How can I register online

How can I register?

You have to register in order to be able to use the portal.

Step 1 - start registration:

  1. Enter in the field Registration for new customers Your email address. The email address will be used for your future login and to confirm your registration. It cannot be changed afterwards.
  2. click on to register. An email with a link will now be sent to the specified email address.
  3. Click the link in the email to proceed with registration.

Step 2 - Enter master data and password:

  1. Enter the address and other details of your institution. The address details are printed out on the information sheet. In a later step you can also upload a logo that will be printed out instead of the address data
  2. Define a password for the login. The password must be at least eight characters long and contain at least one digit.

You can change this information at any time.


Step 3 - check billing address:

By default, the address from the master data is used as the billing address. However, you can also specify a different billing address.

You can change the billing address at any time.

Step 4 - check configuration:

Check the following portal settings:

  1. Arch system: Choose between the Diomed and proCompliance arch systems.
  2. Duplex printing setting: Indicate how your printer is set up. Choose simplexif you are printing one-sided on your printer. Choose Duplexif you are printing double-sided on your printer. With this setting, additional pages are inserted if necessary. In order to actually print on both sides, you must also activate duplex printing in the settings of your printer.
  3. logo: Here you can upload your hospital or practice logo. The logo will be printed on the information sheets.

    Image format
    : Your logo must be available as an image file in JPEG, PNG or BMP format.
    Recommended image size
    : 80 mm x 40 mm (width x height) with a resolution of at least 150 dpi. This corresponds to 945 x 472 pixels at 300 dpi. Larger logos are scaled. We recommend using an aspect ratio of 2: 1 (width: height) for larger logos so that the scaling is correct.
    File size: maximum 200 KB. Larger files cannot be used.
    Color space: The logo must be generated in the RGB color space. Logos in the CMYK color space are not processed correctly.
    content: The logo will be printed out instead of your address data. It therefore makes sense to add address data or contact information to the logo file.

You can change the configuration at any time.

Step 5 - Select package:

There are several arch packages to choose from. Click on the sheet package that you want to order.

Step 6 - Select the payment method and order:

  1. Choose whether you want to pay by credit card or SEPA direct debit. The SEPA direct debit payment method is only possible for accounts with a bank in Germany.
  2. Enter the payment information.
  3. click on Order for a fee. Registration is now complete. With the link on the confirmation page, you can now log into the portal and print out the information sheet. An order confirmation with invoice will be sent to you by email.