Why do hotels have small pillows?

Why are there reasonable pillows in almost no hotel?

Just experienced again: Thin, measly pillows that don't sleep well. Why aren't there any better ones, not even in a 4-star hotel?
because so few people complain about this. because the responsible hotel fitters or owners do not have to sleep in these beds. i just come from a 5 star hotel in vienna. the mattresses were so soft that after 4 days i almost ended up in a wheelchair. most hotels are grateful for suggestions.
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The topic has already been taken up by hotel chains. For example, at Sheraton you sleep in so-called Sweet Sleeper beds with 3 or 4 different pillows to choose from. At Westin you sleep well in the heavenly bed. Good mattresses and pillows in both places.

Did you ask for an alternative on site?

Many hotels are happy if they can fulfill their guests' wishes (on site)
Because previously 19% VAT had to be paid.
And only now only 7%.
Because pillows are generally underestimated. The best high-end mattress is pointless if the pillow is bad. Ergonomically a truism but apparently hardly known.
Bed linen in hotels must be hygienically impeccable, i.e. washable. Anyone who has ever had washable blankets and pillows (e.g. allergy sufferers) knows that even high-priced sets lose volume and clump after the third wash at the latest. At home you either buy new ones or come to terms with them. A hotel business resigns itself to it. . .
I have also been to a hotel in Paris, where they had two different pillow hardnesses and two of each type of pillow. So you could put two different types on top of each other and vary the height and hardness. Other than that, I have to say that most of the 3-star hotels I've stayed in had good beds.
Because sensations are always highly subjective. There are pillows that are too hard and too soft, too thick and too thin, too big and too small, too limp and too stiff at the same time. Synthetic pillows are too unnatural or even rich in harmful substances for some. Feather pillows are too animal and prickly for the other. I know a lot of stories. In the 5 * area you can certainly provide a large selection of different pillows. That would not be appropriate in the low budget area. Unfortunately, aspiration and budget do not always match.
Great advertising. 3 points for it from me.
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