What are electronic products


From lawn mowers to toasters to cell phones, computers and cameras: Every electrical or electronic device contains valuable raw materials that can be reused after recycling.


Benefits of recycling

In the past or now: the careless throwing away of electronic waste is extremely problematic. Photocopiers, for example, contain carcinogenic selenium and the plastic housings of computers often contain flame retardants, i.e. harmful dioxins are released into the air when they are burned. When recycling by the Swico and SENS organizations, the devices are professionally dismantled, the components containing harmful substances are separated and finally disposed of separately and in an environmentally friendly manner. In addition, the raw materials can be reused in new cell phones, cameras, screens and other devices. So-called spice metals such as indium are also contained in electronic (electronic) scrap and can be reused thanks to recycling.

Additional Information:

Where is collected
The trade has a legal obligation to take back goods and consumers have a legal obligation to return. As a result, electrical and electronic equipment can be returned free of charge wherever it is sold - even without buying a new one. A return is also possible at the manned collection point in miles.


All electrical and electronic equipment including accessories; Small and large household appliances; Refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners; Construction, gardening, hobby, sports and fitness equipment; Pet supplies; Toys with electrical and electronic components; Office equipment; the information technology, telecommunications, music, photography and entertainment industries; from the dental trade; Measurement, medical and security technology, etc.

Do not belong in this group: Batteries and accumulators; Packaging materials and equipment; Deep fryers with deep-frying oil; Waste in refrigerators; Light bulbs; Fuse box with fuses; Switch panels; Light switch; Sockets; individual toners / ink cartridges

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