May the Spaniards French

Annoying, but correct: How to make Spaniards white-hot

Spain is and remains the most popular, well at least the most popular holiday destination for Germans. There is only one country where Germans spend their holidays more often. Sure: Germany.

Whoever says Spain usually means Mallorca. Or Gran Canaria. Or Andalusia. We are also noticing how diverse the large country on the Iberian Peninsula is, as the aspirations for autonomy in the Basque Country and Catalonia have been fully rekindled in the wake of the Scotland-England question.

Barça or Real

The Spaniards love nothing as much as football. It's also clear, after all, they were world and European champions in a row, even if things went pretty bad for them at the last World Cup.

If you really want to be angry in Madrid, the best thing to do in one of the countless bars and cafeterias is to praise FC Barcelona, ​​the Barça (pronounced Barsa, so: “Arriba el Barsa” and the “r” roll nicely). Especially when the not exactly humble Royal Real Madrid are in action. And loudly please, after all you have to fight against the roaring television set, rattling gambling machines and a high level of noise in this country.

The same applies, of course, if you ended up in Barcelona, ​​but of course vice versa. With a hearty "Viva España" (which is currently getting really bad looks) or "Viva el Real Madrid" you are guaranteed to mess it up with the Catalans.

Faux Restaurant

If you still haven't noticed, you have a real chance at eating. In a restaurant, the best thing to do is to sit down when you see a table empty without taking the waiter's seat. Schwuppdiwupp you are on his blacklist, it will take him a long time to appear for the first time and receive your request for a drink.

If you now with a few people order a couple of "Raciones", i.e. Spanish bites, and several beers, but then ask the waiter, as we usually do, to issue a bill for each guest individually, then it doesn't work out well. on the contrary. They not only annoy the waiter, who suddenly has to divide everything up, but also reinforce the prejudice that Germans are stingy and petty.

Because here everything is shared fraternally and the bill anyway, regardless of whether you only drank a tea or a water (your problem, maybe you should see a soul doctor), while the others feasted properly.

Historical aversion

You can also just sit down at a table and praise French cuisine as the best in Europe. This creates resentment in seconds, a dispute is guaranteed. Because the Spaniards claim that their monastery brothers had to teach the hated French how to deal with quail and pheasant and how to make the salted stockfish edible and not the other way around!