How do you take your loneliness

Loneliness and inner emptiness

Take a little fantasy journey.
Remember situations in which you felt safe, close to other people and loved by them. Recall as vividly as possible where and how you felt this closeness. What did you good? The touch of your counterpart, his empathy and understanding, his kind words, his look?

Treat yourself like a dear friend.

Take yourself in your arms, caress your body lovingly and hug yourself very tightly. Tell yourself the kind words that you long for from other people: "It's nice to be with you. I'm glad that you exist".

Open your senses.

Take a walk in nature. Feel everything that comes your way with your senses. What sounds do you hear? What beauties can you see in nature? What do you feel in your body? What smells can you smell?

Pick up the phone and call a friend.

If you have no one to turn to, dial the free phone number (0800 111 0 111 and 0800 111 0 222). If you have the opportunity, you can also contact others in a forum on the Internet.

Get active and get in touch.

Don't wait for others to speak to you. What can happen to you? If you approach someone, they might not respond to you and you might feel lonely. If you don't get in touch, you will definitely feel lonely.

Make eye contact with others and smile at them.

You will experience that a lot of people accept your message and smile back.

Find a job that you can help other people with.

Thereby you give your life meaning and come out of your isolation. As you bring joy to others, you will experience joy yourself. For example, you can volunteer in the church or an association.

Remember: You are adorable for who you are.

If the other person does not respond to your offer to talk to, it has something to do with their life story, expectations, experiences and current mood. There are a thousand reasons why he might not be ready to talk. He could be tired, listless, stressed, angry, insecure, anxious, mentally disturbed, sick, or have too much on his mind. You might remind him of a person who let him down. He could be prejudiced against you, misjudged you. It is important for you that you have made him an offer to talk to, only that counts.

Get (physical) attention.

Do you feel the need for physical attention? Do you need to be touched? How about a massage from a masseur? Or go to a shelter and offer to walk a dog regularly. You have such a task, you can give affection and get a lot of positive affection and affection in return. This tip is particularly helpful if you are single and often feel lonely. Walking a dog is a very good way to get in touch with others.