How do you pray to satan

Whenever she wants to pray, she is prevented from doing so

Praise be to Allah ..

The matter of prayer is great and enormous. It is one of the most powerful compulsory acts of Islam, according to the creed. And he who fails to do so has no part in Islam, as' Umar Ibn Al-Khattab - may Allah be pleased with him - said.

There are many traditional texts from the Koran and the Sunnah about the threat of neglecting it, which indicate that he who neglects is an unbeliever and withdraws from Islam. This is set out in answer no. 5208.

And as long as you are convinced of this judgment, you have to hurry because you do not know what will happen tomorrow. You don't even know what's going to happen in an hour or a moment.

There is no excuse for not praying. No matter how much someone says they are excused, prayer is an easy act that only takes a few minutes to complete. It takes no more than ten minutes and includes ablution and duty.

One needs a true belief (Iman; conviction) that Allah - exalted is He - has made prayer a duty, wants His servant to pray and will punish him if he fails to pray. When this true belief is there, the body moves and surrenders.

You have to deal with it through your effort. Because by just reading the answer, you should (actually) get up, do the ablution and then pray the respective prayer (at the time you are in). And through that, the deceptive imagination that you cannot pray or that there is something between you and prayer disappears. And then when the time for the next prayer comes, you get up and pray. And so no days go by without you not feeling the favor of prayer and the pleasure of standing before Allah.

Go inside yourself and all the benefits and gifts Allah has given you, such as your looks, your mind, your sane senses ... Then think about whether it is appropriate for you to deny the benefits and the good. When someone does something good for a person, he feels a strong desire to reciprocate the good, to thank him for his good deed and to look for words and deeds that will make you quit with your brother. And have you thought about the successive benefits of Allah - exalted is He -? In his broad generosity and gift?

And did you feel the privilege of Allah on you? His generosity towards you? And his love?

Is it then not due to say: “All praise is due to you, oh my Lord! How powerful and generous you are! How nice it would be if I obey you and serve you! You deserve my time, my effort, my thinking, my strength and all of this is part of your generosity! "

By Allah, if you thought about it, you would see that Allah is entitled to pray to Him day and night out of gratitude to Him and out of recognition of His gifts.

Remember that sins are a veil between the servant and his master. And every time the sins increase, the veil increases. In this way they shield him from the love of Allah, the intimacy of him and the desire to meet him. So you must return to Allah in repentance, repent of all missteps and renounce sins, especially those that distract the heart, such as song, music and bondage to someone other than Allah. Because these are all veils that are between the servant and learning from the Koran, enjoyment in prayer and familiarity with obedience to Allah.

As far as Satan is concerned, he is completely anxious that you refrain from prayer and fall from Allah's eye so that what he wants in error and calamity may come to fruition for him. But his cunning is weak before the believers and he has no power over them: "He certainly has no power over those who believe and rely on their Lord." [An-Nahl: 99]

You can probably tell from the answer that you need three things:

First, hurry to offer the prayer.

Second, strengthen your Iman (faith) by doing other good deeds often, such as adhkar, giving, and reciting the Quran.

Third, renounce your sins and return from them in repentance so that Satan will not find a way to you.

In addition, it must be added that one must turn to Allah and ask Him - He is - for guidance, success and help.

We ask Him, blessed is He, to open your heart, forgive your sins, and show you the grace of the sweetness of faith, the enjoyment of the Koran and the light of prayer. He is capable of it - blessed is He.

And Allah knows best.