Can an Indian marry a Swedish girl?

That is how different the age of marriage is around the world

Oleg Baliuk / ShutterstockDo you keep being asked by your relatives when the time will finally come? Nobody likes to be squeezed out by parents, aunts or uncles all the time, when toat last intending to get married.

The question is not so unjustified. After all, the average age at marriage is increasing both in Germany and around the world. In various infographics, “Priceonomics” shows the average age at which people from different countries get married.

They found that people from wealthy European countries such as Norway or Sweden in particular are among the oldest - they only get married in their 30s. At the other end of the list are poorer African countries like the Central African Republic. Here, on average, people get married before they are 20.

Using data from the United Nations (UN), Priceonomics created a map of the world that shows the average age in the various countries at marriage. The average age is highest in countries highlighted with a dark shade of green. For countries highlighted in white, there was no or insufficient data. In addition, only data from the years 2009 to 2014 were used for this analysis and people who never got married were ignored.


Perhaps you have already noticed that Germany is also among the dark green countries. According to "Destatis", the age at first marriage is also over 30 years in this country. In 2015, women in Germany only got married at an average of 31.2; Men even only started at 33.8.

Worldwide, too, men and women differ in terms of average marriage ages. In the average calculated by “Priceonomics”, men marry 3.7 years later than women. In poorer countries this gap is significantly higher than in richer countries: in Egypt it is five years, in France it is only 1.6.


Although the average age in Germany (and worldwide) is increasing, the number of marriages per year is not decreasing - on the contrary. In 2015, the number of marriages was at its highest level in 16 years. 400,115 marriages were concluded this year - almost 15,000 more than in the previous year.

In the most populous countries in the world, Germany ranks at the top with the highest marriage age. In contrast, people in India, Bangladesh and Indonesia are particularly young at the wedding: