, you can say about the total sugar concentration that it might contain even more sugar than cola - if you tried hard with the fruit or dried fruit. But what's the point, why always this comparison? Not all sugar is created equal. It's too one-dimensional and too black and white for me. A fresh smoothie, made entirely of fruit as far as I am concerned, still contains a lot more valuable nutrients if we ignore sugar (whatever it is). For me personally, the following rule of thumb applies when preparing a smoothie: Only put in as much fruit as I could manage in a non-pureed form. So 5 bananas never come in, because I would not create 5 bananas in "normal" form. That would be too much. But really nothing speaks against a banana.

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Usually, if you are into a healthy diet, you will also mix pretty healthy smoothies. They contain a lot of green, at least 50 percent. A smoothie doesn't have to taste extremely sweet, with a more healthy diet and lots of fresh ingredients, the taste changes significantly. When I eat ice cream in town, I keep noticing how extremely sweet it is. I'm not used to that anymore. I just think it's such a shame that criticism of a healthy meal like the smoothie quickly catches fire and hastily throw in the towel when people want to be more conscious about nutrition.

With a smoothie, as with many other things, the following applies: open your eyes, switch on your head and, best of all, prepare it yourself. Then the ingredients, the quality and the health aspect are right. What do you think about that? I'm looking forward to your comment! Kind regards, Lisa.

Article by Lisa Albrecht published on October 4, 2019.