How is coconut milk preserved

Coconut side

The coconut palm products best known to us are all obtained from the white interior of the mature coconut. This flesh of the ripe coconut is also called copra or copra. The coconut meat is used to make coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut flakes, coconut chips and coconut butter.

Before further processing, the coconuts are released from the fiber casings. The hard shells are usually cracked open. The whole pulp can then be removed from the nutshell. It has a thin brown shell.

Coconut chips

In partnership trading, the organically produced coconuts are paid for per piece. That is why they are supplied by the farmers in the highest quality. The fresh pulp of the whole coconut (picture above) is peeled and then processed into desiccated coconut and coconut chips (picture left). Coconut chips can be nibbled just like that. They are delicious in muesli or can be used to refine cakes and biscuits.

Desiccated coconut are suitable for baking cookies and cakes and create the coconut flavor in various chocolate products (picture on the right).

Coconut butter

You can experience even more unadulterated coconut taste like in the South Seas with fresh, undried coconuts. The peeled white pulp of fresh coconuts can be ground into coconut butter. The coconut butter is filled into glasses on site in the coconut plantation. Coconut butter contains all of the ingredients and thus the full taste and juiciness of fresh coconuts that grow directly in the tropics. Coconut butter can be used as a spread. It also refines curries or smoothies and is reminiscent of beach paradises in the South Pacific while eating. At cool temperatures coconut butter becomes solid, at warm temperatures it becomes viscous. Whether hard or soft - coconut butter melts on your tongue.


Coconut milk

Inside the coconut is not the coconut milk, but the coconut water. The white, sweet coconut milk, on the other hand, is produced by machine. For this purpose, the copra is grated and ground with water. The thick milk is then preserved (left picture). You can also make coconut milk ourselves. To do this, you soak grated coconut in hot water and then squeeze it out with a clean cotton cloth. Mixed with pineapple juice, coconut milk makes a fruity, non-alcoholic cocktail, similar to the pina colada. Coconut milk is also very tasty in spicy Asian dishes, e.g. in curries.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil or coconut fat is pressed from the dried copra. Coconut oil is a better term for coconut oil because coconut oil solidifies at room temperature. Coconut oil is an ideal frying and deep-frying fat. Because it does not splash or burn when heated, you can use it to bake French fries or donuts yourself. So coconut oil can be used like Biskin, which also contains coconut oil. Because pure coconut fat tastes good like fresh coconuts, it can be used very well in Thai cuisine.