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The best programmers in the world live in these 10 countries

IT clearly determines our lives and even convinced dropouts no longer want to do without computers. Virtual reality will soon find its way into the classroom, cyberwar is increasingly developing into the new form of warfare, the secret service that has hired the best hackers wins, and perfect encryption by quantum computers is only a few development steps away. But who wins the global IT battle for the best programming craft?

No, it is not the countries that first come to mind. It is not the USA, although most of the programmers from that country participated in the investigation. The Americans produced Bill Gates, Edward Snowden and John McAffee, but in the latest study by Hacker Rank they only rank 28th in an international comparison. Germany does a lot better with 14th place.

Hacker Rank is a free website that developers worldwide can use to test their coding skills. Hacker Rank regularly posts numerous tricky challenges in different programming languages ​​(Java, C ++, Python, SQL or Ruby), which programmers can use their teeth to test and improve their IT skills.

Developers from these countries participated in HackerRank | Image: HackerRank

As a rule, they have to solve the tasks as quickly and error-free as possible in order to get a particularly good ranking. For its current study, the Hacker Rank team analyzed the data of the 1.5 million developers registered on the platform and sorted them by nationality. The results now show which tasks are preferred and how exactly the requirements were processed.

But which countries now occupy the top positions in the developer competition? India also only made it to 31st place, even though it has the fastest growing number of developers. By the way, India and the USA are the countries from which most of the participants are registered in HackerRank.

Tenth place goes - who would have expected it - just behind Ukraine, which occupies 11th place, to Italy. The Italians did particularly well in database and tutorial tasks. Apple has also recognized the potential of the Italian coders and is planning an educational facility for 600 programmers at the University of Naples.

First and second place are unchallenged and with ideal results, China (with 100.0 full points) and Russia (99.9). The developers based there were able to outperform their competitors in all areas. The Chinese made a breakthrough in math, functional programming, and structural challenges. The Russian talents were the best in the particularly popular field of algorithms.

The top 5 of the respective task areas | Image: HackerRank

But what is the Chinese success based on? On the one hand, Chinese students have already taken demanding programming courses, in which they would be given tasks that few people in the world can even solve, explains Shimi Zhang from Hacker Rank, who is also a top-class Chinese programmer, the result. In addition, there are regular national programming Olympiads, in which the greatest geniuses are selected every year.

If you want to train your own skills in order to catapult your country into the top positions in the next ranking, you can do so here.

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