What is BTS Jimin's dream girl

Chapter 8; The meeting

[I opened this and saw something that took my breath away.]

(Y / n) POV:
Outside there was a white car with a huge teddy bear! ❤️

The teddy was indescribably big!

As I looked around, I saw three familiar faces who pounced on me and hugged me for a long time.
"Annyeonghaseyo" shouted them
So Jimin, Hobi and Tae picked me up.
They looked really good!

Then I asked curiously: "Where are actually
Kookie, Namjoon, J-Hope and Suga? "

Eomma Jin explained: "Namjoon cannot drive you because he has a meeting and he could not cancel it, but he will show up at the meeting point. You will find out later about Kookie, Suga and Hobi," he puffed for breath inhale and continued again, "Let's get in! You're already waiting!"

He just grinned formally and pointed his finger at the car.
Tae and Jimin ran to the car to hold the door for me.

On the way there, pushed and
they kicked each other continuously.

I had to grin like a madman. They were pretty funny in real life, just like in the internet clips.
Both held the door open for me and I got into the front passenger seat.

So behind me sat Taehyung and Jimin, who behaved like small children, which made the trip very funny.
Their childish behavior was characterized by the fact that they told me jokes and annoyed me with Jungkook.

Jin was at the wheel and drove to a place I hadn't seen before.
Every time I tried to ask where I was going, but I never got a straight answer.

There was no end to the annoyance of the two, of course. You mentioned Jungkook non-stop and wondered when the supposed "wedding" would take place. "Typical Vmin", I thought to myself, rolling my eyes each time and pinching them slightly.

Now we arrived after an hour's drive.
They brought me to a kind of harbor and the rest of the members were waiting there.

Her greeting wasn't much different either.
In the end, Suga, Namjoon and Hobi also stormed me.
Hobi hopped around and clapped his hands, as hyperactive as he was.
"It's finally here! Kookie, what are you waiting for? Say hello!"
Jungkook sat on a stone and did not move.
He was literally staring at me and I got an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. Didn't I look like he'd imagined? Did I have anything anything on my face? I looked at the floor and no longer dared to look him in the face.
He was much more beautiful in real life than in the pictures. JK is perfect, with or without make-up, in pajamas or in a shirt, he's inhumanly handsome, but I didn't know his character yet.
All of them were beautiful, but no one could top him.
If its appearance should have been given a grade, there wouldn't be any that could justify or simply describe its appearance.