Which size do girls prefer

Girls, how important is penis size?

The boys' question: It just has to be that question now. I think we can discuss them here without Dr Sommer's eternally over-cautious approach and without the thigh-knocking of the next round table. After all, we are enlightened and self-confident beautiful types who know that all parts of the body vary in size from person to person and that happiness in life is not derived from it. Nevertheless, the penis size is as much a topic as the beer price in Munich - an evergreen platitude that people romp about and that somehow always interests. Since the “Big Penis Book” from Taschen-Verlag has been on the shelf behind my editorial desk, this inconspicuous place has definitely been much better populated. Guys pick up the book, which shows the most amazing links in recent history in glossy photos, with a mixture of uncertainty and contempt. You leaf through the first pages, assess what is on offer and then usually stop again, close the book with a loud "clap" and say something like "Well, it doesn't take up the whole evening either!" Or "Who will buy something like that?" Then : Little fooling around and off. On the one hand, this behavior is of course related to the fact that we are not used to viewing other people's erections publicly at leisure. On the other hand, you want to punish the collected excess lengths as the freak show, which it is to a certain extent, and accept it with equanimity. The girls, on the other hand, screw up their eyes before opening the book covers, as if they were afraid that a picture of a dead bird might be seen. However, you are then rather pleasantly surprised and develop a pretended medical interest, for example saying: "That must hurt too, right?" Amused and well entertained, they turn the pages clearly longer than the boys and don't just linger briefly on the photos like them, but look and look - and then leave silently. So how is it now, does an A4-sized penis arouse any primordial instincts in you that you only deny out of habit? Would you like to try one of these out, if necessary under laboratory conditions? What kind of experiences have you had with penis sizes or better: How exactly is the length actually noticeable? Please no lame "Every woman can adjust to every penis and be happy" flute, we want at least 30 centimeters of honesty! The Reuters picture on the cover shows the penisaurus, which the artist Bernie Mattie invented on the occasion of the 'Sexpo' in Sydney in 2000. On the next page you can read the girls honest answer.